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  • 1. Site Sales Process by Kaushik Pal
  • 2. Site Sales Processes … Preparing the Project Dossier Pitching to Prospectives Pursuing leads Presenting Live Data through Due Diligence Process Pursuing Final Negotiations Escrow Process Closure and Completion tasks
  • 3. Preparing the Project Dossier First Level Document (FLD) High Level Document (HLD) Stats History Revenue History
  • 4. Pitching to Prospectives Listing on Site Sale Marketplaces Contacting Internet Brokers Existing Clients Close Circuit Investors
  • 5. Pursuing Leads Through emails Through direct calls Schedule ConCalls ConCall involving Broker
  • 6. Due Diligence Process Set up account with Gotomypc.com Fix net meeting time Chat / Talk and display data Keep data ready in a folder in advance
  • 7. Pursuing Final Negotiations Net Sale Price Any floor commitments Maintenance schedule, if any Careful of conversion rates Note Broker fees, if any Payment transfer process
  • 8. Escrow Process Create Account with Escrow.com / Use existing Wait for Escrow confirmation for payment Escrow fees to be paid by buyer or 50:50 sharing Initiate transfer of domain CLOSELY MONITOR the Transfer Out process Follow up Escrow for immediate Payment Release
  • 9. Closure and Completion tasks Pass on internal note Share FTP details / Initiate Transfer of servers Record details like new owner, sale multiple Close with Accounts department / Raise Invoice Share Twitter / Facebook account details, if any and discussed earlier Final Closure Note
  • 10. The right ingredients … Good documentation of the project Thorough details of traffic Details on keywords Competitor analysis Right offer to the client – always negotiated Clarity on internal standing 100% focus on mails / responses during sales period
  • 11. The Success Formula To make a successful sale, put yourself in the place of your prospect —the recipient of the offer —and plan about what sorts of information that person would need to feel confident to buy the project from you.
  • 12. Happy Selling !!!