Social Media in a Corporate Context 2010 - Luke Aviet, GoViral


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Spread the word - How are brands and organisations using viral videos to reach and interact with audiences online? Here we look at the changes in media consumption, focusing on the growth in the online video market and highlighting the different genres of branded content video.

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Social Media in a Corporate Context 2010 - Luke Aviet, GoViral

  1. 1. Branded content distribution: Public Awareness campaigns goviral Luke Aviet, Managing Director UK April 2010
  2. 2. About goviral Company Info: Branded Content Distribution Founded 2005 60+ Employees Offices in Copenhagen, Munich, Paris & London Partners in Moscow, Tokyo, Milan, Local seeders Global reach / EMEA focus Network Info: 600+ campaigns conducted 35,000+ validated sites & blogs in our database Headlines: Winner of the 2008 Danish Advertising Effectiveness Award Experts in viral, TVC and branded video content Delivered local language campaigns in 87 countries In 2008, over 120,000 sites globally
  3. 3. Performance based branding • Click-to-play video views (or widget/app clicks) • Pay only for performance • Distribute long form content (+0:30min) • Proprietary distribution and reporting technology Electronics Handsets Networks Awareness Auto Lifestyle FMCG Gaming Ents
  4. 4. Why online content distribution?
  5. 5. We are quickly changing behaviour Median age for TV users are 13 years Video content is increasingly delivered higher than general population. online and on demand - one in seven 18- 24 year olds watching no live TV at all. Source: Microsoft study, Europe logs on, May 2009
  6. 6. Fundamental shift
  7. 7. Social media usage is exploding, but so is video
  8. 8. The audience/revenue gap in online video Monthly usage Video (6.5 hours) 13% Online video now accounts for around 13% of all Online (50 hours) European internet time Yearly advertising spend Video (€79mil ) <1% Online video advertising Accounts for less than 1% Online (€9.8Bn) of total online ad spend “The current trend towards watching more online video should drive more advertisers towards this medium” Nielsen, 2009 *Source: Nielsen Online, The Global Online Media Landscape, April 2009 and Jupiter European Advertising Forecast 2007-12
  9. 9. Online video ads are more effective than TV Branded Content placed at relevant content sites are particularly effective at improving Message Recall.
  10. 10. Trend: Video reach is larger than any TV Network and video keeps growing 86m 112m 114m 116m 170m More than 170 million US viewers watch an average of 182 videos online, or a total of 35bn videos in Feb 2010 Source: and ComScore
  11. 11. goviral is distributing all forms of content Strong TV ads Widgets & Applications Tutorial & Product Branded content Episodic Content Interactive Video Awareness Engagement Learning
  12. 12. Video is flexible and effective Video content can attract editorial placements on contextual websites and blogs, work as content in video environments and be promoted commercially in advertising formats. Editorial Formats Content Formats Promoted Formats Integration: Integration: Integration: Editorial promotion of content on Editorial upload in small and large Promoted video on relevant relevant websites and blogs video environments contextual websites Type of environments: Type of environments: Type of environments: Influential blogs & websites for urban Video sites, or websites with Larger commercial partners males. a video content section
  13. 13. The Shift in Commercial Model Traditional Online Model Branded Content Model Commercial activation Content activation - Banners/CPM - Content/CPV - Activate as ads - Activate as content - Drive to campaign - Distribute in the long tail site
  14. 14. Video AdvertisingProducts (IAB) + In-Stream In-Stream In-Banner In-Text As-Content Linear Non-Linear Video ad before, During, over, Video ad served Video activated on User consumes video as EXPERIENCE during, after content within content as a banner mouse-over text content ACTIVATION Automatic Passive Automatic Automatic User Initiated DURATION 5s, 15s, 30s MAX 5s-15s MAX 30s MAX 30s MAX 30s,60s+ long form EMEA growth 60% 10% 8% 2% 20%
  15. 15. Consideration and planning within the Ecosystem
  16. 16. From conversion to conversation The offline funnel The online funnel Vertical websites Tagging and Social bookmarks networks Personal Audiovisu communication al content tools Blogs and social media Users are increasingly getting accustomed to a media landscape where they are in control. This is increasingly turning marketing in to a dialogue where brands can join the conversation if they are relevant.
  17. 17. Media phases Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Owned Media Paid Media Organic Media Banners and Video From PR and journalists From website Advertising To Official To distributing multiple Activating bloggers website, blog, Youtube content pieces ongoing and social sharing channel
  18. 18. How the ecosystem works Owned Media Paid Media Visit Official Site Organic Media Distributed content engages the target audience in the environments where they are looking for related content. The Chosen websites, player offers several post- relevant to the target viewing opportunities, which demographic. spill over in to organic and owned media Rating, commenting and sharing
  19. 19. The Media Strategy Video Advertising Branded content ”Always on” Cost-effective and targeted distribution Editorial and social media Building a long term brand position activation throughout the movie release period Online Presence Time Launch multiple content pieces Online video is more engaging than Distributing campaigns as content over an extended period. This banners and lifts message recall of across hundreds of long tail model allow deployment of TV campaigns. Reach a younger websites. Maximize contextual permanent distributed channels audience, more active and more distribution and achieve users and make it possible for brands to influential on brands. social recommendation ”own” a vertical
  20. 20. Why do brands use services like goviral?
  21. 21. Avoid the Content Graveyard Only if the video A video is posted on achieves momentum e.g Youtube will people start The video makes or brakes – if it isn’t noticing on larger sites discovered quickly then it simply goes to the content graveyard 150.000+ videos uploaded each day CONTENT GRAVEYARD Less than 1% of videos get more than 5,000 views in the first 12 months The equivalent of 1,700 years of video has been uploaded to the site and it receives one billion views a day.
  22. 22. goviral distribution in short Branded content goviral network Distribution partners 0:30 – 10:00min video 18 vertical categories +365mil UU per month Single/multiple assets +12.000 paid publishers +20mil target views delivered Customized skin & end screen Preparation Network Publishers  Compression of video  Upload of video to goviral network Bespoke recruitment  Creation of different formats  Selection of relevant categories Receive embed codes  Embedding of tracking  Application of price per view Implement on site  Selection of player (standard,  Release for distribution Tracking and reporting branded or interactive)  Uploading to all relevant video destinations
  23. 23. How websites use the content Publishers are notified when a new relevant campaign is live. Content is posted where it has The campaign page the greatest chance of contains re-sizeable video generating interest from users player for embedding, images as well as localized title, description, tags and related links/PR materials in order to make it easy for journalists and bloggers to build editorial content.
  24. 24. Impressions vs guaranteed views Impressions Passive Opportunity to see user Active Views user Level of engagement User initiated video views Post viewing engagement Watch more videos, rate, comment or share Post click engagement Click through to website Impression based media buying secure millions of ad-servings while goviral goes one step further, guaranteeing click to play video views upfront. After viewing the users can rate, comment, share or click through to the Official Movie Site
  25. 25. The goviral Video player Functionality Engagement Customize See more content or website Fully customizable video player Play after suggestions leads the with hot spot technology user to more relevant material or website Full screen, rating, comments Embed to blog or website Social Sharing High quality full screen Click to download or embed functionality & intuitive rating content elsewhere, easy! and comment system Social sharing with e-mail, blog platforms, Facebook, Digg, Twitter etc.
  26. 26. goviral Analytics Unrivalled Campaign Analytics KPI Summary Report for each Category 120+ Fully Customisable Reports 30+ Campaign Performance Reports 25+ Content Evaluation Reports 15+ Twitter and Facebook Reports 10+ UGC Specific Reports 10+ Earned Media Reports 100+ Social Platforms Tracked Dedicated Client API and Data Export Seamless White Label Solution
  27. 27. Recent cases and results for the European Commission
  28. 28. Recent campaigns for EC • DG Sanco – Safe Shopping: • Successful test campaign in Belgium • Afterwards DG Sanco decided roll out in 6 key markets • DG Sanco – Antismoking ”Les Helpers” • Following up on the success of Nicomarket we launched this campaign end of 2009 • DG Employment – European Health Insurance card • Campaign launched in 27 markets end of 2009
  29. 29. EHIC - 27 EC Markets Campaign name: EU Health Client: DG Employment Launch date: December 3rd 2009 Period: 8 weeks Countries: 27 EU countries Target views: 1.2M+ Results and Successes • Reached total views, or 130+% of total guaranteed • Reached 1.8M+ views in the target markets, or 140+% of target market guarantee • 60%+ of the targeted viewers watched the video until the end •So far, the video reached placements on 2000+ sites • With 1500+ votes, the average rating is currently 3+/5 stars
  30. 30. Anti-Smoking - 27 EC Markets Campaign name: EU Anti-Smoking Client: DG Sanco Launch date: 16th October 09 Period: 10 months Countries: 27 EU countries Target views: 3+Million Target Views: 1,272,160 Background: Global Views: 1,548,361 Campaign is due to Spill over Views: 276,201run until the end of the year with one clip being released each month – in total - 11 Episodes + 1 Trailer. FREE MEDIA VALUE: 88,500€ 590,000 views @ 0.15 cpv are interim – the campaign is proving to be a These results below huge success. This is a follow up to a previous campaign goviral ran for EU Anti-Smoking – Nicomarket in 2007. Results and Successes on 21/04/2010 Target Views: 1.3M+ Global Views: 1.6M+ Spill over Views: 300K+ •Good contextual placements have been made throughout the campaign so far and the target audience has been well covered as demonstrated by user content ratings and their demographic info.
  31. 31. Safe Shopping - 7 EC Markets Campaign name: Safe Shopping Client: DG Sanco Launch date: October 09 - March 25th 2010 Period: 8 weeks each run Countries: 7 EU countries Target views: 1M+ Target Views: 1,272,160 Background: Global Views: 1,548,361 •Campaign running Spill over Views: 276,201across UK, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, FREE MEDIAand Netherlands. Campaign video is distributed together Sweden VALUE: 88,500€ 590,000 views @ 0.15 cpv quiz – testing the views understanding of Safe with an interactive shopping behaviour. Results so far: •The campaign has so far reached 700K+ targeted views for the 7 target countries combined. •The video has reached 500+ sites and enjoys a good click through rate of 3+% from the clickable player to the campaign website.
  32. 32. From passive consumers To active users Our vision To create and engage audiences Our strategy To invest in distribution, technology and knowledge
  33. 33. Questions?