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Public Speaking Mistakes
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Public Speaking Mistakes


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  • 1. Are You Making These TwoMISTAKES?
  • 2. P.S. Grab these Two FREE Public Speaking Books
  • 3. Pay Close Attentionbecause you’re about to discover 2 Public Speaking Mistakes that could beKilling your Connection with Your Audience
  • 4. Public Speaking Mistake # 1Telling the Audience AboutThemselves
  • 5. Speakers sometimes say things suchas: “We all let fear overcome us and kill our dreams”
  • 6. This may cause some audience members to think: “I don’t! You don’t even know anything about my life!”
  • 7. Instead, ask a question:“Have you everfear get in the wayof your dream?”
  • 8. By asking audience members, you get them to reflect ontheir lives which makes your speech valuable to your audience.
  • 9. Furthermore, since you’renot telling your audience members about their lives, they’re more likely to accept your message because you’re not thrusting it upon them.
  • 10. Next time, don’t tellaudience membersabout themselves.Instead, ask them arhetorical question
  • 11. Public Speaking Mistake # 2 Over-Generalizing
  • 12. Speakers sometimes over- generalize. Theysay things such as“always”, “never”, “everyone”
  • 13. For example, I’ve heard a speaker say:“The reason for the high divorce rate is becauseno-one bothers to learn the fundamentals of a loving relationship”
  • 14. That turned me off because my mind immediately reacted with, “That’s not true! I read books, attend workshops and seminars on how tohave a good relationship!”.
  • 15. Next time, don’t over- generalize. Instead, say something like: “Too often, divorces occur because couplesdon’t receive training on the art of marriage”
  • 16. Wrap Up2 Public SpeakingMistakes that May be Killing YourConnection with Your Audience:
  • 17. •Telling the Audience about Themselves •Overgeneralizing
  • 18. Oh, by the way… One More Thing…
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  • 22. AboutAkash