Romney's ritual before public speaking or debating


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Romney's ritual before public speaking or debating

  1. 1. ebate Ritual:R omney’s Pre-D ti v e T echniques Known Yet Effec Focused 3 Little Ge t 1 0 0 % alm You r N er v e s & President to C ebate the bef ore You D
  2. 2. Do you every getnervous before an importantpresentation or speech?
  3. 3. Imagine you were Romney andyou were going toe-to-toe in aheated, nationally-televised debateagainst the US President…
  4. 4. Hi, my name isAkash sional S peaker &Profes g CoachPubli c Speakin
  5. 5. In this presentation, you aregoing to pick up the 2 little-knowyet effective tools Romney usescalm his nerves and get100% focused on hisspeech…. icationSkil www.Commun
  6. 6. Using the two tools, you’ll learnhow to give calm your nerves,& get focused on yourpresentations…So that you can give a greatpresentation every time! icationSkil www.Commun
  7. 7. Here are the 2 tools Romney uses toget 100% focused onhis speech & win thedebate
  8. 8. 1
  9. 9. Dedicate Your Speech to Someone
  10. 10. “As soon as he gets on stage...he writes Dad on the piece of paper…” Ann Romney (Source: CNN)
  11. 11. Dedicate your speech or presentation to someoneimportant. It will help you focus on giving the best you can…
  12. 12. Before your speech or presentation,dedicate your performance to someoneimportant. It will help you...get into the rightmindset
  13. 13. Once you begin focusing on the personyou are dedicating your speech to, youwill begin to…feel more relaxed andconfident
  14. 14. 2
  15. 15. Find Someone You CareAbout in Your Audience
  16. 16. “And then he looks in the audience and he finds me.He has to find where I am. And– he just– he needs just that connection” - Ann Romney (Source: CNN)
  17. 17. Find someone important in your audience you can make eye contact with.
  18. 18. If you’re giving an important speech, encourage yourfriends, family members & supporters to be there so you can make eye contact with them
  19. 19. If your friends and family can’t be there to support you,find someone in the audience who looks friendly and make eye contact with them…
  20. 20. Before you begin your speech/presentation,make eye contact withsomeone supportive inyour audience…
  21. 21. Making eye contact with someone youknow or someone who seems to supportyou will help you calm down your nervesand feel…more relaxed andconfident
  22. 22. 3
  23. 23. Prepare a Power-Phrase in Advance
  24. 24. Prepare a Power Phrase in advance to knock-out your opponent…
  25. 25. During the first Presidential debate, Romney used the following Power Phrase on Obama…
  26. 26. “You are entitled to your own house andyour own plane, but not your own facts” - Romney
  27. 27. Romney had no-doubt coined the impressive line before the debate and was just waiting for the right opportunity to use it
  28. 28. Thus, even though the line was coined before the debate, it sounded like an impressive and spontaneous remark
  29. 29. If you know you’re going to be debating,prepare your PowerPhrase in advance…
  30. 30. If you’ve prepared something in advance,you will feel moreconfident and relaxedheading into yourdebate…
  31. 31. Oh, by the way,One more thing…
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