Newsat's David Ball at CommsDay Summit 2014


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Newsat's David Ball at CommsDay Summit 2014

  1. 1. 1 Advantages of satellite David Ball, Chief Technology Officer, NewSat Image courtesy of Arianespace April 2014 An overview of commercial satellites including complementary nature to terrestrial technologies, role in disaster recovery and consideration in the spectrum debate
  2. 2. An essential component of global communications infrastructure, commercial satellites: • distribute the world‟s media content around the globe • deliver consumer services such as satellite television, satellite radio and broadband services • offer instant global communications through mobile and portable voice, data and video and internet services • provide connectivity and network restoration for disrupted terrestrial networks, widely-dispersed and remote locations Commercial satellites 2 Contents: SatelliteContents: Satellite Industry Association
  3. 3. Industries and applications Oil and gas NewSat service both upstream and downstream oil and gas sites with communications for exploration, production, safety and security. Mining NewSat provide high- speed voice, video and data for end-to-end communication in and around mine sites. Defence NewSat‟s secure and reliable satellite services meet the demanding requirements of the armed forces around the world. Construction NewSat design, engineer and tailor satellite communications solutions to aid operational and business functionality on construction sites. Government NewSat‟s satellite communications provide Australian‟s, both urban and rural, access to government policies and services. Telecommunications NewSat provides carrier- grade services to large telecommunications companies, assisting with cellular backhaul and “last mile” service delivery. Disaster recovery NewSat provide communications infrastructure, essential to recovery efforts, on demand when needed for quick, effective recovery. Media and broadcasting NewSat‟s satellite communications provide fast, reliable global networks for the distribution of media content and entertainment.
  4. 4. Availability Provide full geographic coverage from day 1 with fast deployment and instant infrastructure. Ideal for broadcast networks, “one to many” and remote networks, “one to the middle of nowhere” Reliability Satellites provides connectivity in remote, hard to reach locations or temporary sites, terrain independent it can easily and cost-effectively be deployed on land, on water or in the air. Bypassing terrestrial infrastructure and enabling communication continuity Flexibility Perfect for thin-route applications – links are scalable as needs develop, satellite also supports asymmetric data requirements and capacity can be easily reconfigured Advantages of satellite 4 Image courtesy of Chevron
  5. 5. The satellite industry Global Satellite Industry Revenue ($ Billions) Source: Satellite Industry Association 5
  6. 6. Terrestrial telecom networks Fibre and copper cables ruptured or overloaded and cell network towers downed with signals overloaded or jammed Internet Service becomes congested and slow to respond International communications Facilities incapacitated, flooded and news media services rush to consume bandwidth Impact on communications during disasters 6 Contents: Satellite Industry Association
  7. 7. Disaster warning Evacuation Disaster strikes Search & Rescue First responders Reinforcements arrive Clean up Rebuild Disaster assessment Disaster Preparedness Contents: Satellite Industry Association Emergency communications sequence of events Contents: Satellite Industry Association Multiple solutions required due to shifting needs
  8. 8. Satellites to the rescue Humanitarian calling, C2, rescue, recover, news Restoration, recovery operations Contents: Satellite Industry Association Increasing bandwidth requirements as response expands over time
  9. 9. 9 Earthquake and tsunami in Japan • Emergency communications for first responders and relief agencies with satellite phones and mobile satellite data terminals for immediate communications support • Telecom network restoration with Trans-Pacific and regional satellites providing restoration communications services • US Navy, marines carriers and cruisers deployed to region use commercial satellites to communicate with command posts Black Saturday bush fires • Australia‟s greatest loss of lives due to bush fires • Conventional communications failed • Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) • Now upgraded to deliver network infrastructure for DSE throughout the State of Victoria Contents: Satellite Industry Association Satellite for disaster recovery
  10. 10. Key satellite data 10 Satellite providing vital information to assist with the MH370 search • Routine, automated signals were registered on the Inmarsat network from Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 during its flight from Kuala Lumpur • Calculations were made using the automatic „pings‟ sent to the satellite via the ground station and the aircraft after it vanished. • Generating two arcs of possible positions – a northern and a southern corridor
  11. 11. Satellite spectrum 11 Is there really a spectrum crunch? 700MHz band spectrum offered in the ACMA‟s recent digital dividend auction and not all of this spectrum was acquired. An interesting result given the assumptions driving WRC-15 AI 1.1 Beyond the assumptions… Is spectrum availability the only factor inhibiting future growth of terrestrial wireless broadband services? Has the growing ubiquity in WiFi networks been factored into estimating the wireless industry and their future demand for spectrum?
  12. 12. Beyond the assumptions 12 Satellite has not been considered The debate so far has failed to acknowledge the role that satellites can play in enabling reception of high quality content on mobile devices. Satellite can assist without utilising 3G/LTE spectrum, bypassing terrestrial networks entirely and thereby off-loading spectrum hungry traffic. Customer price sensitivity Has the willingness of end-user to pay for services at a price point, that will recover investment costs of terrestrial wireless networks, been factored into these estimates? Less spectrum hungry technologies With the continuing needs of incumbent users, have alternate, less spectrum hungry, technologies been considered in the national regulators‟ review of how best to balance any increase in mobile broadband spectrum requirements?
  13. 13. Industry forecast increase in spectrum demand • Fuel growth of terrestrial wireless broadband services • Based on the assumption that most, if not all, video content will be viewed on mobile devices • There does not appear to be a sustainable business case for delivering and viewing video content on mobile devices, using only terrestrial networks: • Price sensitive end-users • Demonstrated by the fact that end-users are increasingly using WiFi networks to access such content Video content fueling demand 1325/09/2013
  14. 14. • NewSat (ASX:NWT, OTCQX:NWTLY) specialises in global satellite communications providing tailored teleport, VSAT and satellite services to 75% of the earth‟s surface • Provides remote and temporary sites with fast, secure and reliable solutions ensuring unrestricted connectivity, anywhere-anytime • Jabiru Satellite Program will launch a fleet of next generation geostationary satellites, delivering high-powered coverage for high demand markets around the world Australia‟s largest pure-play satellite communications company NewSat is… 14
  15. 15. Jabiru Satellite Program 15 Jabiru-1 • 7.6 GHz of “new” Ka-band coverage over the Middle East, Asia and Africa • “Raw” capacity delivered through a range of regional, multi-spot and steerable beams • Launching 2015 Jabiru-2 • 216 MHz (6x36MHz) of “new” Ku-band coverage over Australia, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands • Targeted capacity over high demand regions including Pilbara, Kimberley, the North West Shelf and Timor Gap • Launching May 2014
  16. 16. Finance partners Export Credit Agency (ECA) debt financing providers with ~US$390M facility size for Jabiru-1, a weighted average fixed interest rate of ~3% and 8.5 year amortisation period from commencement of satellite operations Satellite construction Proven A2100 series spacecraft platform with 39 A2100 satellites in orbit and over 100 commercial communications satellites launched, achieving over 400 cumulative years of successful, in-orbit operations for A2100 satellite in 2013 Launch vehicle Accounting for over half of all worldwide commercial launches, Arianespace has proven Ariane5 rocket technology with 59 consecutive successful launches and 300 primary satellites launched from French Guiana operations 16 Experienced partners
  17. 17. Melbourne, Australia Karachi, Pakistan Perth, Australia Washington DC, USA Adelaide, Australia Dallas, USA Sydney, Australia Singapore, Singapore Thank you 17 All images are for illustration purposes only. Satellite coverage zones and technical specifications are subject to change and are for general guidance only. Terms and conditions apply. For more information go to or call +61 3 9674 4688. Presentation published 8 April 2014. ©2014 NewSat Ltd ABN 12 003 237 303 Acknowledgement NewSat thanks SIA for their input and support