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  • 1. 1Gold in Guyana –Working to become a mid-tier gold producer in 2014.June 2013
  • 2. DisclaimerSome statements in this presentation contain forward-looking information. We have identified such statements with as asterisk for your ease of identification offorward looking-information. These statements include, but are not limited to, statements with respect to the expected benefits from having a management teamseeking to aggressively grow the Company into a mid tier gold producer through the exploration and development of existing assets, the completion ofthe acquisition of a significant interest in the Eagle Mountain Project and the development potential of the Companys properties. Specifically, any statementsregarding the potential increase of the Company’s inferred resource at the Eagle Mountain Project and the goals and objectives of the Company are by theirnature forward looking information. These statements address future events and conditions and, as such, involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and otherfactors which may cause the Company’s actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from any future results, performance orachievements expressed or implied by the statements.General risk factors and assumptions include, among others, the effects of general economic conditions, the price of gold and other metals, changing foreignexchange rates and actions by government authorities, uncertainties associated with legal proceedings and negotiations, competition for resources, andmisjudgements in the course of preparing forward-looking information.Specific risk factors include risks associated with the ability obtain any necessary approvals, waivers, consents and other requirements necessary or desirable topermit or facilitate the development of the Company’s properties, the risk that any applicable conditions of the acquisition of an interest in the Eagle MountainProject may not be satisfied, risks associated with project development; the need for additional financing; operational risks associated with exploration activitiesand results, mining and mineral processing; environmental liability claims and insurance; reliance on key personnel; the potential for conflicts of interest amongcertain officers, directors or promoters of the Company with certain other projects; the volatility of the Company’s common share price and volume; taxconsequences; and other risks and uncertainties.Eagle Mountain is in the exploration stage only and is without a known body of commercial ore. An increase in the current inferred resource will only occur iffavourable exploration results are obtained. The business of exploring for minerals involves a high degree of risk.Any forward-looking information contained in this presentation is based on the geological interpretation of results obtained from exploration activities conductedon the Company’s properties to date, including geological and geophysical surveys, sampling and mapping programs and drilling results. Results are interpretedby the Company’s management and staff and future programs and plans are formulated based on such interpretations. In making statements that containforward-looking information, management assumes that the results are accurate and will be verified by independent examination, that in country conditions andin the state of the financial markets remain somewhat constant and that management has the technical and financial capability and expertise to achieve theCompany’s growth plans. Forward-looking statements are made based on managements beliefs, estimates and opinions on the date that statements are madeand the Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if these beliefs, estimates and opinions or other circumstances should change,except as required by law. In accordance with good corporate governance procedures, management constantly monitors and re-assesses the Company’sactivities, results achieved and future plans. In the event management forsees or experiences material changes to the Company’s business and future plans, it willupdate forward looking statements accordinglyEach recipient of this document accepts that no representation or warranty is made concerning the information herein nor is any liability accepted in respectthereof by Stronghold Metals, or any other shareholder (present or future), or Director, Officer, advisor, or by any of their respective affiliates; Company Copyrightclauses are valid in this case. Content and slides from this presentation are not allowed to be copied or distributed otherwise, without the written consent of theCompany.*Denotes forward-looking information.2
  • 3. Investment Highlights• 100%-owned advanced Eagle Mountain gold project in Guyana – miningfriendly, English-speaking jurisdiction with stable democracy based on British law.• IAMGOLD, largest shareholder and strategic partner, holds ~14.5% of company.• Discussion underway regarding small-scale gold production partnerships inGuyana – cash flow leveraged to advance flagship Eagle Mountain project.• Eagle Mountain project contains near-surface 980,000-ounce gold deposit(NI 43-101-compliant).3
  • 4. Investment Highlights – continued• Existing Eagle Mountain resource covers just 250 hectares inside5,050-hectare property.• Deposit is open in three lateral directions and at depth.• Very good gold grade, suitable for open-pit production.• Near-term, low-cost production potential: Gold starts at surface.• Long-term operations: Huge potential for large, economic gold resource.• Existing nearby infrastructure.• Proven, experienced leadership and operating team.4
  • 5. Mission and MilestonesMission: To leverage in-country expertise and commence production, generatingcash flow to accelerate to mid-tier producer.Milestones Achieved: Successfully expanded gold resource. Updated NI 43-101-compliant resource (Nov.2012) represents 34% increase from Nov. 2010 resource. Commenced Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report in support of miningpermit application. Biodiversity and water quality management work in progress. Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and global best practices. Discussions and legal regarding small-scale production partnerships underway.5
  • 6. Pathways to ProductionSmall-scale production partnershipso Focus on Guyanese properties, currently producing gold on a limited scale, with upside potential.• Share in cash flow by adding value (expertise, equipment) to increase production.o Cash flow leveraged to advance flagship Eagle Mountain project.o Targeting first co-production and income in 2013.Eagle Mountain gold projecto Development and production could commence within six months following completion offeasibility study (to be scheduled).• Mining permit and minerals agreement required.o Proposed production tiers:• Phase 1 – 35,000 to 45,000 ounces• Phase 2 – 90,000 to 120,000 ounceso Engineering work, metallurgical tests, drilling to improve resource categorization and add moreounces, EIA report to support feasibility study.6
  • 7. Guyana• Consistently stable economy and political climate.• Elected government has followed a policy of economic liberalization,promotes foreign investment.• Long history of successful foreign investment in country’s miningsector.• British-based law and robust mining law protects foreign investment.• One of the friendliest mining regimes in the world.7
  • 8. Guyana: Track Record of Successful Productionand Operations• Omai gold mine:o Produced over 3.7 million ounces grading ~1.4 g/t gold from 1993 to 2005.• Guyana Goldfields’ Aurora project:o 6.54 million measured and indicated ounces (open pit and underground).o Closed $100-million bought deal to fund development in Feb. 2013.• Sandspring Resources:o Advancing multi-million ounce Toroparu gold-copper deposit toward potentiallarge-scale production in 2015.• Azimuth Resources’ West Omai project:o 1.22 million inferred ounces.o Project proposed to advance in cooperation with Troy Resources (ASX, TSX: TRY),which has proposed to acquire Azimuth in a friendly takeover.• 20 to 25 Canadian juniors exploring for various commodities in Guyana.• Major mines in bauxite industry.8
  • 9. Eagle Mountain: Work Completed to Date• 281 holes drilled totaling 35,993 metres.o 78 drill holes (~11,000 metres) completed by Eagle Mountain.o Remaining holes completed by predecessors including IAMGOLD.• Known resource covers ~250 hectares inside 5,050-hectare property.o Deposit remains open in three lateral directions and at depth.• Excellent historical database (geophysics, adits, extensive sampling,auger drilling, LIDAR, etc.).• ~$16.5 million spent on exploration work at Eagle Mountain to date.9
  • 10. Strategic Partnership with IAMGOLD• IAMGOLD doubled its stake in Eagle Mountain in mid-February 2013.• This followed exercise by Eagle Mountain of option to acquireremaining 50% of Eagle Mountain property from IAMGOLD.• Transaction establishes IAMGOLD as largest shareholder,demonstrates confidence in Eagle Mountain team’s ability to deliver.• IAMGOLD positioned as strategic partner, currently holds ~14.5%ownership of Eagle Mountain.10
  • 11. Eagle Mountain: Current (2012) Resource• NI 43-101 resource starting at surface:o Indicated resource of 188,000 ounces of gold @ 1.49 g/t (0.5 g/t cut off) ando Inferred resource of 792,000 ounces of gold @ 1.19 g/t (0.5 g/t cut off).• Management believes:o Grade is profitable.• IAMGOLD’s Rosebel mine in neighbouring Suriname profitably producing 385,000ounces per year @ 1.0 g/t from five open pits to date, with three additional pits to bemined (> 13 million oz reserves & resources).• The Omai gold mine in Guyana produced 3.7 million+ ounces @ ~1.4 g/t (1993 to 2005).• Timmins Gold produced ~25,000 ounces of gold in Q3 2012 @ 0.88 g/t (annual forecast~100,000 ounces ) from its San Francisco gold mine in Mexico, profiting $945 per ounce.o Several open pits will feed a central processing facility.• Proven approach. Example: Yanacocha in northern Peru, the largest gold producer inLatin America and one of the world’s largest gold mines (over 26-million ouncesproduced since 1993), produces in this way.11
  • 12. Eagle Mountain: 2011 Drilling Highlights• 78 holes completed for a total of 10,850 metres• Program included both infill and step-out diamond drilling holes.• The program was designed to:o Move part of the geological resource from inferred to indicated.o Expand the total amount of ounces.o Test and improve the geological model over specific deposit areas.• More than 90% of holes drilled intersected shallow gold mineralization ofeconomic grade.• Results include:o 24.19 metres at 9.1 g/t gold from surface to 24.19 m depth (EMD11-76 - Zion).o 19.05 metres at 3.13 g/t gold from surface to 19.05 m depth (EMD11-83 - BottleBank).o 7.80 metres at 30 g/t gold from 36 to 43.8 m depth (EMD11-85 - Bucket Shaft).o 42.20 metres at 0.97 g/t gold from surface to 42.2 m depth (EMD11-77 -Zion).12
  • 13. 5 kmCross-section AAEAGLEMOUNTAINPLEagle Mountain AuDepositEagle Mountain: Geology and Geochemistry
  • 14. 14Eagle Mountain NI 43-101: 2012 Block Model vs 2010 Block ModelHistorical & Current Drilling Shown
  • 15. Eagle Mountain 2012 Resource Outline(NI 43-101 Technical Report filed at SEDAR in Jan 2013)INDICATED Mineral Resource:In both saprolite (oxide) and “fresh”(non-oxidized) rock, it is 3,921,000tonnes at 1.49 g/t gold for 188,000ounces gold.INFERRED Mineral Resource:Hosted by saprolite and non-oxidized rock, it is 20,635,000 tonnesat 1.19 g/t gold for 792,000 ouncesgold.No statistical relationship betweenweathering and grade is observed,therefore relatively consistent Augrade throughout the deposit.Management is of the opinion thatthe oxide ore is sufficient to supporta 35,000 to 45,000 oz per annumoperation for 1st Phasedevelopment – no milling required,i.e., low power requirements (majorelement in future operating costs).This will be the target for our comingScoping Study.*(*Forward Looking Statement and is presentedwith caution and the appropriate disclaimer)15November 2012 Updated Eagle Mountain Resource Estimate by Category, Zone & Type Material(Using Block Model Cut-off of 0.5 g/t AU)Category Zone Material Density(t/m3)Volume(m3)Tonnes Au(g/t)OuncesIndicatedZionSaproliteFreshTotal1.602.602.03538,000436,000974,000860,0001,134,0001,994,0001.421.401.4139,00051,00090,000KilroySaproliteFreshTotal1.602.602.08465,000461,000917,000730,0001,197,0001,927,0001.491.631.5835,00063,00098,000AllSaproliteFreshTotal1.602.602.05994,000897,0001,890,0001,590,0002,331,0003,921,0001.451.521.4974,000114,000188,000InferredZionSaproliteFreshTotal1.602.602.162,671,0003,035,0005,706,0004,274,0007,891,00012,165,0001.311.131.19180,000286,000466,000KilroySaproliteFreshTotal1.602.602.251,831,0002,132,0003,962,0002,929,0005,542,0008,471,0001.331.121.20126,000200,000326,000AllSaproliteFreshTotal1.602.602.194,502,0005,167,0009,668,0007,202,00013,433,00020,635,0001.321.131.19306,000486,000792,000
  • 16. 16Eagle Mountain: New NI 43-101Typical cross-section across the NE part of the deposit
  • 17. Strong Recovery Potential• IAMGOLD took bulk samples of both oxide (saprolite) and underlyinghard rock mineralization testing all three known deposit horizons atEagle Mountain in 2009.• Samples used for mineralogical and metallurgical testing completedat SGS Laboratories (Toronto).• 92% recovery for cyanidation (saprolite, hard rock).• 70+% recovery using only gravity (saprolite).• Recoveries are in line with historical recoveries/mines in the region.17
  • 18. Further Expansion Potential• Option agreement toearn up to 95% ofadjacent MowasiGold property.• Mowasi covers 17,000hectares + additionalrights of first refusal.• History of artisanalgold mining at Mowasifrom alluvial workingsand saprolite.18EagleMountain PLEM AuDepositAreaEnclosingMowasi Gold’sProperties10 km
  • 19. 19Areas ofinterest forfollow upMowasi Gold – Drainage Au Geochemistry
  • 20. Nearby Infrastructure• Eagle Mountain is accessible by an existing road.• Major road to capital Georgetown just 5 km from property.• Small airport at Mahdia Township within 4 km of Eagle Mountain.• Waterways located 30 km from property.• Historical Omai gold mine ~40 km from Eagle Mountain.20
  • 21. Eagle Mountain: Scoping the Saprolite Gold Resource21Source: IAMGOLDMine processing flowchart for both hard rock and oxides ore. From an internal 2010 IAMGOLD Scoping Study.
  • 22. Share InformationListed TSX.V: ZOTCQX: EMGCFFrankfurt: E9XShare Structure (as at May 2, 2013)Issued 38,073,526Warrants 18,648,250Options 1,040,000Fully Diluted 57,761,776Major ShareholdersManagement and insiders: ~11%IAMGOLD: ~14.5%European holdings: ~10-12%Market Capitalization (as at May 1, 2013) ~$5.3 million52-Week Range (as at April 29, 2013) $0.12 to $0.8022
  • 23. Why Gold is Still “Wealth”?23
  • 24. Enterprise Value – Growth Profile24Advanced DevelopmentStage (Reserves)Production$50-$75per Au oz$100-$150per Au oz$350-$450per Au ozEnterprise Value(EV) per MinableOzIncrease ValuethroughResourceExpansionIncrease Value withProject AdvancementFeasibilityStudyDiscoveryPre-FeasibilityStudyZEagle Mountain is at the advancedexploration stage moving towards pre-feasibility study stage*0.0050.00100.00150.00200.00250.00300.00350.000.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00Capitalization of PublicCompanies ($ million) vs. Auoz Held (million)EMGC
  • 25. Management and DirectorsEagle Mountain’s leadership team boasts more than 200 years of experience and isproven in making mining discoveries and achieving production.Yannis Tsitos, President, CEO & Director: Physicist/geophysicist with 25 years experience in themining industry. 19 years with BHP Billiton, the last nine as senior business development managerglobal minerals exploration. Worked on exploration projects and business deals in 32 countries. Hasidentified, negotiated and executed in excess of 55 exploration, development and miningagreements and joint ventures (JVs). Important role in two major discoveries. Led First BauxiteCorporation to the acquisition of the Bonasika Bauxite deposit (prime quality refractory bauxite).Geoff Hampson, Chairman & Director: A private equity investor and businessman with 35 yearsexperience in startups, turnaround situations and M&A. Has been involved in building and sellingprivate and public companies in the mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, Internet and medical fields.Has negotiated JVs and acquisitions in Brazil, Eastern Europe, China and North America.Anne Casselman, Exploration & Country Manager, Guyana: Senior Geologist with 20+ yearsexperience in precious metal exploration (Newmont, Golden Star, Cambior, IAMGOLD). Has workedon Eagle Mountain project for the last six years, playing a major role in its expansion and explorationsuccess.Art Freeze, P.Geo, Director: 43 years of experience as an exploration and production geologist(e.g., Cominco, Pasminco, Echo Bay, Pan American Silver, Stillwater). Currently a principal consultantto Goldcorp Inc.25
  • 26. Management and DirectorsLuiz Bizzi, Director: Brazilian professional geologist and Certified Investment Analyst with over 27years experience . PhD, MBA, and past exploration manager for South America for BHP Billiton. Dr.Bizzi was also the Director of Geology and Mineral Resources at CPRM – the Brazilian GeologicalSurvey and a Senior Consultant at the Brazilian Development Bank.Jim Heras, Chairman Emeritus, Director & Founder: 40 years experience as a businessman andinvestor in numerous private and public ventures, including several successful mining companies(President of St. Phillips Resources - Kemess Gold/ Copper Mine). Director of various companies inCanada.Geoff Watson, CFO & Director: 30+ years of experience in the securities industry, with majority spentin the brokerage community (retail and institutional client management) and the financing ofnumerous public ventures. He has also overseen the financial affairs of several North Americanpublic companies.26
  • 27. Summary• Eagle Mountain is a high-quality asset with near-term production potential.• Strong support of strategic partner and largest shareholder IAMGOLD.• Project has excellent potential for expansion, both land and resource.• Long-term blue sky potential.• Company is aggressively pursuing entry into small-scale producing opportunities inGuyana by leveraging management’s excellent local and international network.• Guyana is an established, mining-friendly regime.• Property has excellent access and is in close proximity to existing infrastructure.• Proven, experienced management team.27
  • 28. Thank YouFor more information, please contact:Eagle Mountain Gold Corp., Investor Relations1-866-437-9552ir@eaglemountaingoldcorp.comwww.eaglemountaingoldcorp.com28