Transform: implementation, Tony lorenz


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Strategy, tick. Values, tick. Visual identity, tick.

For some companies, that's when they start working out how they'll achieve it. Yet the implementation will most likely take the bulk of budget. Three companies who tackled implementation from the outset discuss their experiences.

Tony Lorenz, Endpoint, strategy & development director

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Transform: implementation, Tony lorenz

  1. 1. Nothing stirs theexcitement likea re-brandingprogramme…
  2. 2. So your new brandidentity sits in a niceset of new guidelines.
  3. 3. Actual impact is only created through physical application.
  4. 4. Often, organisations wait too long to ask...•  How are we going to rollout the new ID?•  How much will it cost?•  What do we do first and how long will the process take?•  How do we implement with maximum impact and minimal costs?•  How do we ensure that all changes take place at the right time?•  How do we communicate with stakeholders and keep control of the process?•  What internal resources do we have, and how will we organise them for success?•  Do we need outside help? The implementation can become fragmented with control moving away from the brand guardian.
  5. 5. 7 years. On average a brand change takes placeonce every seven years.
  6. 6. 1:20 For every £1 invested in strategy and design, £20(on average) are needed for implementation.
  7. 7. We are experts in brand implementation & visual identity management. The understanding of how to translate branding objectives into implementation strategy.   The technical skills to guide Project management how identities are applied to skills integrated with everything from vehicles and methodologies specific to equipment to uniforms, signs brand transition projects   and websites.  
  8. 8. We live and breathe the implementation of brands, everyday. Our network has a proven track record based on 1,200 successful projects over the last 20 years.
  9. 9. Implementation building blocks. Planning Application Design Implementation   Audits & impact evaluation   Asset development   Vendor selection   Organisation workshops   Asset rationalisation   Procurement   Project planning   Value engineering   Project management   Product evaluation   Application guidelines   Planning applications   Time-line development   Prototyping     Landlord consents   Budget development   Supply chain management   Cost scenarios     Installation management   We support organisations and their creative partners through the process of rebranding, from scenario planning and application design to rebrand rollout & brand implementation.
  10. 10. Asset lists. We start building a brand specific asset list through comprehensive visual audit and workshops with key business units.
  11. 11. Priority building.From the usage and impact models plus our learnings from the organisational assessment, we can start putting together priority diagrams.
  12. 12. Rollout scenarios. We can then begin looking at smart ways to rollout the new ID, often recommending a mix of approaches for different parts or sub brands within the business.
  13. 13. Thank You.