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Communicate magazine - Quentin Langley

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Transform conference 2010 - Quentin Langley from Brandjack News

Transform conference 2010 - Quentin Langley from Brandjack News

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. Brandjack How to lose the social media battle
  • 2. Sometimes things go wrong • The market • The environment • Customer relationships • The question is, how do you handle it
  • 3. What if he was your customer?
  • 4. Or this guy
  • 5. How about this one
  • 6. Or this woman
  • 7. Who are they? • What do these people have in common? • Access – To the media – To politicians • But what specifically got them on my list?
  • 8. This guy too
  • 9. 2006
  • 10. Dave Carroll • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOq ozo
  • 11. The response • 150,000 hits on day one • United phoned Dave the same day, offering compensation and asking to use the video in training • Half a million hits in 3 days, 5 million in a month, now 9 million • United’s share price fell 10% - $180 million – in four days
  • 12. United Airlines You’ve been Brandjacked !
  • 13. Nestlé • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HS_JZgjB1 Ws
  • 14. Nestlé • Nestlé asked YouTube to remove the video on copyright grounds • Narrative shifted to discussions of ‘censorship’ • Nestlé’s Facebook page was besieged with complaints • They folded in 8 weeks • Same company has resisted formula milk campaign for almost 40 years
  • 15. Nestlé You’ve been Brandjacked !
  • 16. BP • Greenpeace planning its ‘new logo’ contest from over a year • Backed by stunts like closing BP’s service stations • Campaign ‘recalibrated’ to take account of Deepwater Horizon oil spil
  • 17. BP • Anonymous fake Twitter feed @bpglobalpr run by ‘Leroy Stick’ – pseudonym of comedian and satirist Josh Simpson • Maintained consistent quality output • Safety is our first priority. Well, profits then safety. Well, profits, then image, then safety – but it’s right up there. • Ten times as many followers as @bpamerica
  • 18. BP You’ve been Brandjacked ! Twice!
  • 19. How can business respond? • L’Oreal – Vichy • June 2005 – launched a fake blog by ‘Claire’ • Exposed within an hour as fake – but L’Oreal had announced this in a press release • Pleaded naiveté and asked for forgiveness
  • 20. Turning a bad blog good • L’Oreal launched a real blog in which the Vichy team participated openly – real names and photos, and allowing genuine comments, bad and good. • Brought in an external blogger to work with their team • Widely praised for openness, engagement and transparency
  • 21. Imagine • Imagine if BP had told its 100,000 staff to log onto Twitter and deliver three corporate messages • Volume metrics through the roof • Sentiment metrics would have been excellent • Credibility and trust - ZERO
  • 22. Imagine • If BP had asked its 100,000 staff to engage openly and honestly on Twitter, Facebook and in blogs • Some criticism • Some praise • Where would the balance have lain?
  • 23. Trust Credibility is inversely proportional to control Jeff Jarvis
  • 24. Questions
  • 25. Welcome to the new world • Companies which engage openly and transparently will prosper • The rest will fail • Engaging with your staff and with local communities is your first step