Computaris Facebook Integration Platform (Avalanche)


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Computaris Facebook Integration Platform (Avalanche)

  1. 1. Computaris Facebook Integration PlatformComputaris Facebook Integration Platform – Avalanche is a campaignmanager that enables Operators to facilitate dynamic customer interactionon Facebook and to launch micro-segmented promotions supported byFacebook’s profiling resources and real time integration with OSS/BSSelements such as Prepaid Billing and Customer Care.Operator Challenges Avalanche Solution Limited to subscriber reload and  History of activity calling history information Lack of viral reach  Leveraging viral marketing & the power of referrals Measuring campaigns’  Campaign performance tracking & effectiveness ROI measurement Creating segmented, dynamic  Campaigns based on personal campaigns interests Monitor and enhance customer  Advanced self-care functionalities satisfaction Adress social customers  Monetizing social customers Filter Facebook likers  Micro-segmentation capabilities
  2. 2. Leverage Social Networks AttributesComputaris Facebook Integration Platform – Avalanche enables Operators tomaximise the effectiveness of their investment in Facebook as a marketingchannel by monetizing their Facebook ‘likers’, smoothly integrating with allelements of the operator’s Facebook ecosystem. Operator Facebook EcosystemOperator Business Benefits Customer Business Benefits Reduced marketing costs  Automatic bonuses with minimal Increased Facebook audience effort Enhanced customer  Self-care channel, easily satisfaction accessible in Facebook Augmented subscriber  Personalized profile-based offers acquisition  Bonuses for Member-get- Additional sales channel Member campaigns, surprise Increased reload volumes bonuses and bonuses on reload Enhanced brand awareness
  3. 3. Avalanche Success Story Avalanche was part of a Tier one European Operator’s winter campaign, complementing the existing loyalty and churn management system. The promotion engaged users via both SMS and Facebook channels, driving them to retail stores and encouraging purchase through surprise bonus codes and free prepaid credit awards. The application was live within 3 weeks of the project start. • Avalanche generated 30% of the overall campaign traffic • 8% increase in the number of Facebook “likers” in the first two weeks Winter campaign • Avalanche generated over 16% of the total for a Tier one number of campaign participants operator • 81% of the users that joined Avalanche application, shared the phone number • Millions of impressions generated • 50% of Avalanche users actively participated in the promotion of the project Avalanche Use Case Member get Member WIN - WIN User Operator Receives bonuses for every friend he  Increases the number of users in invites who registers  Avalanche
  4. 4. Easy and Seamless Integration Easy integration with existing loyalty systems Complete subscriber data control Real time integration with all BSS/OSS elements using standard protocols and existing operator APIs Deployment options either (a) fully on the Operator’s servers or (b) as a secure, hosted deployment with encrypted data White labeled application, available in the web browser User friendly administration Web GUI consisting of a campaign manager, business intelligence and user segmentation toolsAbout ComputarisComputaris specializes in Systems Integration, BSS Technical Consulting andSoftware Development for Software Vendors and Communications ServiceProviders (CSPs) mainly in Europe, North America and and SE Asia. Itsknow-how has been involved in solutions successfully deployed worldwide atover 70 CSPs over the past two decades.