Employee Share Plans - Why Participation Matters And How to Maximize It


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  • Members are more likely to monitor colleagues’ work and to flag it up if they think they’re not doing a good job 82% of members are likely to speak to a supervisor or take some other form of action Versus 49% of non-members likely to do the same 34% of non-members are likely to do nothing if they saw a colleague not doing their job properly 28% of members are likely to do the same Members are more likely than non-members to rate their work effort above the average Take less sickness absence Work longer hours than non-members Members have greater organisational loyalty and have stronger attachment to the firm’s values Members take a greater interest in the finances of the company Plan members have higher job satisfaction and lower quits. True, even within work units and accounting for differences in worker and job characteristics. Loyalty/fairness perceptions account for some of this but not all. Others’ plan participation raises your satisfaction, irrespective of own plan participation
  • We used payslip messaging in the run up to the sharesave opening, and during enrolment, as a free way to let people know it was on its way. Toolkits including key facts and FAQs equipped People Managers to answer questions quickly and effectively. We created dedicated content for Asda’s intranet We created videos of the case studies colleagues had provided us, and made these available to colleagues via their intranet and Face book. We specifically target mobile, remote and warehouse staff with the message that these were available. These could be downloaded and viewed on a variety of mobile devices and pushed SMS and online enrolment. You can still see one of these at http://greenroom.asda.com/2010/3/1/sharesave-2010 We scripted updates for Facebook and Twitter in advance of the launch, which the Asda team posted during the enrolment period. The beauty of communication like this is that it can be tailored according to how the launch is going and if there’s an FAQ, it can be addressed via this medium. We encouraged colleagues to pass updates on to friends. We created a suite of awards which we offered a ‘trophy’ for – encouraging competition between stores. In order to let people view where they were relative to top spot, and to deliver effective daily reporting, we created a reporting site which all Asda stores had access to.
  • The reporting site allowed us to monitor which sites were or weren’t getting the message ref. sign up. All Asda people Managers had log ins so that they could personally review how their local take up was progressing.
  • Employee Share Plans - Why Participation Matters And How to Maximize It

    1. 1. Employee Share Plans -Why ParticipationMatters and how toMaximize itLucy NewcombeDec 12 th 2012
    2. 2. Lucy NewcombeDirector Corporate CommunicationsComputershare GroupLucy Newcombe is a BBC-trained journalist who took her skills to technologycompany Plantronics in a public relations and marketing role across Europe, theMiddle East and Africa. She joined Computershare in 2005 as Marketing Directorfor the EMEA region, and worked to build Computershare’s marketing function,including a significant Client Communications team which works on behalf of clientbrands to engage with employee and retail shareholders. She was appointedDirector Corporate Communications in 2010 and is responsible for buildingComputershare’s global brand, including worldwide social media initiatives. Lucyalso heads up CSR initiatives for the company, driving both Computershare groupand client based programmes and is currently based in Hong Kong.2
    3. 3. The Background› Poor data on share plan effectiveness and practices› Previous industry research efforts not close enough to reality› Industry representative groups not filling the gap› IFRS places pressure on Issuers to demonstrate ROI› Trend toward companies asking provider about best practice in design› ‘Shared Capitalism’ project in USA3
    4. 4. Our Mission› To undertake ground breaking research to understand the attitudes of a workforce as regards share ownership› To deliver hard data relative to the assumptions we all make regarding share plan participation› To gain real insight into the justification for and the best ways to grow employee share plans4
    5. 5. Project Overview› Devised comprehensive questionnaire› Tested actual knowledge as well as perceptions and cross-analyzed› Developed an online tool› Pilot› UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, USA› 2780 participants› Surveys conducted over a year, repeated 3 years later5
    6. 6. LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS/HARVARDRESEARCH› Statistically significant results show that employees in a company share plan stay longer, work harder, care more about the company and are generally happier› All of these effects increase with depth of ownership› These results give us real pointers for plan design and communications6
    7. 7. Share Plan Communications› How are you communicating to eligible employees? › Are you using all available communications channels? › Are you making the most of new technology?› How well are you communicating? › Ask your staff › Do they have enough warning? › Do they know how to join? › Leave? › Alter payment amounts? › What the tax implications are? Good Communication = Increased Participation7
    8. 8. ASDA CUSTOMIZED SHARE PLANCOMMUNICATIONS (UK tax-qualified version of an ESPP in the US)Method of communication Who For?Payslip messaging All colleaguesToolkits People Service ManagersPosters/table talkers All colleaguesArticle written for inclusion in the company All colleaguesmagazineGreen Room – Sharesave dedicated page created Accessible by all colleaguesSocial media – teaser videos produced and Accessible by all colleagues and thoseuploaded to Asda’s Green Room and Facebook who have access to Facebookpages. Facebook and Twitter updates scripted inadvance.Share Plan Awards Created awards for best site uptake etc, linked in with a customized reporting site8
    9. 9. ASDA CUSTOMIZED SHARE PLANCOMMUNICATIONSToolkits designed under the ‘Make it happen’ theme and producedand sent to People Service Managers 2 weeks before launch.Kits included:›3 x Posters›PSM Fold Out Info Sheet›2 x Table Talkers9
    12. 12. ASDA CUSTOMIZED SHARE PLANCOMMUNICATIONS RESULTS› Participation increased by almost 2000 individuals to 26195› 21% of people enrolled via real-time SMS› 20% of people enrolled online› Asda won various awards for the campaign, which they have built on in successive years12
    16. 16. METHODOLOGYIn regions with established share plan communicationsrequirements:›Computershare’s communications experts provideconsultancy to client to understand their businesschallenges and existing communications channels›Design, presentation and finalisation in-house›Hand-in-hand with legal and compliance›Campaign management from marketing/plans projectmanagerIf there’s enough interest in the US market, we couldeasily replicate this service.16