A Presentation on  How to Make Business Proposals
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  • 1. A Presentation on How to Make Business Proposals by Kaushik Pal
  • 2. Defining ‘PROPOSAL’
  • 3. Business Proposal originates from …
    • In response to RFP (Request for Proposal)
    • On detailing out to RFI (Request for Information)
    • Submitting an internal proposal
    • Submitting a response to a business enquiry
    • In proposals, companies submit their qualifications, project schedules and cost, discuss their approach to the project. The recipient, then selects the best candidate who would work on the contract.
  • 4. Mool Mantra – The Goodness Theorm I am putting forth a GOOD proposal I represent a GOOD company We have a GOOD understanding of your requirements We are offering GOOD solution to your needs We are have GOOD resources to execute We will be executing at GOOD rates on a GREAT delivery schedule
  • 5. Ingredients – The right spices
  • 6. The right ingredients … Description of the proposed work Method, procedure, theory Schedule Qualifications Costs, resources required Conclusions (include Contact details) Special project specifications (Highlights)
  • 7. Organizing the Proposal Introduce the proposal – Purpose and Content Present the background – gather concern, excitement State solution to the problem State benefits of the solution Describe the Deliverables Discuss methodology, theory, approach Provide schedule, milestones, qualifications and costs
  • 8. Revision Checklist to the Proposal Use the right format throughout Start with a great introduction / overview Sections to be right natural, logical order Give breakup in the costs section, viz. – hourly rates Be sure to address the right auditor of the proposal Reduce ‘technobabble’ Highlight “special assignment requirements”
  • 9. The Success Formula To write a successful proposal, put yourself in the place of your audience —the recipient of the proposal—and think about what sorts of information that person would need to feel confident having you do the project.
  • 10. Happy Proposal Writing !!!