Using The Internet To Train Your Staff


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A brief history of eLearning, where the technology and online training stand today, and how small and medium sized organizations are taking advantage of online training to achieve training compliance and improve staff performance.

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Using The Internet To Train Your Staff

  1. 1. THE COMPETENCY COMPANY Using the Internet Presented by: to Train Your Staff Andy Jaynes Director of Business Development Avilar Technologies, Inc. An inside look at successful eLearning tactics & how to 410-290-0008 ext. 705 start your own online training program September 19, 2011WWW.AVILAR.COM
  2. 2. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYAPPA’s Online Training Site • SaaS version of Avilar’s WebMentor LMS • Off-the-shelf video courses for compliance training • Courses automatically award certificates upon completion • LMS tracks all course status indefinitely for easy review and verificationWWW.AVILAR.COM
  3. 3. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYWhat is “eLearning?”• Definition• In the beginning…• The evolution of eLearningWWW.AVILAR.COM
  4. 4. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYeLearning Today• Most LMS’s do the same basic things• An eLearning explosion• Easy for small and medium-sized organizations to manage online training programsWWW.AVILAR.COM
  5. 5. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYThe benefits & why it makes sense…• All employees need training; online is safe and holds them accountable.• On-boarding = higher employee engagement and retention rates• Traditional training programs have become less cost effective• Increased regulations and fears of law suits• Online training = improved training effectiveness• Online training supports individualized training• Internet available to almost everyone, everywhere, anytime.• Costs to launch and manage an online training program have declined dramaticallyWWW.AVILAR.COM
  6. 6. THE COMPETENCY COMPANY SaaS vs. Installed Which is best for our organization? 36% 55% SaaS (hosted) Installed 9% Not sure Source: BrandonHall Group 2011WWW.AVILAR.COM
  7. 7. THE COMPETENCY COMPANY Critical LMS Features Please identify the features which are most important to your learning and development program Course completion certificates Graphical reports/dashboard Standard/Predefined reports Ability to define learning paths Course catalogs & schedules Self-service course registrationVirtual class management, launching, & tracking eLearning courseware launching & tracking 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 Source: BrandonHall Group 2011WWW.AVILAR.COM
  8. 8. THE COMPETENCY COMPANY Critical LMS Capabilities Please identify the capabilities which are most important to your learning and development program Built-in eCommerce support Integration with other systems Multi-language support Customizable security levels Integration with HR systems Customizable user profilesCustomizable interface/branding SCORM/AICC 0 100 200 300 400 500 Source: BrandonHall Group 2011WWW.AVILAR.COM
  9. 9. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYCommon challenges…• Small training department• Small IT department• Training staff not computer experts• Has to be a success, not a “test”• ROI needs to be realized quickly• Avoiding disruption to current training programsWWW.AVILAR.COM
  10. 10. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYAdvantages• Improve traditional training process and outcomes• Train in a safe, secure environment and hold staff accountable• Free up time and effort from manual processes• Quickly address individual training needs• Empower staff to select optional training of interest• Decrease per-employee training costs by eliminating expenses such as travel, accommodations, etc.• Could also improve: – Employee retention rates and moral – Achievement of performance goals – Sales – OperationsWWW.AVILAR.COM
  11. 11. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYCritical LMS Elements • Ease of use • SaaS (hosted by vendor) vs. Installed (hosted by organization) • Administrative capabilities • Adaptable user interface • Support for multiple course types • Course standards • Automation • Integration • Reporting capabilities • Support capabilitiesWWW.AVILAR.COM
  12. 12. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYHow to get started• Talk to the appropriate parties• Assemble your team• Make initial plans• Identify learners• Choose courses – purchase, repurpose, or create?• Research LMS options• To RFP, or not to RFP...?• Evaluate options & choose a solutionWWW.AVILAR.COM
  13. 13. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYTo learn more about Avilar and how torealize your workforce potential… Visit Watch our 3-minute video, The Talent Development Lifecycle Download free white papers Schedule a free live online demonstration of WebMentor ® software Connect with us online for access to exclusive news, articles, and easily stay up-to-date with all things Avilar Contact Andy Jaynes at 410.290.0008 ext. 705 or andy.jaynes@avilar.comWWW.AVILAR.COM
  14. 14. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYAvilar at a Glance• Supports eLearning programs for over 150 organizations, including APPA.• A small privately held business with representation across the country, headquartered in Columbia, MD in operation since 1997.• Offers software products and services for Human Capital Management. Our offerings include the award-winning WebMentor LMS and a competency management product WebMentor Skills for either SaaS (Software as a Service) or licensing.• Serves a broad range of both Government, Commercial, and Non-profit clients and provides support in the following areas: • Commercial corporate training • Mandatory compliance training • Professional education • Competency management • Tailored training and competency environmentsWWW.AVILAR.COM
  15. 15. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYAn award-winning eLearning engine:WebMentor ® LMS• Feature-rich and consistently rated as a low-cost, high-value solution by Brandon Hall.• With WebMentor LMS, you can:  Deliver high-quality courses and assessments  Easily track learner activities and certifications  Manage registrations and e-commerce• WebMentor LMS keeps the user in mind:  Easy to use  Straightforward to manage  Cost-effective to deploy WWW.AVILAR.COM
  16. 16. THE COMPETENCY COMPANYKey WebMentor ® LMS Features- Access anytime from anywhere - WebMentor LMS is web-based, 100% browser-agnostic, available 24x7.- Manage all training in 1 system – Manage a wide range of training activities in a centralized location including in-person, online, self-paced, instructor-led, and video.- Off-the-shelf content - Gain access to over a hundred online training courses geared to address the common topics today.- Open Content Network - Support any SCORM 1.2 eLearning courses from any content provider or develop your own custom content. Also support AICC standard.- Manage credits and certificates - Manage course and training credits and automatically award customized certificates upon completion.- No “techies” required – With Avilar’s hosting services, you get a hassle-free, turn-key LMS environment and solution. Our technical team will help ensure you have a successful LMS experience.WWW.AVILAR.COM
  17. 17. THE COMPETENCY COMPANY Diverse Customer BaseWebMentor LMS WebMentor SkillsAmerican Public Power Association Capital OneDECO, Inc. General MotorsCapstone Institute of Mortgage Finance Spraying Systems Co.careLearning United States Department of Veterans AffairsSociety of Fire Protection Engineers Vermont Country StoreVisiting Nurse Service of New York Defense Information Systems AdministrationPennsylvania Dept. of Public Welfare Georgia Center for NonprofitsConnecticut Distance Learning ConsortiumSierra Wireless Consulting / Customization PartnershipsCom2Learn Washington Metropolitan Transit AuthorityNational Institute of Building Inspectors Jennison AssociatesPharmaceutical Education Research Institute Boots and Coots International Well Control, Inc.Learning Tree International Parliament of Canada Spraying Systems Sierra Wireless United Space Alliance FAFCO Oklahoma State University Mizuno USAWWW.AVILAR.COM