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  • 1. Concrete Solutions C.I.C.________________________________ “We are about people, the institutions that serve them, and working to improve communications and relationships between the two.” We are a network of freelance community organisers and campaigners who have seen countless valuable services and campaigns fall short of their full potential because they haven’t been able to meaningfully connect with the people they most need to reach. Conversely, we’ve seen people and small community organisations struggle with issues that could be easily addressed by existing support providers, but which they are not aware of, or have not been able to engage with. Having worked extensively on both sides of this false divide, we exist to: A) Help voluntary, public and private organisations understand how to develop and deliver programmes, services and events that will engage the widest cross-section of the relevant communities, and; B) Support small community groups to understand the formal structures typically used by larger institutions, to help them raise concerns, question decisions and access the resources they need to effectively support their communities. We work towards these aims in a number of ways, drawing on the range of experiences represented in our team. Broadly, we provide support and services in the following areas: • Outreach strategy consultation and implementation: Through one-off bespoke workshops with staff, or through ongoing advice and strategy development, we work with organisations to ensure messages and services are reaching those they need to reach. • Development and delivery of training and learning courses: We offer courses in areas including: outreach strategy, campaigning, shared leadership and online activism, or can work with clients to turn their ideas and knowledge into effective learning programmes for staff, volunteers, or supporters. • Campaigning and advocacy: Through workshops, or ongoing advice and strategy development, we support clients to understand the most effective ways of mobilising supporters, influencing decision-makers and making change happen. • Trust fundraising: We work with smaller organisations to improve their funding pitches for a project or service, by understanding what particular funders are looking to hear. We reinvest the profits made delivering services for larger client organisations, into providing direct free support to small community groups who might not otherwise be able to afford it. For more information about our work, our rates, or for any other inquiries, contact Liam Barrington-Bush on +44 (0) 7775732383, or via email at Concrete Solutions C.I.C. is currently registering as a Community Interest Company with Companies House and the C.I.C. Registrar at 6 Telegraph Place, Spindrift Ave, London, E14 9XD