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Now network speaks apps language

  1. 1. 11
  2. 2. 2 Network based Application Performance Monitoring Agent based Application Performance Monitoring What is APM ? Vs
  3. 3. 3 What is AANPM ?
  4. 4. 5 What is AANPM? Gartner Compuware DCRUM does exactly that 24x7 Always On Monitoring Web Protocol Analysis Alerting on Manual or Automatic Thresholds Real-time Business and Application-Centric Dashboards Unified Communication Analysis Operate in WAN Optimized Environment Database Protocol Analysis Middleware Protocol Analysis Receive and Process NetFlow data
  5. 5. 6 Balancing depth of monitoring , end-to-end coverage and breadth of application coverage Deep: Application : User browser , mobile , cloud , transaction, thread, stack, user action Shallow: Device avaialbility perforamnce Network Forensic Moderate: Network : Utilization , RTT , Packet Drops Apps : Protocol Analysis, for all applications such SAP GUI , ORACLE FORMS , Citrix , File Transfer, Cerner , EPIC , Exchange , SQL Depthofmonitoring NPM AANPM APM End-to-end coverage Focused: Processing applicationsVertical: application delivery chain Switch Router WOC Citrix Protocol Transaction Client Web/App/Messaging/Host Server
  6. 6. 7 Application-Aware Network Performance Monitoring
  7. 7. 8 Evolution of AANPM • EcoNet EcoPredictor EcoScope Network Vantage CV Agentless DCRUM
  8. 8. 99 What differentiates AA-NPM from traditional NPM is that it provides a business- relevant view of the application beyond basic TCP/System monitoring with visibility across each tier in the Data Center Why is AANPM Important ?
  9. 9. 1010 Over 230,000+ customers 35% of Enterprise Applications are delivered
  10. 10. 12 What problem does AANPM solve ? “Open Applications” “Packaged Apps”
  11. 11. Compuware Confidential. Do Not Duplicate ORACLE DATABASE APPLICATION PRESENTATION APPLICATION CONTENTMAINFRAME WEB FRONT END LOAD BALANCER UsersData Centre AGENTLESS MONITORING DEVICE Poor performing transaction pages Slow page load times Poor performing MQ and DB Slow performing backend transactions HTTP(s) | SAP GUI | Exchange | Oracle Forms | eBusiness | ICA (Citrix) |VDI | XenApp | XenDesktop| Jolt (Tuxedo) | XML | SOAP | MySQL | IBM MQ | Oracle | Informix | DRDA (DB2) | MSSQL | Exchange | Cerner | EPIC | Siebel | Peoplesoft and many more How do we do it ? We monitor : - All Applications - All Transactions - All Locations - All Users 24/7 Poor performing MQ and DB
  12. 12. Compuware Confidential. Do Not Duplicate14 Listed here are KPIs for each tier/service that is supporting the RIB application. Note Availability and Performance. Transaction Flow Monitoring across tiers Result : Visibility Across All Tiers Web service calls responsible for slowdown in authentication tier Problem on the server side Clients affected Gives visibility into the end-to-end user transaction: from the click of a user from their mobile device, laptop, via the internet (cloud) or company network, gets into the data center through the firewall, travels through the different tiers that constitute the application (routers, load balancers, Citrix, web servers, application servers (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft..), database, and sometimes mainframe). And then goes back to the user and deliver the result of the request on the screen.
  13. 13. 15
  14. 14. 16 NEW Citrix ICA decode: XenApp and XenDesktop DC RUM  Automatic name recognition  Automatic Application recognition  Automatic Channel recognition
  15. 15. 1717 NEW SAP and Citrix Capabilities  Analysis of SAP Secure Network Communications  Analysis of SAPGUI (DIAG protocol)  Analysis of Citrix ICA SAP T-CodesSAP SNC ESXMobile SQL Extract operations and user names from encrypted transactions (SNC protocol) Now fills the Performance Visibility gap VDI creates: Support for XenApp and XenDesktop
  16. 16. 18 Oracle Forms Monitoring Application Performance monitoring of non-web applications, such as Oracle Forms-based applications, is a critical piece of an enterprise solution. Key Oracle Forms transactions are tightly linked to critical business processes, such as Order Quoting Usage, performance, and Availability indicators for Forms submissions are key indicators of business activity and the health of Forms-based applications
  17. 17. 1919 THANK YOU
  18. 18. 20 But wait! Now From the Palm of Your Hand AANPM now on the go, anywhere at anytime  FREE app for Iphones, Ipads, androids Simple, intuitive layout, Easy to use All key metrics and charts available
  19. 19. 2222 THANK YOU
  20. 20. 23 © 2011 Compuware Corporation — All Rights Reserved© 2011 Compuware Corporation — All Rights Reserved 23