ACMA's Richard Bean


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ACMA's Richard Bean at CommsDay Melbourne Congress 2013

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ACMA's Richard Bean

  1. 1. CommsDay Congress Richard Bean, Deputy Chair, Australian Communications and Media Authority Melbourne 8 October 2013
  2. 2. Five-year Spectrum Outlook for the period 2013-2017 > The 5th edition released in September > Analysis of spectrum demand pressures > Key issues affecting spectrum management > Focus on ongoing spectrum reform agenda and review of the spectrum management toolkit > Views and commentary to the ACMA by 20 December 2013
  3. 3. TCP Code protections and the ACMA’s compliance activity > Just over a year since the revised Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code was registered > Real industry responses to mobile bill shock > Intensive compliance work concerning Critical Information Summaries > Clear improvement in compliance with the advertising requirements – but use of ‘unlimited’? > Lodgement of compliance documentation with CommCom > ACMA compliance priority is monitoring the introduction of the Code’s required usage alerts … and > the recent International Mobile Roaming Standard.
  4. 4. Mobile Network Performance > Conversation with industry and consumers to improve the transparency of information about mobile network performance > A number of factors likely to have contributed to increasing demands and expectations of mobile networks > The ACMA continues its work on spectrum for mobile broadband > Releasing today an ACMA discussion paper about Mobile network performance > A planned ACMA forum on the topic in Melbourne on 14 November
  5. 5. The Mobile network performance paper considers: > The factors that shape consumer perceptions of good and bad mobile network performance; > Key technical aspects of mobile performance and network management; and > The information currently available to Australian consumers about the performance of mobile networks. > Further information can be found at
  6. 6. RTC consumer information program 1. Reconnecting the Customer (RTC) inquiry 2. International Mobile Roaming standard 3. Review of legacy consumer information requirements 4. Mobile Network Performance Forum … This program will continue.
  7. 7. ACMA/Newspoll telecommunications customer experience study > 7 in 10 customers who contacted their service provider in the last six months were satisfied with the customer service > Strong link between satisfaction and the timing and resolution of complaints > Only about 1 in 2 people whose most recent contact with their provider was about a complaint felt satisfied with the customer service > Most customers offered some solution to their complaint felt it fair, but just over a quarter reported that there was still no resolution > Findings to date confirm the need for the ACMA to focus on monitoring complaint handling outcomes of providers
  8. 8. Working with industry > Working in the co-regulatory system > ACMA Partnership Principles > Some customer and citizen services undertaken by third party providers > Reducing red tape in regulation through process improvements within the current complex sector-specific framework > Consideration of legacy telecommunications industry information provision requirements