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Riding The Blue Train
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Riding The Blue Train


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A presentation by Kaushik Pal based on the book “Riding The Blue Train” By Bart Sayle and Surinder Kumar …

A presentation by Kaushik Pal based on the book “Riding The Blue Train” By Bart Sayle and Surinder Kumar

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. RIDING THE BLUE TRAIN A Leadership Plan for Explosive Growth
    • A presentation by Kaushik Pal based on the book “Riding The Blue Train”
    • By Bart Sayle and Surinder Kumar
  • 2. From Bart Sayle and Surinder Kumar
    • This book is dedicated to our readers who, as leaders, choose to develop great people and inspire them to Ride the Blue Train .
  • 3. Case Study – Wrigley Company
    • Business Situation
    • In 2000, sales growth had slowed or dried out
    • Culture of conservation and risk averse
    • No room for high spirits, passion, creativity
    • Lacking unified direction, short on inspiration
    • Gap between management and employees
    • Organization not working together
    • Needed new destination, new future
  • 4. Case Study – Wrigley Company
    • Breakthrough Philosophy
    • To transform the business, you must transform the people;
    • To build the business, you must build the people;
    • To grow the business, you must grow the people.
    • Breakthrough is a holistic, congruent approach to accelerating personal, professional, and business transformation for growth.
  • 5. Case Study – Polaroid Corp
    • Innovation in Leisurely Stroll
    • 1943, Edwin Land and his daughter Jennifer in Santa Fe, New Mexico
    • “ Why not now?” – asks Jennifer
    • Could Land do a camera that delivered pictures instantly
    • Designed the camera in his mind
    • Curiosity and open attitude helped him
    • get around 535 patents
  • 6. Case Study – Polaroid Corp
    • Magical Thinking
    • Opportunity in “Nothing is Impossible”
    • 30 yrs to perfect that ‘camera in mind’
    • Breakthrough value of uninhibited thinking
    • Raising creativity out of a question
    • Sense of wonder of a child
    • Imagine the ‘unimaginable for propulsive growth”
    • Give rise to Magical Thinking
  • 7. Power of Magical Thinking
    • Thinking pattern defines an individual and the organization. It’s the cultural mindset.
    • Magical Thinking
    • Heroic Thinking
    • Resigned Thinking
    • Cynical Thinking
  • 8. The Five Powers
    • Power #1: Insight
    • Power #2: Inspiration
    • Power #3: Intentionality
    • Power #4: Using Intentional Language
    • Power #5: Congruence
  • 9. Introducing the BLUE TRAIN
    • BLUE Train is an express train that creates momentum.
    • Creates the future by design rather than letting it happen by default.
    • Uses propulsive energy of insight, inspiration and intentionality.
    • Charges everyone with sense of mission, direction and liberating power of personal accountability.
    • Sets Trajectory for explosive, sustained growth.
    • Ensures platform of growth than in the past or by business as usual.
  • 10.