Compuware ASEAN APM User Conference 2013 - Understanding User Performance of SAP
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Compuware ASEAN APM User Conference 2013 - Understanding User Performance of SAP

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  • 1. BT Connect Understanding end user performance of SAP July 2013
  • 2. Delivering locally in Asia Pacific • A global company, committed to Asia • 20 local offices: Bangalore, Bangkok, Beijing, Chennai, Dalian, Delhi, Hong Kong, Hyderabad, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Melbourne, Mumbai, Seoul, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, Pune and Tokyo • 4 Regional 24/7 service centres: Mumbai, Pune, Dalian and Sydney • 5 Regional service desks providing business hours support in Beijing, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Tokyo • Research Centres in Beijing and Malaysia • Proven, awarded innovation capability supported by Solution Architects and Service Designers. • Language Capability • 24/7 multi language support including: English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and all Indian languages. • BT launched its Chinese language website in February 2011:
  • 3. SAP - The challenges in achieving adoption Users: Globally Dispersed Lines of Business: Demand SAP Performance Applications: Complex, Integrated Architectures Organization: Multiple Stakeholders Affected SAP Basis IT VP LOB App Owners Supply Management Resource Planning Finance SLAs
  • 4. Cost of downtime Average costs of downtime of SAP system $535,780 to $838,110 per hour. The cascading of impacts can escalate the impact of downtime by a factor of x5 – x10
  • 5. BT Connect. Networks that think 5 The applications and infrastructure was straightforward to monitor and optimise Applications are served from within the corporate network Most users plug into the corporate network The Internet is used as a remote access transport Application Performance Management in the Old World
  • 6. BT Connect. Networks that think 6 WAN Internet Datacentre Office Office WAN acceleration Hybrid path selection Application, server & mainframe performance Optimise Cloud apps Application prioritisation Web acceleration Intelligent traffic delivery Monitoring performance from smart devices Acceleration from Mobile users (laptop/desktop) Internet best path Unified Dashboard Web Facing ContentTesting and monitoring of webpages Benchmark & monitor cloud providers Storage Projection to Branch with Riverbed Granite Probe Based App Performance Management End user experience is key Deploying SPAN port based monitoring to virtualised servers can be problematic Significant growth of Internet traffic APM in the World Today
  • 7. BT Connect. Networks that think 7 Customer examples Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Consumer Goods • Outage of SAP and Siebel. • Customer losing $1m a day • Customer had a large crises team working on the issue • Could not find the source of the problem. • Moving from SAP to MySAP • Major consolidation • Supply chain issues • End user performance complaints • End user performance problems • Lack of visibility of network and application landscape • Inconsistent performance • Within 30 minutes the BT Monitoring service found the cause • An anti-virus server was creating thousands of sessions and killing the network. • De-risked SAP instance consolidation • Helped and move to new of My SAP. • Saved $300k a year in licensing costs • Monitoring of SAP SLA • Definition of application policy • Optimisation of SAP • 43% improvement in response times Customer Issue Solution End user experience is key
  • 8. SAP monitoring across the application delivery chain Application Customers Employees ISPs ▪ Mobile carriers ▪ Browsers ▪ Devices ▪ AJAX ▪ JavaScript ▪ Mobile apps UsersCloud: Private and Public Data Center Web ▪ Mobile ▪ App logic ▪ Database ▪ Network ▪ Mainframe ▪ Virtualization ▪ SOA ▪ CDNs ▪ Third party services SAP Transactions BT SAP Performance Monitoring provides full SAP performance and availability coverage SAP End User Experience • SAP GUI transactions individually by names (T-Code, GUI Window name and status) • Users by their login names for all users all the time SAP Transaction Profiling • Performance monitoring of databases used by SAP servers (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, DB2) • SAP Transaction profiling SAP Network Performance • SAP network traffic SAP Analysis & Server Perf Management • Syslog entries, number of dumps, work processes • NetWeaver, J2EE monitoring to method level
  • 9. Connect Intelligence: Unified Dashboard Connect Intelligence: Application Performance Monitoring Acceleration of business critical applications Connect Optimisation Connect Intelligence: Application Performance Monitoring WAN aligned Proactive IT Business aligned Wan & Application Acceleration Governance Service Management End-user Experience Monitoring Business Service Management Infrastructure Monitoring Network Monitoring Applicationmanagement hierarchy IT maturity BT Connect Applications Portfolio: application and service management Unified Dashboard: Single view of performance Monitoring of applications, transactions, database, Web, last mile, browser, real user WAN Governance, application prioritisation SMART Path selection Connect Acceleration Monitoring of application landscape
  • 10. Application Landscape Consultancy (APM Proof of Concept Proof of Value) SAP traffic can be optimised Identifying SAP Traffic
  • 11. APM Proof of Value SAP traffic can be optimised
  • 12. BT Connect. Networks that think 12 SAP monitoring Dashboard
  • 13. APM – Development of Intelligence Web Based Clients : MySAP SAP R3
  • 14. Evolution of APM Speed to become aware of problems Ability to prioritise on business impact Speed to Isolate problems
  • 15. Anytime and Anywhere
  • 16. BT Connect BT Connect Applications Portfolio Connect Intelligence July 2013