Creating Value Through Design
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Creating Value Through Design



Slides from the workshop Creating Value Through Design held at Copenhagen Business School on 12 June 2014.

Slides from the workshop Creating Value Through Design held at Copenhagen Business School on 12 June 2014.



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Creating Value Through Design Creating Value Through Design Presentation Transcript

  • HOW TO UNDERSTAND VALUE AS DYNAMIC FEATURES AGENDA Presentation of the achievement of the PhD: understanding value creation ! How is value constructed in the process?! How can managers manage design and value if the outcome is related and defined by the network? ! Tool for managing design to increase competitiveness of firms CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M Design as rational decision making NPD in Industrial design Managing as designing Design driven innovation design design thinking- making decisions among alternatives to design is to plan, shape and give forms sense making activity give meaning to the artefact, integrating technology, needs and language designers Planning courses of actions or artefacts! Creativity, problem solving, observation, judgments, novel ideas, knowledge brokers! Inspirational figures for managers; make fit with anticipation, work in the context that is not planned! Understanding the unmet needs of society; innovations that customers do not expect but appreciate! managers Creating and developing the decision making process environment! Choosing the designer able to complete the NPD and the appropriate form of organisation- facilitator ! Design things; idea generator giving form to new possibilities; bricoleurs; analytical/ human/pathfinding/ design skills ! Capturing, understanding and socio- cultural trends, proposing and deciding about the designer selection! process The rational decision making! Stage gate model design thinking; flexible and rapid work on meanings using designers value creation Process of reduction to logic for solving the problem! Price, lower production cost, image, emotions, symbolic and relational value—- exchange; loyalty Valuable and sustainable workflow, attention to competitors and changing situations! products with new meanings! DESIGN PERSPECTIVES IN THE LITERATURE SERIE 7 1 episode 1 sub- episode 2 sub- episode 3 sub- episode 2 episode 3 episode 4 episode CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M
  • Features associated Features diassociated modern industrial maufacturing cost reduction high quality ergonomic design high volume mass production high end design for mass market lower price design is uncomfortable design is hand-craft design is cabinet maker stackable lightweigh suitable for working places design is for a limited market suitable only for few environment heavy expensive limited number of design produced organic ornamentalfunctional Design is produced with the bent wood and thonet technique innovative conservative straight lines quality in the industrial production quality in the craft production VALUE: FEATURES ASSOCIATED AND DISASSOCIATED- NPD AND LAUNCH CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M SERIE 7- 3RD EPISODE sustainable design comfortable design high quality through industrial production classic design design using materials not environmental friendly pop design breakable and low quality design long lasting fast consumption- frequently changed Associated features Disassociated Features VALUE: FEATURES ASSOCIATED AND DISASSOCIATED CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M SERIE 7- 2ND EPISODE SERIE 7- 4TH EPISODE
  • Features Associated Features Disassociated sustainable design Scandinavian Design design for the private market design for the corporate market honest design Design for a mass market Designed by Arne Jacobsen designed by a cabinet maker VALUE: FEATURES ASSOCIATED AND DISASSOCIATED CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M value design decision making industrial design managing as designing Design Driven Innovation design as translation process generated in its properties and fitness to the task price and desire for products ! social structures social and cultural context relations understood as durable! ! objectively determinable! determinable within the organisation structure! subjective, arbitrary, depending on the culture emergent and fragile design product utility cost- opportunity object that is measurable economically a mean to an higher end a sign an actor implication for managers need to meet specific ways of doing things need to make the products competitive, distinguishable and more desirable need to cope with different belief systems need for understanding the social and cultural context! ! need to define the associated and disassociated features and communicate through a translation process NEXT RESEARCH Design scorecard PURPOSE OF THE TOOL Firms with design orientation exhibited higher growth, commercial success, and profit margins than similar companies without it. ! ! The new tool will positively impact the firms by creating a measurement system that offers managers new practical ways to document the value of design in their businesses- new products and existing products CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M
  • THE MANAGERIAL TOOL FOR VALUE CREATION The design value scorecard Product development Strategy Organisation/ marketing ! Financial ? ? ? Customer ? ? ? Business Process ? ? ? Learning and Growth ? ? ? PROPOSED PROJECT 2 years project— a tool to assist managers in Danish companies in:! ! making efficient the design management processes, ! assessing the value of design, ! facilitating the communication between different units in the companies. ! enter in new market! ! What customers value can be monitored, providing financial return and stimulating investments! ! Phases: ! • Development of prototype tool (Visits in the companies - interviews - Assessment of the perception of the markets) ! • Prototype test (Assess its quality, International validation) Workshop inviting the managers to consolidate the results and facilitate the dialogue for sharing experiences.! ! • Elaboration of the final software (Website, software Production of leaflets, Book on Danish design) For every 1 DKK invested, ! 15 DKK in net turnover gained ! in a foreign market. ! CBSCOMPETITIVENESS P L A T F O R M THANKS FOR YOUR ATTENTION Discussion
  • Breakout session • How do you measure value of design in your company? • Do you have best practices for evaluating the value of design in the development process? • How have you managed design in the past? What are the major difficulties? • How would you suggest that we further develop the proposed project? • Is it interesting for the industry? • Which are useful variables to consider? • 30 minutes debate • Plenum summing up ! ! Next meetings ! September 8th: competitiveness day - Råvarebygningen, Porcelænshaven 22 ! Workshops: creating value through design ! ! 8th of September Focus: Innovating through design ! 19th November Focus: tba ! For more information/ suggestion: marta gasparin tel 38 15 22 39 !