Composite Vision Introduction Aug2011


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Business Development and Marketing Plans

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Composite Vision Introduction Aug2011

  1. 1. Introduction to Composite VisionAndrew HarveyAugust 2011
  2. 2. Who we are, what we do� Composite Vision specialises in Business Development & Consultancy, aimed at supporting companies, in the composites industry, looking to grow their business and deliver market leading products.� Utilising the latest approaches/business skills, combined with an in-depth knowledge and network of contacts in the Wind Energy, Marine, Transport & Infrastructure markets, Composite Vision is ideally positioned to support companies focused on exploiting new products, markets and technologies.
  3. 3. Business & Marketing plans
  4. 4. Marketing Plans� Marketing plans define new Market Overview ASP Range Market Overview Segmentation $xx.xx – xx.xx ASP Range product/service opportunities Description Description Market Value ChainMarket Segmentation Value Chain Brief description of the ($MM TAM) 100% ($MM TAM) $xx.xx – xx.xx 3 5 4 4 4 target segment Brief description of the 7 100% 12 3 Resin supplier 5 xxx 22 4 17 4 xxx 4 OEM target segment 25 1 10 7 Competition & Differentiation Ideas 80 Resin supplier xxx xxx 22 OEM 17 17 12 5 based on customer or market 25 1 10 Competition & Differentiation Ideas 80 23 17 5 2 Description • xxx • xxx • xx 21 • xxx Competition 60 Value Proposal 32 1 23 2 Description • xxx • xxx • xx 21 21 • xxx 3 Milestones Weaknesses Value Proposal Competition 60 37 & Needs 1 32 1 21 <=12" 3 16 Comp/Product Strengt hs / Milestones Weaknesses & Needs 37 3 40 14" • Describe Your Initial Ideas on a Differentiated 1 Macro Trends Comp/ Product 8 16 15" <=12" Milestones – Last 90/Days St rengths Needs Value Prop 47 3 3 40 5 14" • Describe Your Initial Ideas on a Differentiated Influence on N/AProduct #1 Comp/ +Strength Med or 8 Low, High Low, Med or High 12"W Low, Med or High Macro Trends 40 15" needs. Milestones – Last 90 Days Value Prop 47 Needs 3 • Xxxx buying decision 20 +Strength 26 Influence on N/AProduct 5 33 • Describe Your Initial Ideas on a Differentiated 13"W 12"W • Xxxx • Xxxx #1 Comp/ buying decision Milestone -22 20 Impact & Team +Strength Weakness MedOwner Low, +Strength 26 or High Low, Med40Status Value High or Prop Low, Med or High 14"W 33 Timing • Describe Your • AreaIdeas on a Differentiated Remove Initial Where Help Is Needed to 15"W 13"W • Xxxx • Xxxx • Xxx Competencies • Xxx Xxx • Milestone 0 4 Impact & Team - Weakness Milestone -22 Xxx 5 • Q205- 4Weakness 5 • Xxx Xxx • Q3 Month Value Prop Status incl. Industry design, 5 • Value Prop • CloseProcess • System design, Q206 5 YTD analysis >=17"14"W Weakness Name 4 • System•integration,StatusTrend Ideas on aor Accelerator the Assessment Owner 4Describe Your Initial Timing Barriers in Differentiated • Area Where Help Is Needed to R Team 15"W Impact 05 Name Q405 4 Mechanical•integration,Sales• InitialBarriers inaor Accelerator the Assessment to market on Differentiated Q106 4Describe Your Trend analysis Ideas emove #2 Comp/ Product Milestone +Strength Milestone Name MonthMonth Status Status >=17" • Xxxx Competencies • Xxx • Xxx 0 • Xxx Mass production design, • CloseProcess incl. Industry $MM Value Prop Sales to market • xxxx ($ MM) • Xxx Q305 Impact Name Q405 Mechanical design,Q206• IncludeTeam #2 Comp/Milestone +Strength Product Q205 +Strength Name services Q 106 YTD Key Decisions and Consequences Last Review Now • xxxx • xxx Xxx Milestone • • xxx Xxx - Weakness • ($$16 MM) +Strength Insight s • xxx Value Prop EURMonth Status PAC AMR Month production $MM Mass services Status Global Marketing GPC & Technology • Xxx Include Key Decisions and Consequences Last R • F – xx% eview F – xx%Now Relative Milestone - Weakness - Xxxxx Insights $14 $16 Milestone - Weakness High Value Prop • xxx Milestone - Weakness Name PAC AMR Month Status Name Month EUR Status • Xxx Xxx Name Potential Customer Benefits Milestone +Strength $14 System TargetMonth Status Low, Med or High• Name $12 Name Low, Month High Attributes Status • • Global Marketing • Name Current Performance C – xx% GPC • Name GPC &C – xx% Technology C – xx% F – xx% F – xx% C – xx% #3 Comp/ Product High- xxxx Low, Med orName CM Low, Med or - Xxxxx Med or xxxx GPC Relative $10 • Xxx Xxx Name GEP • • Potential Customer Benefits • Name CM Low, Med or +Strength $12 System Target or High Status Low, Med or High CTQ’s Target • GEPName = Differentiator #3 Comp/ Product High- xxxx Low, Med or Name • xxx Milestone +Strength High Med Attributes Low, • Xxxx Month • xxx Comp 1 • NameCurrent Performance Comp 1 Comp2 • Name GEP� Working closely with customers to • xxx xxxx How to - Weakness$10 $8 = Differentiator • Xxxx GEP Comp Xxx • Name • • Xxx 2 • Name +Strength • Xxxx Influence to How - Weakness • xxx GE Confidential $6 $8 • xxx• xxxx • xxx Comp 1 IP Attorney April 25 2007 CTQ’s Target • GEP (Now) (Last) Name GEP Comp 1 Comp2 Influence Milestones – Next 90 Days - Weakness • Xxxx xxx • xxx Xxx 2 • Comp Xxxx xxx Technologyxxx xxx(Last) (Now)xxx xxx - Weakness xxxx GE Confidential • xxxx April•25 2007 IP Attorneyxxx Milestones$4 Next 90 Days – $6 • xxx Name Xxxx Xxxx • Name xxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx Technology Milestone $2 $4 Name Month Status xxx • Name xxxx • Name Xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx Xxxx • Name $0 $2 • Name Milestone Milestone NameName MonthMonth Status Status FieldXxxx xxx • xxx Name xxx xxx xxx GE Confidential Y2 April 25 2007 Milestone $0 Y1 Name Y3 Month Status Status Field • Name Milestone Name GE Confidential Month • Name 25 2007 April ASP $x.xx Y1 $xx.xxY2 $xx.xx Y3 Milestone Milestone NameName MonthMonth Status Status GIB Target Month: xxx • Name produce targeted Marketing Plans, ASP $x.xx xxxx$xx.xx x.x% $xx.xx xxx • Name TAM ($MM) x.x% x.x% • Name Target Month: xxx GIB Milestone Milestone NameName MonthMonth Status Status • Name TAM ($MM) x.x% Confidential x.x% GE xxxx x.x% xxx Milestone System Cost Model Status Name Month • Name April 25 2007 Val. Customers GE CostGEP Rank SystemIndustry Comp1 Comp2 / Confidential Model Customer Benefits April 25 2007 Val. Customers / Industry Rank Customer Benefits Other #X Logo $/kg #X Logo ASP xx GEP Comp1 xx xx Comp2 • Xxxx • Xxxx Other #X Logo $/kg #X GE Confidential xx ASP Logo xx xx • Xxxx • xxxx • April 25 2007 Name Mtl cost / unit xx GE xx xx • Xxxx • Name 25 2007 #X Logo #X Logo Confidential that map your chosen markets • April Name Processcost / unit Mtl cost xx xx xx xx xx xx • xxxx • Name #X Logo #X Logo • Name • Name • Name Process cost xx xx xx Other cost xx xx xx • Name GE Confidential April 25 2007 Other cost xx xx xx System Cost xx xx GE Confidential xx April 25 2007 System Cost xx xx xx determine your competitive GE Confidential GE Confidential April 25 2007 April 25 2007 position and identify opportunities to increase sales and grow your business. “ Identifying Opportunities to Support Business Growth”
  5. 5. Business Strategy & Development
  6. 6. Business Strategy & Development� Business Planning & StrategySeries of on-site workshops, using thelatest thinking & tools, to deliver thebusiness plan and strategy.� Provide an NPD process that leadsto effective innovation andmarket success.�ToolsLatest processes and tools to supportyour business and new product/servicedevelopments.“ Delivering Strong Business results by using the very latest thinking, processes, and tools to develop, communicate and implement the business strategy ”
  7. 7. Summary� Business Development. �Can provide support in identifying and developing new business� Value added by Composite Vision: � Clear understanding of approach & tools used by large global companies to develop business strategies. � In depth knowledge and large network of contacts in the composite industry, giving a clear picture of the market segments and providing validation of new product/service developments.
  8. 8. Composite Consultancy
  9. 9. Composite Consultancy � Can provide full consultancy service from part design to manufacture & testing for both prototyping and series productionPrototyping Design Materials & Equipment Materials Evaluation & Pattern/direct mould Part Manufacture Full scale component Procurement Qualification manufacture & Assembly testsSeries Materials & Pattern/ Part NDT &Production Design Equipment mould manufacture Quality tests Procurement manufacture & assembly � First consultation will be free of charge (excluding expenses) � Offering will be tailored to customer needs �Composite Vision can provide a total end-to-end solution for composite part manufacture “ Delivering products that meet Customer expectations”
  10. 10. Design Working closely with designers to ensure that the composite parts do not only meet the performance requirements but are also easy to manufacture and use the most cost effective materials. Range of design services include: � Conceptual design studies including materials selection, part manufacture routes & cost estimates. � Laminate design & specification . � Finite element Analysis. � 2D and 3D modelling � Defining mechanical & analytical tests to qualify or validate the performance of the composite structure“The best designs integrate products with processingroute to deliver performance that meets customer needs”
  11. 11. Materials/Equipment Procurement� Composite Vision has established relationships with a large number of material suppliers from polyester systems to high performance epoxy systems and can source materials at the lowest possible price.
  12. 12. Materials Evaluation/Qualification� With expertise in composite materials, Composite Vision can act as liaison with classification societies and define/perform mechanical, analytical and environmental tests to validate the performance of composite materials and structures.
  13. 13. Pattern/mould manufacture � Composite Vision have a clear understanding of the latest technology and materials required to produce high quality patterns and moulds in the shortest possible time. � Working in association with subcontract tooling companies and equipment suppliers, Composite Vision can deliver high quality patterns & moulds designed to meet the most demanding customer needs.“Accuracy, quality and speed of manufacture are the keydrivers when considering producing a pattern or mould”
  14. 14. Composite Part Manufacture� Composite Vision work with the bestcomposite manufacturers in the market todeliver high quality, cost competitive parts.� Utilising a range of composite materialsand manufacture routes we are guaranteedto deliver a solution that meets customerrequirements.Manufacturing routes include: � Vacuum Infusion � Resin transfer � Hand Lay � Injection moulding � Spray laminating � Prepreg & SPRINT“Using the latest technology and materials to deliver highquality and high performance composite parts, that meetcustomer expectations, is key in today’s competitive markets”
  15. 15. Testing � Define test programmes and produce test panels to ensure that materials selected meet the design allowables. � Benchmarking & characterisation of competitive materials. � Range of tests include: � DSC – Tg & degree of cure � Rheometers – viscosity & flow � Fire testing � Mechanical testing – tensile, flex, shear � Hardness testing – cure & machinability �Toughness testing – fatigue and impact. � Environmental testing – weathering & exposure to chemicals“Testing of composite materials to validate performance and processing characteristics is essential when manufacturing composite parts”.
  16. 16. QualityIn today’s demanding markets, having a reputation for highquality enables a company to be differentiated from it’scompetitors and charge a premium for it’s products.� Quality control and consistency is essential in creatingcompetitive advantage, gaining customer loyalty andensuring that products meet the performance that thedesigners expect� Composite Vision can help todefine tests & processes to meetboth internal (Quality ManagementSystem, six sigma) and external(ISO 9001) requirements. “Don’t let quality come down to chance”
  17. 17. Summary� Composite Consultancy � Can provide a total end-to-end solution for composite part manufacture.� Value added by Composite Vision. � Procurement – securing the most competitive pricing on materials based on market/supplier knowledge. � Benchmarking of competitive products identify the most suitable product for the application. � Processing - Extensive experience on the processing of large composite structures. � Training - Experience in providing training on the use and processing of composite materials. � Quality - Trained on the implementation of ISO9001:2008