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Coca-Cola is the longest continuous sponsor of the Olympics. For London 2012 its activity wasn't spread over the month-long Games period - it started three months previously with the company's involvement with the torch relay. With so much activity, the sponsorship programme needed to combine creative excellence with military precision.

From the outset the strategy was to mirror customer facing comms activity with an internal programme designed to energise, inspire and engage Coca-Cola Enterprises' 5000 employees. The result was one of the most exciting employee engagement programmes produced. Coca-Cola Enterprise's communications director, Ed Knight, brings the Olympic Coca-Cola story to life.

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  • A visual representation of the journey the Olympic Torch will make around the UK, indicating its proximity to TCCS sites and offices.Overlaid with local conversations from Coca-Cola employees, from social media channels.Capturing the excitement and buzz of the Olympic Torch Relay as it happens ‘on the ground’Social media ChannelsTwitter – Tweets will be captured using #hashtagsBlog Posts – provide super user bloggers access to the Olympic Zone or submitted via email and uploaded by AmazeFlickr – images uploaded to an owned account and pulled onto the site
  • Ed Knight - Legacy presentation

    1. 1. Sponsorship ² Making London 2012 countinside Coca-Cola Enterprises Ed Knight, CCE, GB PAC 8 November 2012
    2. 2. Measuring whether sponsorship measures up "Over the past year Coca-Cola has worked with independent think tank Demos to create a new model of sponsorship evaluation that looks to quantify the social impact of sponsorship activity.“ "It will allow us to see what we do well, where we need to improve and how we can apply this knowledge to our future sponsorship and marketing activity. This is the first time a corporate sponsor has sought to design a tool to rigorously and robustly measure the social impact of their sponsorship activity."
    3. 3. 5,123 employees Based in GB On the line On the roadChannel Strategy Measure Results Manufacturing = 36% Sales & Engineering = 32% On the network Office based = 32% Editorial Tracking Planning Analytics 3 distinct groups
    4. 4. Reaching employees as we reach consumers
    5. 5. Proposition: Experience London 2012 with CCE Giving every GB based employee the chance to participate in a London 2012 Olympic Experience Live Positively60 Torchbearers Recycling Work at Test Events Get Involved Inspiring Volunteering Olympic Venues City Celebrations Personal Best Paralympic Tickets Opening Paired Ticket ceremony & Single Roadie dress of the Day Prizes rehearsal
    6. 6. Finding GB’s Future Flames“Coca-Cola, as Presenting Partner of the London 2012Olympic Torch Relay, is looking for young people whohave helped Britain burn brighter in their localcommunity to become a Olympic Torchbearer forLondon 2012. ”“Recognise someone truly inspirational bynominating them to be part of this historic event.Someone who has a burning passion; whether that’sexcelling at sport, taking an interest in conserving theenvironment or selflessly supporting projects in thelocal community.”
    7. 7. Live Positively… CCE’s torchbearers
    8. 8. Promoting to employees: reach & relevance Reaching all groups; Across all channels; Make it easy; Impossible to miss out; Value of viral – provoke it; Audience creates credibility;
    9. 9. Live Positively Torchbearer Video
    10. 10. @Share2012• Our social media summer:  1,000 tweets Twitter  100 blogs  1,000 photos Flickr  772 chatter messages  663 chatter comments• Response revolution! Chatter• New community created…• Celebrating local contributions• New route to Recognition London 2012• Positive power of peer to peer Blogs Motivation and momentum to bridge our digital divide and embed new practices
    11. 11. Olympic Flame fever… in writingJuly 13, 2012 at 11:12 June 29, 2012 at 10:18“Employee: Just been in Weymouth to see " Employee : Proudest day ever! Employee from theEmployee, CCE Academy of Excellence athlete, run Nottingham team carried the torch in Chesterfield. Forwith the torch. In fact... I actually ran along side those of you that dont know Employee, she has beenher, nearly as good as being a torchbearer myself!!" battling leukaemia for the past 2 years and has only very recently been released from hospital. The crowds were the biggest I have seen yet and it was incredibly emotional for her family, friends, colleagues and evenJuly 6, 2012 at 20:19 her nurses who were out in force. Such an amazingEmployee : A spine tingling welcome for the torch moment and something I will remember forever!"in Southend. Torchbearer Employee is overcomewith emotion, as a choir of 2,000 children sing aspecially written Olympic Torch anthem. The best June 20, 2012 at 1511welcome for the torch so far, not a dry eye on the " Employee : #otr #share2012. I ran with the torch inseafront where an estimated 50,000 people turned Ripon yesterday. The weather was beautiful as was theout!" city and its people. The feelings of positivity and goodwill from the crowds was overwhelming."
    12. 12. Magic of momentum & positive peer pressureJune 25, 2012 at 1204 June 7, 2012 at 11:57" Employee : #otr in Wakefield factory. What a privilege to Employee : Please keep up the OTR pictures. Each day I getwatch Employee from Peterlee run into Wakefield factory to more and more excited and I cant wait to open chattermassive applause and hand the torch to Employee. An honour each morning… It makes me so proud to know that Coca-to watch Employee and hear the amazing work he does in the Cola adds to peoples happiness and when they are talkingcommunity." about the Torch Relay they also include Coca-Cola. " 28 May 2012: 1522June 19, 2012 at 0839 Employee : A truly memorable day yesterday as I carried theEmployee : Fantastic experience yesterday running torch through the streets of Llanon. I feel immensely privileged!with the Olympic Torch in Loftus!! Thanks for all the The crowd’s enthusiasm was overwhelming."support and hard work." June 17, 2012 at 1353 Employee : A truly special experience, the atmosphere was exhilarating, the crowds massive and enthusiastic, cheering everyone... I felt proud and humble to be part of a great group of people who have done and do wonderful things... thank you all... a lifetime memory...and we made Regional TV news...!!"
    13. 13. Did we reach across our three GB audience groups? 66% registered 65% of all employees registered 66% ‘on the road’ registered 67% ‘on the road’ registered Academy of Excellence 79% ‘on office network’ registered 80% ‘on office network’ registered Olympic Legacies 50% ‘on the line’ registered 52% ‘on the line’ registered Yes No No. of Yes No. of No On the Line 52% 48% 949 878 Key Findings – Growth by audience since March 2012: On the Network 80% 20% 904 220  ‘On office network’ growth up +13% On the Road 67% 33% 1122 546  ‘On the road’ growth up +10% All 66% 34% 3217 1644  ‘On the production line’ growth up + 9%
    14. 14. How did London 2012 sponsorship make them feel? More than 90% felt proud & inspired, or enjoyed their London 2012 Coca-Cola experience Academy of Excellence Olympic Legacies4. Whats your favourite thing about Olympic Zone (‘OZ’)?5. Has OZ increased your understanding of how Coca-Cola is using London 2012 to accelerate its business plans?6. How does visiting Olympic Zone make you feel about working for Coca-Cola and London 2012?
    15. 15. Did we make London 2012 count for our employees? "Reminds me just how great our brand and business is, then I go tell all my friends. :-) "
    16. 16. Learning that lasts from London 2012About our communication campaigns:• Local is the only route to relevant;• Community really counts for people;• Social media makes expression easy;• But offering a successful catalyst is crucial.About our employee audiences:• Like bringing their home & work together;• Think personal is positive & precious;• Value communications that are true to life;• Benefit from sharing with each other…• Are good at inspiring each other…