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AACC Federal Legislative Update March 21 2012
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AACC Federal Legislative Update March 21 2012


On March 21, the AACC government relations team will provide an overview of issues Congress has been discussing in the first three months of 2012 and what is to come. The team will provide …

On March 21, the AACC government relations team will provide an overview of issues Congress has been discussing in the first three months of 2012 and what is to come. The team will provide up-to-the-moment information on FY 2013 funding for Pell Grants and other key programs, the second round of TAACCCT program grants, workforce legislation, and more.

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  • 1. AACC Feder al Legislative Update Mar ch 21, 2012AACC Office of Government Relations and ResearchDavid Baime, Senior Vice PresidentJim Hermes, DirectorLaurie Quarles, Legislative Associate
  • 2. AACC Legislative Update• Obama Budget Pr oposals• FY 2013 Budget• Wor kfor ce Legislation• TAACCCT Gr ant Pr ogr am• Cr edit Hour /State Author ization Legislation (HR 2117)• Depar tment of Defense MOU/Veter ans Legislation
  • 3. The Year Ahead—Much Talk, Less Action• Budget I ssues Will Again Dominate Agenda• Acr oss-the-Boar d Sequestr ation is Looming• Pr esidential/Congr essional Politics—Congr ess Knows I t’ s Unpopular and Wants Achievements• Fiscal Conser vatives Remain Fer vid• Testy “ Endgame” Seems Likely (Final FY 2013 Appr opr iations, Debt Ceiling I ncr ease, Bush Tax Cuts, Automatic Cuts)
  • 4. Obama Budget• Significant Emphasis on Higher Education and Community Colleges in State of Union• Campaign Dr iving Pr oposals• Pr oposals Reflected in FY 2013 Budget• Long Odds for Full Enactment
  • 5. Community College to Car eer Fund• $8 Billion Over Thr ee Year s• Four Maj or Components – Gr ants to community college par tner ships with businesses, wor kfor ce system, etc. – Bonus funding to scale up successful pr ogr ams – Suppor t for states and localities to attr act j obs back to Amer ica – Online Entr epr eneur ship Pr ogr ams
  • 6. Obama Higher Education Pr oposals• Pr oposals Aimed at Higher Education Refor m/Containing College Costs• Most Requir e Congr essional Author ization and/or Funding• Five Pr incipal Components – $1 billion Race to the Top for Higher Education • Modeled after administr ation’ s signatur e K-12 pr ogr am • State based, focused on public institutions
  • 7. Obama Higher Education Pr oposals– $55 million Fir st in the Wor ld gr ant pr ogr am • Competitive gr ants, includes pr ivate institutions– Modify Campus-Based (Wor k Study, SEOG, Per kins Loan) Allocations • For mula changed to r ewar d institutions that hold down tuition, gr aduate mor e students, pr ovide “ gr eater value”– “ College Scor ecar d” to pr ovide students and families with mor e infor mation. • I nfor mation to include ear nings and employment infor mation; mechanics uncer tain
  • 8. Obama Higher Education Pr oposals– Pr eventing the student loan inter est r ate fr om incr easing fr om 3.4% to 6.8% • Rate incr ease scheduled to take effect July 1 • House and Senate bills intr oduced—H.R. 3826, Rep. Cour tney (D-CT); S. 2051, Sen. Reed (D-RI )– Making Amer ican Oppor tunity Tax Cr edit per manent (Expir es 2012) -- Top AACC Pr ior ity
  • 9. FY 2013 Budget and Appr opr iations• House Budget Committee Chair Paul Ryan (R-WI ) unveiled his FY 2013 budget on Mar ch 20• Caps agency budgets at $1.028 T or $19 B less than cap set by the Budget Contr ol Act in August• Calls for significant spending cuts to domestic pr ogr ams, while r estr uctur ing some entitlement pr ogr ams and lower ing tax r ates• I ncludes budget r econciliation language, but not for education pr ogr ams• Senate is not expected to pass a budget r esolution
  • 10. FY 2013 Budget and Appr opr iations AACC Pr ior ities• Pell Gr ant Pr ogr am – Maintain Discr etionar y Maximum Gr ant With No Pr ogr am Cuts (Gr ant incr eases to $5,645)• Per kins CTE – Pr ovide $1.27 billion• Title I I I -A, Str engthening I nstitutions – I ncr ease funding by $16 m, to $100 million• Adult Education Act – At least cur r ent $595 m• Wor kfor ce I nvestment Act – Maintain funding
  • 11. Restor ation of ATB Eligibility• “ Ability to Benefit” (ATB) Students Taken Out of All Student Aid Pr ogr ams as of 7/1/12• ATB Students Lack High School Diploma or GED• Estimates of I mpact on Community College Students is Appr oximately 40,000 Nation-wide, Possibly Mor e• Your I nput (if I mpacted) is Needed
  • 12. Wor kfor ce I nvestment Act• House Education and Wor kfor ce Committee Moving For war d with WI A Reauthor ization – Final Passage This Year Unlikely• House Republicans Combining Thr ee Bills into One New Vehicle – McKeon Bill – Foxx Consolidation Bill – Heck Bill
  • 13. WI A Reauthor ization• House Democr ats Recently I ntr oduced Their Own WI A Bill – Hews fair ly close to cur r ent law – I ncludes author ization for Obama’ s Community College to Car eer Fund• Senate WI A Reauthor ization Effor t is Stymied
  • 14. TAACCCT Pr ogr am• Second Round Solicitation for Gr ant Applications on Febr uar y 24, Pr oposals Due May 24• Five Cor e Elements, Some New Emphases• Gr ants Slightly Smaller Than Last Year• Fiscal Agents fr om Fir st Round Cannot be Fiscal Agents in Second Round• Pr ogr am Reasonably Healthy, Politically
  • 15. H.R. 2117• House-Passed Bill Repeals Dept. of Education Regulations on Cr edit Hour and State Author ization – Sponsor ed by Rep. Foxx, Chair woman of House Higher Education subcommittee – Opposed by most Democr ats – Suppor ted by higher education, including for - pr ofits – No pr ospects in Senate
  • 16. DOD MOU/Veter ans Legislation• AACC and other Higher Education Gr oups Wor king with Dept. of Defense to Modify MOU that all I nstitutions Must Sign in or der to Par ticipate in Tuition Assistance Pr ogr am – I ssues in or iginal MOU ar ound cr edit tr ansfer policies, other institutional pr er ogatives – Deadline for signing MOU or iginally end of 2011, pushed back to Mar ch 31 – Near ing final r evised MOU – many impr ovements made
  • 17. Veter ans Pr otection Legislation• Legislation For thcoming to Requir e VA and I nstitutions to Pr ovide Substantial I nfor mation about I nstitutions and Pr ogr ams – Student outcome and other infor mation to empower veter ans and member s of ar med for ces to make infor med choices – Higher education wor king with bill sponsor s to minimize impact on institutions, make ED sour ce for most infor mation
  • 18. Contact I nfor mation• David Baime – 202-728-0200 x224, dbaime@aacc.nche.edu• Jim Her mes – 202-728-0200 x216, j her mes@aacc.nche.edu• Laur ie Quar les – 202-728-0200 x249, lquar les@aacc.nche.edu