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Inovio Pharmaceuticals - Revolutionizing Vaccines Inovio Pharmaceuticals - Revolutionizing Vaccines Presentation Transcript

  • Revolutionizing Vaccines Dr. Joseph Kim President & CEO NYSE MKT: INO
  • Forward Looking Statement Our commentary and responses to your questions may contain forward-looking statements, including comments concerning clinical trials and product development programs, evaluation of potential opportunities, the level of corporate expenditures, the assessment of Inovio’s technology by potential corporate partners, capital market conditions, timing of events, cash consumption and other subjects. Information concerning factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those set forth in our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2013, and other regulatory filings from time to time. 2
  • Stimulating the Immune System: A Powerful Idea 3 INFANT MORTALITY RATE WORLDWIDELIFE EXPECTANCY Conventional vaccines • Protected billions from sickness and death • But preventive only • Cannot tackle many remaining diseases • Potential to TREAT cancers and challenging infectious diseases by helping immune system
  • 4 Introduction to the Immune System B-CELL Antibodies T-CELL
  • • Tremendous potential • New technology required • Encouraging data emerging Holy Grail: T Cells T cell Cytotoxic T lymphocyte Target cell Provided by Dr. Philip Greenberg Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 5
  • 6 2013: Dynamic Year • Best T cell responses in published clinical studies • Validating license deal with Roche in 2013 2014: Transformative Year • Phase II efficacy and immunogenicity data from lead drug mid-year • More cancer trials starting (cervical, head & neck, prostate, breast, lung, pancreatic cancers) • Additional pharma discussions on-going Inovio: Global Leader in Active Immune Therapy
  • • Collaborating with a global leader in innovative cancer drugs • Develop and commercialize Inovio’s prostate cancer (INO-5150) and hepatitis B (INO-1800) immunotherapies • $10 million up-front payment • Roche funding all ongoing development costs as well as funded research for new prostate cancer antigens • $412.5 million milestone payments for certain development and commercial events • Roche may pay other development milestone payments if it pursues other indications with INO-5150 or INO-1800 • Up to double-digit royalties on sales of a marketed product Validating Partnership with Roche (September 2013) 7
  • Broad Medical and Market Opportunities Product Name INTERNALLYFUNDED Indication Preclinical Phase I Phase II Vgx-3100 Ino-5150 Ino-1400 EXTERNALLYFUNDED pennvax® Ino-3510 Ino-8000 ino-1800 malariaMaV-12 Phase III Preventive 8 INO-3112 INO-3112 Preventive HepatitisC Therapeutic HepatitisB Therapeutic influenza Preventive hiv Preventive/ Therapeutic Breast/lung/ Pancreaticcancers Therapeutic Prostatecancer Therapeutic Head&NeckCancer Therapeutic CervicalCancer Therapeutic Cervicaldysplasia Therapeutic
  • Inovio’s Technology 9 DNA Immunotherapies/Vaccines Electroporation Delivery Device • Best-in-class T cell responses • Favorable safety profile • Over 500 patents
  • • T cells are vital to clearing cancerous or infected cells • Active immuno- therapies: harnessing the power of T cells • Inovio’s DNA immunotherapies displaying best-in-class T cells • Functional killing effect • Safe and well tolerated • >400 patents globally T cells: Inovio Commands the Body’s SWAT Team Antigen-specific T cell Cytotoxic T lymphocyte CD8+ T cells Target cell and antigen(s) 10
  • T Cells by Design: Antigen-Specific 11 Selected one or more target antigen(s) from chosen strains/variants of the virus/cancer
  • Strain 1 Strain X Strain 2 Antigen Y Antigen Y Antigen Y Designed to Break Tolerance or Provide Universal Protection 12 Identify gene sequence of selected antigen(s) from chosen strains/variants of the virus/cancer Synthetically create optimal consensus gene sequence for the selected antigen – PATENTABLE
  • Insert SynCon® gene sequence for selected antigen into DNA plasmid. SYNCON® DNA Antigen consensus sequence DNA Plasmid 13 SynCon DNA plasmid ready to manufacture. DNA Plasmid Optimized for Antigen Production
  • Electroporation Delivery Plays a Vital Role 14
  • SynCon®+ Electroporation: Significant Antigen Expression Ref: Sardesai & Weiner Curr. Opin. Immunol. 2011 1000x increase in cellular uptake and antigen expression Intramuscular Intradermal 15 EP = electroporation
  • Best-in-Class CD8+ T Cell Responses Ref: Kalams et al JID 201316 A: 3X vaccination without EP B: 4X vaccination without EP C: 2x vaccination with EP (month 2) D: 3x vaccination with EP (month 4) E: Memory response (month 9) A B C D E • PENNVAX®: Best CD8+ T cell response in HIV clinical studies • Durable T cell memory responses • Safe and well tolerated
  • Inovio’s Lead Program VGX-3100: • Capitalizes on Inovio’s ability to generate T cells • Immunotherapy for precancers and cancers caused by human papillomavirus (HPV) types 16 and 18 (high risk) • Targeting E6/E7 oncogenes • Phase II on-going: high grade cervical pre-cancers (CIN 2/3 dysplasia) • Efficacy and immunogenicity data: mid-2014 17
  • Inovio’s Lead Product Targets All HPV-caused Diseases 18 Sources: CDC,; WHO IARC Incidence rates in the U.S. + EU5
  • VGX-3100: Phase I Study Data • Strong T-cells in 78% (14 of 18) of subjects across all dose levels • 83% response rate in highest dose group *Immunotherapy against HPV16/18 generates potent TH1 and cytotoxic cellular immune responses. Sci Transl Med. 2012 Oct; 4:155ra13. dOI:10.1126/scitranslmed.3004414 Significant T Cell Magnitude & Response Rate 19
  • PhaseI trial results for vgx-3100 • 9 month durability of robust T cell response in 12/14 responders • Safe & well tolerated Source: Science Translational Medicine Oct. 201220 • 10/11 responders showed killing effect against target cells Durable T Cell Responses and Killing Effect
  • HPV16-, HPV18-Specific CD107a, Granzyme B, Perforin Bagarazzi, Yan, Morrow et al, Science Trans. Med. (2012) CD8 cytolytic phenotype 21
  • VGX-3100 Phase II Study • Placebo-controlled, randomized, doubled blind • 148+ subjects: females 18-55 • Histologically confirmed HPV16 or 18-associated CIN 2/3 or 3 • 3:1 VGX-3100/electroporation vs. placebo/electroporation • Two plasmids: Type 16 and Type 18, each encoded for E6/E7 antigens; 3 mg/ml per plasmid; treatment at months 0, 1, 3 • Primary endpoint month 9 • Regression of CIN 2/3 to CIN 1 or less • 80% powered for 27%  relative to natural regression (25% assumption) in placebo group • Secondary endpoints • Clearance of HPV 16 or 18 • Immunogenicity • Safety 22
  • Phase II Data Impact on Medical and Market Opportunities • Efficacy data • Path forward to phase III for CIN 2/3 • Expansion of product use to other HPV-related indications (cervical cancer, head/neck cancers, and anogenital cancers) • Seek orphan designation potential • T cell and safety data • Broader platform validation for all Inovio immunotherapy products in the pipeline 23
  • INO-1400: Potential Universal Cancer Therapy Targeting hTERT Yan J et al., Cancer Immunol Res. (2013)24 Dharmapuri et al., Mol Ther. (2009) T cell generation: older generation DNA vaccine and electroporation device T cell generation with Cellectra® electroporation device
  • 25 Checkpoint Inhibitors: Validation and Complementary • Inovio cancer vaccines greatly increase T cells • Potential to overwhelm cancer cells as monotherapy • Potential to combine with checkpoint inhibitors to increase efficacy • Unprecedented efficacy • Melanoma, lung cancer • Validate potential to enhance T cell capabilities • Evidence suggests non-responders do not have sufficient pre-existing T cells • Projected $24 billion market (Citi)
  • anthrax Louis Pasteur Peter Kies CFO • Ernst & Young • Experience with growth companies Mark L. Bagarazzi, MD CMO • Clinical research experience incl. Merck • Led clinical/regulatory for shingles and rotavirus vaccines; DNA vaccine expert 26 J.Joseph Kim, PhD President & CEO • Decades of biotechnology/pharma management • Merck: hepatitis A and B vaccines manufacturing; HIV vaccine (Ad5) R&D Niranjan Y. Sardesai, PhD COO • Extensive biotech management and product development experience • Led development of diagnostics for mesothelioma, bladder cancer, and ovarian cancer for Fujirebio Diagnostics Management
  • anthrax Louis Pasteur J.Joseph Kim, PhD • President & CEO, Inovio Adel Mahmoud, PhD • Professor, Princeton University • Former President, Merck Vaccines • Responsible for Gardasil®, Zostavax®, Proquad® and Rotateq® Morton Collins, PhD • General Partner, Battelle Ventures and Innovations Valley Partners 27 Simon X. Benito • Former Senior Vice President, Merck Vaccine Division Angel Cabrera, PhD • President, George Mason University • Former President, Thunderbird School of Global Management Avtar Dhillon, MD Chairman, BOD • Former President & CEO, Inovio Biomedical Board of Directors
  • anthrax Louis Pasteur Stanley A. Plotkin, MD • Developed rubella and rabies vaccines • Oversaw Sanofi flu vaccine • Emeritus Professor, Wistar Institute & University of Pennsylvania Philip Greenberg, MD • Expert in T cell immunology • Head, Immunology Program, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center 28 Thomas S. Edgington, MD • Founded multiple biotech companies; extensively published • Emeritus Professor, Scripps Research Institute Anthony W. Ford-Hutchinson, PhD • Former SVP, Vaccines R&D, Merck • Oversaw development: Singulair®, Januvia®, Gardasil®, Zostavax®, Proquad® and Rotateq® David B. Weiner, PhD Chairman •“Father of DNA vaccines” • Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Scientific Advisory Board
  • Financial Information Cash, cash equivalents & short-term investments3 $ 52.6 M Debt3 0 M Cash runway 4Q 2017 Shares outstanding2 239.6 M Recent price1 $2.57 Market cap1 $ 615.8 M NYSE MKT: INO 1Apr 21, 2014 3 Dec 31, 2013 29 Additional cash after year end4 $ 69.3 M 2Mar 7, 2014 4 Mar 14, 2014
  • INTERNALLYFUNDED EXTERNALLYFUNDED Ino-5150 1H 2014 Initiate phase IProstatecancer Vgx-3100 Mid-2014 Phase II study dataCervicaldysplasia INO-3112 1H 2014 Initiate phase I/IIaHead&NeckCancer 30 Upcoming Value Drivers INO-3112 1H 2014 Initiate phase I/IIaCervicalCancer Ino-1400 2H 2014 Initiate phase I/IIa Breast/lung/ PancreaticCancer PennVAX® 2H 2014 Initiate PENNVAX-GP phase IHIV Ino-8000 2015 Report phase I data Hepatitis C Ino-1800 Early 2015 Initiate phase I/IIa Hepatitis B c
  • Investor Highlights • Break-through active immune therapy with the power to save lives and maximize shareholder value • Targeting broad range of diseases and billion dollar markets • Best-in-class T cells to prevent, treat & cure cancers and infectious diseases • Phase II efficacy data coming • Validating partnership with Roche with more deals in the works The Opportunity 31