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Anthony robbins public speaking secrets

  1. 1. Anthony Robbins’ Top 3 Techniques forDelivering Powerful Presentations
  2. 2. Tony is a powerful, dynamic & passionate speaker
  3. 3. Hi, my name isAkash
  4. 4. In this presentation, you aregoing to pick up the 3 toolsAnthony Robbins uses todeliver powerful & persuasivepresentations
  5. 5. Using the three tools, you’ll learnhow to give powerfullypersuasive presentations…Every time!
  6. 6. Anthony Robbins Public Speaking Secret #2:Match theirEnergy Level
  7. 7. If you come across an audience with low energy
  8. 8. don’t come out with high energy and expect your audience members to get respond to you equally excited.
  9. 9. Similarly, when you come across audiencemembers who are very excited and enthusiastic to see you…
  10. 10. make sure youmatch that level of energy…
  11. 11. In Anthony Robbins’ seminars, audiencemembers are always fired up to see him
  12. 12. So Tony comes out with a high level of energy
  13. 13. and takes it up a notch…
  14. 14. There’s music, clapping, dancing…
  15. 15. When you give your next presentation…Match the energy level of your audience and lead them to a higher level ofenergy using activities, questions…
  16. 16. Anthony Robbins Public Speaking Secret #2: Bigger Audience =Bigger Gestures
  17. 17. When you have a large audience
  18. 18. You need to an enlarged version of you
  19. 19. This means that when you’re faced with alarger audience your gestures need to be larger…
  20. 20. Your facial expressions need to be larger and more expressive…
  21. 21. and your voice needs to be louder
  22. 22. With a smaller audience…
  23. 23. Your gestures, facial expressions & voice don’t need to be as big…
  24. 24. Thousands of people line up to see Tony, so hisfacial expressions & gesturesare Your gestures, facial expressions & voice don’t need very large to be as big…
  25. 25. When you give your next presentation, remember that… Bigger Audience = Bigger You
  26. 26. Anthony Robbins Public Speaking Secret #3: AudienceInvolvement
  27. 27. The quickest way to get your audience hooked into your speech is to…
  28. 28. immediately involve your audience in your presentation
  29. 29. Ask them a Question
  30. 30. Get them involved in an activity
  31. 31. Almost every Anthony Robbinsseminar contains an abundance of audience participation
  32. 32. Start your next speech/presentation withAudience InvolvementThis guarantees your audience will be hooked right from the beginning…
  33. 33. Oh, by the way,One more thing…
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