Literacy Advocacy


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Literacy advocacy experts share their ideas as well as those gleaned from an April 2014 Neighborhood Literacy Forum.

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Literacy Advocacy

  1. 1. Advocating for Literacy “It takes two, baby…” Talking and Reading Cynthia Clingman IRA, MRA, KRC Legislative Advocacy Committee Donna Ewigleben Community Outreach Coordinator, Ferris State University
  2. 2. What is Literacy Advocacy? Legislative Policy National State Local Community Messaging
  3. 3. It Takes Two Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston One can have a dream, baby Two can make that dream so real One can talk about bein' in love Who can say how it really feels One can wish upon a star Two can make that wish come true, yeah One can stand alone in the dark Two can make the light shine through It takes two, baby It takes two, baby Me and you, just takes two It takes two, baby It takes two, baby To make a dream come true, just takes two
  4. 4. 30 Million Word Gap 616 1,251 2,153 86% to 98% of the words used by each child by the age of three were derived from their parents’ vocabularies
  5. 5. How to build literacy Two priorities: Talking and Reading What we know: • Parents and mentors need to talk with and read to children. • Children need to read to and talk with parents and mentors.
  6. 6. Thinking about literacy in your neighborhoods. Let’s talk about it. • What literacy needs exist in your circle of influence? • What hinders talking and reading? • What are some ideas for encouraging more talking and reading?
  7. 7. Your ideas • Safe environment for parents • Creating time to share • Create places to increase the child’s sense of self-esteem • All communication is valuable
  8. 8. Strategies to make these ideas work Organize! Get to know other literacy leaders in your neighborhood: • Community centers • Pre schools and schools • Libraries • Health providers • Social Services • Faith-Based sites • Institutions of Higher Education
  9. 9. Resources Find Services and Resources! • Schools • Department of Human Services • Reading Associations • Great Start Collaborative • Faith Based centers • Neighborhood associations • Libraries – Michigan E Library
  10. 10. Michigan eLibrary - MeL • –1,000 online practice tests –ACT, SAT, GED prep –Computer skills tutorials –Resume builders –Games for all ages!! –Debra Biggs Thomas, MDE contact for MEL
  11. 11. Your ideas for Resources Let’s Talk about it! • What are other literacy initiatives that you know about? • How have they successfully met the “It takes two” message? • How can you get parents and community members involved?
  12. 12. Your ideas • Literacy Center • United Way Schools of Hope • Little free libraries • Meeting people where they are, not where WE are • Books on food trucks • Play and learn – churches, libraries, • Michigan Humanities Council – grants • Parks and Recreation, YMCA,
  13. 13. Resource Contacts • Kent Reading Council Rock and Read (Books for new moms) Jane Meade, • Michigan Reading Association, Student Involvement: Great Lakes Great Books, Kaleidoscope • International Reading Association endorsements: (Printable books for kids) (Access to new books for children to read in Title I Schools), Rotary Clubs
  14. 14. More Resources • • Community efforts to coordinate early childhood services in Kent County: • Statewide Initiative through Michigan Department of Education – stay tuned!!
  15. 15. Legislative Activities Local School board, mayor, county, township State House, senate, governor, Michigan Department of Education Contact your local representative: Follow legislative activity: Federal House, senate, President, Department of Education
  16. 16. 16 Why? Your voice matters