Unintentional Terrorism: Braving the Issue of Teen Suicide Together - Community Youth Building Conference
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Unintentional Terrorism: Braving the Issue of Teen Suicide Together - Community Youth Building Conference



2013 Annual Risky Business Conf Presentation, Ames IA. Story, lessons, and tools from loss of 3 Mount Vernon Iowa students to suicide – perspectives of school Superintendent, Counselor, Police ...

2013 Annual Risky Business Conf Presentation, Ames IA. Story, lessons, and tools from loss of 3 Mount Vernon Iowa students to suicide – perspectives of school Superintendent, Counselor, Police Officer, TV News Director & Community Resiliency Project CEO Dr. Mollie Marti.
Teen suicide is a community issue, not a school issue. We must create partnerships between school, police, media, local mental health providers, businesses, and all community members with an eye on our primary goal and responsibility: Building community-wide safety nets to save and strengthen youth.
We provided toolkits on the topics of school crisis response, suicide intervention protocols, media relations, and community school partnerships and shared our research-based ECCE Resiliency Model that guides youth builders to engage, connect, challenge, and enrich youth.
We build resiliency by intentionally seeking to engage each child where he or she is, connect them with trusted adults, challenge them to grow, and enrich them toward wholeness. Model and Resources at http://www.communityresiliencyproject.org.



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  • Jacob, Tyler, & Nathan ….although so painful, we do remember them often….our experiences are real and still raw….
  • Looking forward we will continue to work tirelessly to improve our strategies and community-based efforts to grow healthy youth and build resiliency. We are here to partner with your communities to do the same. Please contact us - we want to work side-by-side with you until we can all live in communities facing no loss of life to suicide.

Unintentional Terrorism: Braving the Issue of Teen Suicide Together - Community Youth Building Conference Unintentional Terrorism: Braving the Issue of Teen Suicide Together - Community Youth Building Conference Presentation Transcript

  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 1Free Powerpoint TemplatesUnintentional TerrorismBraving the Issue of Teen Suicide...Together
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 2Team MembersJennifer Holub Tischer, MVCSD –Middle School CounselorDoug Shannon, MV Police Sergeantand Crisis Team MemberPam Ewell, MVCSD SuperintendentAdam Carros, KCRG News DirectorMollie Marti, CEO of CommunityResiliency Project
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 3Our Time Together…Our Story fromDifferent PerspectivesWAMs (Walk AwayMessages!)ToolkitsQ&A View slide
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 4Our Story…May 19, 2011MOUNT VERNON, Iowa (AP) - Officials say a thirdMount Vernon high school student has committedsuicide this school year.District Superintendent Pam Ewell said in an email toparents on Wednesday that the ninth-grade boy diedTuesday. The email didnt say how the boy died. Hisname has not been released.Ewell says counselors are being made available tostudents and staffers. The school has around 400students.A 17-year-old junior died Nov. 18 after his suicideattempt in a bathroom at the high school on Nov. 15.A 14-year-old freshman killed himself at his home lastmonth.Mount Vernon is in eastern Iowa, 11 miles east ofCedar Rapids. View slide
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 5One detrimental theme that quicklyswelled through out the community:“What is wrong with thatschool, and what is the districtgoing to do about it?!”
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 6Our StoryThrough the eyes…of aschool superintendent
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 7Single Episode:School Crisis ResponseLock down: Practice lock downhelped teachers face and removebarriers of “it’s not my job” torespond to crises.Crisis Team: School, CommunityPolice, RespondersIn today’s world…MUST change theideology of how staff view their role incrises.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 8WAMs: Administration• Inform teachers of lock down, purpose,and transition as soon as possible.• Provide as much recovery support tostaff as you do for students.• Minimize rumors and anxiety with quick,clear, responsible communication withteachers, students, parents, andcommunity.• Understand that after a public attempt orsuicide, the work is just beginning....
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 9TOOL BOXSchool CrisisResponse EssentialsCommunicating withParents & Community
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 10Our StoryThrough the eyes…of apolice officer andcrisis team member
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 11Crisis ResponseSchool relationship with lawenforcement/responderscritical.Failure to plan = Planningto fail!Empower faculty and staffthrough training/drills.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 12WAMs: Crisis Team• Teamwork! Gather resourcesto manage crisis.• Prepare for the worst, hope forthe best. Be ready forcontinuation of events.• How are you? Really?
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 13Student-driven efforts towardrecovery have been powerful.In stark contrast, school mediarelations were challenging.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 14Our Story ContinuesBeyond School Borders…Schools must educate andguide local media before,within, and after astudent suicide.Reduce contagion whileinforming.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 15Our StoryThrough the eyes…of anews director
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 16Media CoveragePurpose: reporting news whilepreventing further harm.Policy: Do not report suicidesexcept for public incidents.Information aids crisis control.Media plays important role in de-stigmatizing mental health.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 17WAMs: MediaUse Suicide Prevention LifelineGuidelines to reduce contagion.Respect privacy of family andfriends.A suicide is not a news story.Trends, prevention andintervention is the story.Partner with media to promotepublic safety, change socialnorms, and distribute resources.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 18TOOL BOXPost Crisis Media ToolkitGuidelines for schools,community, and media.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 19Our StoryThrough the eyes…of the community
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 20Community PerspectiveA text…an email…a phone call.‘‘Notice: A shooting occurred atthe Mt. Vernon H. S. around noonand there is now a lockdown. Noother facts are known. Pleasepray for the victims and theshooter/s, plus safety for all thestaff and authorities who mustdeal with it and, of course, thestudents in the building at thetime. It has been on the news, sokeep tuned.’’
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 21The BIG WAM!Suicide is aCOMMUNITY issue…not a SCHOOL issue.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 22WAMs: Community1. Resiliency is about relationships.2. Every child needs support.3. Taking the high road pays off.4. Communication is essential.5. It’s about the journey, not thefinish line.(Excerpted from 7 Lessons from a Resilient Communityavailable at www.communityresiliencyproject.org)
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 23TOOL BOXQuick Start Guide toCommunity ResiliencyBullying & Teen SuicideAudiowww.communityresiliency proje
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 24Our Story of Loss Deepens…Student suicide on April 19,2011.Missing student search onApril 21.Student suicide on May 17.
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 25School ResponseUse information (social media,Teenscreen, “at-risk” records)to prioritize.At-Risk CoordinatorSearch Institute - staff trainingTherapy DogNegotiate anniversary dates
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 26School ResponseSources of Strength trainingSuicide Ideation ProtocolJoined Linn County SuicidePrevention CoalitionAssisted other schools
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 27TOOL BOXSample CrisisIntervention Protocol
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 28Community ResponseThrive Mount Vernon• Suicide Intervention• Youth Building• School Support
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 29Community ResponseECCE Resiliency ModelEngageConnectChallengeEnrich
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 30TOOL BOXResiliency ModelMore Resources:www.community resiliencyproject.org
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 31We Remember…
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 32Our Story Continues…Moving Forward
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 33What is YOUR Story…andhow can we help?Question&Answer
  • Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 34We Are Here to Helphttp://www.communityresiliencyproject.orginfo@communityresiliencyproject.orgjholub@mountvernon.k12.ia.us