Streams Of Systemic Thought


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Streams Of Systemic Thought

  1. 1. Some Streams of Systemic Thought KEY: (Draft update — May 2001) white general systems red cybernetics *** black physical sciences Originated in 1996 by Dr. Eric Schwarz, Neuchâtel, Switzerland. blue mathematics Extended in 1998, including items from the The Story of Philosophy by Will Durant (1933). Elaborated in 2000-2001 from many sources for the International Institute for General Systems Studies. magenta computers & informatics Currently a research project of the IIGSS. green biology & medicine --- yellow symbolic systems This rendition is the property of the International Institute for General Systems Studies. orange social systems All Rights Reserved. olive ecology Errors and omissions in this chart are solely attributable to the IIGSS. gray philosophy cyan systems analysis purple engineering International Encyclopedia of Systems & Cybernetics Charles François 1997 Teleonics Multi-Methodology Gyuri Jaros General Systems Theory John Mingers Genomics Co-creative Process Yi Lin Cultural General Tropodynamics Social Entropy Theory Craig Venter, Hector Sabelli Francis Collins Hegemony Systems Semiotics Soucheng OuYang, Yi Lin Kenneth D. Bailey USA Luis Rocha, Critical Physics Systemic Perspectivism Cosmological Howard Pattee Superstrings Ronald W. Moses Topology of Evolutionary Grand Unified Treories Physics Meaning Knotted Systems Brian Greene, et al Philosophy Steven Weinberg Stephen Hawking R. Ian Flett Systemic Development Louis Kauffman Richard L. Coren Punctuated Evolution Pansystems Informational Cyber-semiotics Richard Bawden Evolutionary Fuzzy Systemics Blown Up Systems Stephen J. Gould Synergy Grey Systems Microdynamics Wu Xuemou Self-organized Anti-chaos & Vladimir Dimitrov Søren Brier Shoucheng OuYang Homeorheotic Peter A. Corning Sifeng Liu, Yi Lin Positivism World Wide Web Vladimir Lerner Economics Adaptation Artificial Life Systems Total Systems Richard Dawkins Chris Langton Tim Berners-Lee Interpretive Complex Evolutionary Whole Systems W. Brian Arthur Stuart Kauffman Symmetry William Irwin Intervention Physics Systems Design Appreciative Systems Physics As Scientific Philosophy Thompson B.J. West A. Zee Philosophy of Physics Peter M. Allen Robert Flood Harold Nelson William E. Smith Stabile Systems Interpretive Systemology Metaphor Paul C.W. Davies Approximation- Metasystem Transition & Mathematics Claude Bernard Ramses Fuenmayor, Rational Roger S. Jones Turchin, Heylighen, Joslyn Biotechnology Nanotechnology F. David Peat Hernan Lopez-Garay Estimation Theory Mechanics Semiotic Catholicity Geometry of Meaning Fuzzy Logic Randolph F. Lumpp Critical Systems & Reflexive Universe Bart Kosko Socio-Cybernetics Arthur M. Young Scientific Philosophy of Physics Eco-futurism Michael C. Jackson, R. Felix Geyer Systems Trends Robert Flood, Internet Intuitionism John Archibald Wheeler Hazel Henderson General Criticality Management Cybernetics Philosophy of Kenneth E.F. Watt Werner Ulrich Systemology Communicational Cybernetics Per Bak ARPA Michael Polanyi Social Cybernetics Peter Senge Science Klaus Krippendorff Literary Semiotics D.H. McNeil Infodynamics Complex Dynamical Fritjof Capra Stuart Umpleby Social Stanley Salthe Self-organization Systems Umberto Eco Systemic Selfness Analysis of Rheomodal Systems Sciento-politics Ralph Abraham Paul Ryan Complexification Systems Tessellations Systems Media Soft Systems Sciences Ian Mitroff Conscientization Holonics Conrad H. Development Hyper- Laws of Form Roger Penrose David Bohm Noetic Systems Semiotics Primate Methodology Paolo Freire Walter J. Ong Arthur Koestler Waddington John Warfield mathematics George H. Marshall Linguistics Peter Checkland Charles Spencer-Brown Metaphysics of Linguistic McLuhan Generalized Muses Science Mathematics Systems Ecology Fuzzy Uncertainty Gary Zukav Neuchatel Systems Hekki Heiskanon Howard T. Odum Hierarchy Theory J. Ford Systemics of Evolutionary Problematiques Paradigmatic Socio-Technical Howard H. Pattee Lofti Zadeh Benefit Model & Planning Cybernetic Synergetics Revolutions Postmodernism Systems Warren Ziegler Eric Schwarz Hasan Ozbekhan Epistemology Thomas Kuhn Harold Linstone Hermann Haken Semio-Physics Ranulph Management Cybernetics Objective René Thom Autopoietic Social Geophysiology (Gaia) Glanville Noosphere Development Barry Clemson Information Systems Holonomic Systems James E. Lovelock of Mentation Self-Reference Teilhard T. Stonier Niklas Luhmann de Jardin Ken Wilber Ecological Walter Lowen Model Theory & Autonomy Demographics Genetic Michael Morley Paul Ehrlich Engineering Computationism Endosymbiosis Bio-cybernetics Jerry A. Fodor Lynn Margulis Geo-Impact Philosophy of Manfried Eigen Autopoietic Systems Chaos Theory Evolution Nature & Science Systems Biology M.J. Feigenbaum Eugene Carl von Cybernetic Semiosis Primate Biodiversity Rod Swenson Robert Rosen Shoemaker Weizsäcker Social Semiotics Douglas R. Anthropology Sociobiology Robotics Floyd Merrell Hofstadter Relativism Jane Goodall Edward O. Wilson Mathematical Cellular Artificial Scientific Ecology Psychology Green Philosophy Automata Neural Nets Rapid Revolution Complex Systems Radical C.S. Holling R.D. Luce Miniaturized Jacques Monod Synergetics II Norman (Santa Fe Institute) Collateration Dissipative Constructivism Designing Systems Computing Bela H. Banathy R. Buckminster Borlaug & Hypertext Systems Ernst von Sociometrics Systems Dynamics Software Modern Theoretical Physics Environmentalism Fuller Ted Nelson Ilya Glasersfeld Jay W. Forrester, Measurement David Brower Knowledge Prigogine Donella Meadows Capers Jones Epistemology of Science Sciences Metamodeling Paradoxical Systematics Telecommunications Brian Gaines Sir Arthur Eddington Social Ecology Bio-semiosis John Van Gigch Imagery Philosophy Ernst Mayr & Data Bases General Systems Psycho- Eric Trist, Jesper Fred Emery M.C. Escher of Biology James Martin Intensional Evolution Metrics Hoffmeyer Erich Jantsch Morton O. Logic General Systems Beckner Chaotic Systems Hypervisors Montague Modeling Edward Lorenz Social Psychology George Klir Willis F. Overton Emulation Pattern Communicative General Systems Management Ethology Recognition Cognitive Action Thinking Science