Public speaking 9 simple tools for powerful presentations


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Public speaking 9 simple tools for powerful presentations

  1. 1. You’re about to pick up 9 simple tools you can use to givePowerfully Persuasive Presentations
  2. 2. Hi, my name isAkash
  3. 3. In this presentation, you aregoing to pick up the 9 simpletools you can use to design,develop and deliver powerfulpresentations and speeches
  4. 4. These are the same toolsused by some of the World’sBest Speakers, like SteveJobs, Bill Clinton, BarackObama, Oprah…
  5. 5. Start Your SpeechWith a Bang!
  6. 6. If you don’t grab your audience’sattention within the first 30 seconds, they will tune out of your presentation…
  7. 7. Solution?
  8. 8. Open with a powerful question or a story to immediatelycapture audience attention
  9. 9. Do Not Lip Sync YourPresentation!
  10. 10. Don’t read word-for-word from your Powerpoint
  11. 11. If you and yourPowerpoint aresaying the exactsame thing, one of you is not needed – Craig Valentine
  12. 12. Provide a ClearNext Step
  13. 13. What do you want your audience to think,feel or do differently as a result of listening to your presentation?
  14. 14. Give your audience a clear next step theyshould take after listening to your speech
  15. 15. Sell the Benefits
  16. 16. “People don’t buy paint, they buybeautiful walls” – Unknown
  17. 17. What are the benefits audience members willreceive as a result of taking your recommended course of action? Always sell the benefits!
  18. 18. Don’t Make Yourself SeemSpecial or Superior
  19. 19. You don’t want to come off as a specialperson so don’t flaunt your high IQ or brilliant business acumen.
  20. 20. Instead, share your failures, flaws andstruggles and show how you overcame those to finally achieve success
  21. 21. By sharing your relevant failures and flaws(and then sharing the process you used to achieve success), you will gain your audience’s support.
  22. 22. Anchor Your Points
  23. 23. Tie your points to an anchor. An anchor isanything that helps your message stick…
  24. 24. There are 4 types of anchors: Anecdotes (Stories) Acronyms Activities Analogies
  25. 25. There are 4 types of anchors: Anecdotes (Stories) Acronyms Activities AnalogiesEvery time you make a point, tie it to a relevant anchor to make it stick.
  26. 26. There are 4 types of anchors: Anecdotes (Stories) Acronyms Activities AnalogiesFor more tips on anchoring your points, head over to:
  27. 27. Use Visual Wordsto paint pictures
  28. 28. Use visual words such as “keys” and“tools” instead of abstract ones (e.g. “strategies”)
  29. 29. Use visual words to paint pictures in your audience’s minds
  30. 30. Do Not SqueezeYour Information In
  31. 31. Don’t cram too much information in a short period of time…
  32. 32. Focus on elaborating your points and making each one memorable
  33. 33. Involve Your Audiencein your speech
  34. 34. Audiences hate passively listening to your speech
  35. 35. Instead, involve your audience in yourspeech using activities and questions
  36. 36. Oh, by the way,One more thing…
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