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Serge Beckers presentation of the Wisse-Kommunikatie newsroom at the Social Media in a Corporate Context conference, Amsterdam.

Serge Beckers presentation of the Wisse-Kommunikatie newsroom at the Social Media in a Corporate Context conference, Amsterdam.

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  • http://www.perspagina.nl/autodesk/preview/df457b5503d30368696235716f0de987


  • 1. Impact of
    • Studies show:
    • Correlation between stock prices and Facebook ‘likes’ and Twitter followers;
    • Recruiters predominantly use LinkedIn, not Monsterboard
    • Journalists prefer Twitter to traditional press releases
    • Impact of social media cannot be denied
  • 2. News making and gathering has changed
    • Individuals make news themselves
    • AND are developing new habits regarding news
      • They decide what news is themselves
      • The depth they want
      • The time they want it
      • The form they want in
      • With whom they share it
      • The channel they get it from
  • 3.
    • managing different social media channels and accounts (overview)
    • investment in time
    • Social media channels are very fragmented
      • complicated to direct visitors from one channel or network to the other
    Challenges Corporates
  • 4. Yet... these companies
    • Keep increasing their social media budgets
    • Consider social media “important” or “very important” for achieving their biggest marketing goals
    • 50% said their social media outreach is handled by a mix of in-house staff and agency staff
    • Study by Mashable and Effie Worldwide, the study surveyed marketers and ad agency executives. Source: mashable.com and PRDaily.com
    • ( http://www.prdaily.eu/PRDailyEU/Articles/7981.aspx ).
  • 5.
    • web-technology is no core competency
    • Face the same challenges as companies regarding social media’s fragmented landscape
      • How do we integrate?
      • And thus set up a full fledged social media strategy?
    • Thus not able to fully capitalise on a very “hot” topic and attractive market
    Challenges PR agencies
  • 6. Solution
    • Wisse Kommunikatie offers social media (news) release and newsroom platform
      • Integration of social media and PR
      • From the source all customers, bloggers, analysts turn to: corporate website
      • Single point of contact
    • Fully branded in the corporate look & feel
      • Profit from existing image and reputation
    • Seamless integration in the corporate website
    • Leveraging existing social media channels
    • Easy to integrate, implement, and manage
  • 7. Integration Newsroom & releases
  • 8. Integration Release
  • 9. Integration Newsroom & release
  • 10. Integration Newsroom & release
  • 11. Integration Newsroom & release
  • 12. Wisse Kommunikatie
    • [email_address]
    • SergeBeckers
    • http://nl.linkedin.com/in/sergebeckers