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Supporting the global efforts in strengthening the safety, security and resilience of Cyberspace, the Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2013, organised by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation. The ceremonial opening examined how Cyberspace could be governed and utilised in a manner to foster freedom and entrepreneurship, while protecting individuals, property and the state, leading to socio-economic development. Speakers of this session, Mr Mario Maniewicz, Chief, Department of Infrastructure, Enabling Environment and E-Applications, ITU; Mr David Pollington, Director, International Security Relations, Microsoft; Mr Alexander Seger, Secretary, Cybercrime Convention Committee, Council of Europe; Mr Nigel Hickson, Vice President, Europe, ICANN and Mr Pierre Dandjinou, Vice President, Africa, ICANN, added their perspectives on various approaches to Cybergovernance, with general agreement on the role Cyberspace could play to facilitate development equitably and fairly across the world.

Hosted by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Cameroon together with the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Cameroon and backed by partners and industry supporters including ICANN, Council of Europe, Microsoft, MTN Cameroon, AFRINIC and Internet Watch Foundation, the Commonwealth Cybersecurity Forum 2013 seeks to broaden stakeholder dialogue to facilitate practical action in Cybergovernance and Cybersecurity, some of which will be reflected in the CTO’s own work programmes under its Cybersecurity agenda.

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CTO Cybersecurity Forum 2013 Susie Hargreaves

  1. 1. Copyright © 2012 Internet Watch Foundation. All Rights Reserved www.iwf.org.uk Susie Hargreaves, CEO CTO Cybersecurity Forum – Cameroon, April 2013
  2. 2. Who we are IWF is the UK Hotline for reporting (www.iwf.org.uk) Child sexual abuse content hosted anywhere in the world Criminally obscene adult content hosted in the UK Non-photographic child sexual abuse images hosted in the UK IWF is member of INHOPE (www.inhope.org) The UK Safer Internet Centre (www.saferinternet.org.uk) Childnet International South West Grid for Learning Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) 2www.iwf.org.uk
  3. 3. About online child sexual abuse content A child is anyone under the age of 18 – UN Declaration on the Rights of a Child Child sexual abuse covers children under age of 18 regardless of age of consent Child Sexual Abuse is not consensual Every image of Child Sexual Abuse is a crime scene It is NOT the same as adult pornography Rights – no rights to view criminal content, only rights concerend – rights of the child. 3www.iwf.org.uk
  4. 4. Our work - 2012 The IWF assisted with the removal of 9,696 URLs child sexual abuse hosted worldwide (only 35 notices issued in UK) 81% child victims appeared to be 10 years old or younger 4% under 2 years old 53% depicted activity between adults and children including rape and sexual torture 75% were girls (7,272 images and videos) 27% commercial/73% free 4www.iwf.org.uk
  5. 5. What we have achieved Over the past 16 years: Over 390,000 web pages assessed in 16 years 100,000 URLs removed for containing criminal content Less than 1% of child sexual abuse content is hosted in the UK since 2003, down from 18% in 1996 Child sexual abuse content is removed in the UK typically within 60 minutes Time taken to remove child sexual abuse content hosted outside the UK halved to 10 days in 2011. 5www.iwf.org.uk
  6. 6. Achievements to date By sharing intelligence with police we aided the identification and rescue of 12 children in the past two years 6www.iwf.org.uk
  7. 7. Fundamental Rights – Child Protection It is estimated that more than one million unique images of children subjected to sexual abuse and exploitation are currently online . According to UNODC 50,000 new child abuse images are added each year. Every time an image is viewed, the child is re- victimised, every image removed protects the child Victim identification – ability to move quickly helps to rescue children 7www.iwf.org.uk
  8. 8. Sexting Research – self generated content 8 40 hours of analyst time Young people assessed 13-20 12,224 self generated images found 88% uploaded onto parasite paedophilic websites www.iwf.org.uk
  9. 9. Keeping girls and young women safe 9 Education, Education, Education - online behaviour – home, school, peers, Safer Internet Day ‘Do not do anything online that you would not do offline’ Technical solutions: Parental controls Age verification Filtering www.iwf.org.uk
  10. 10. “The Internet Watch Foundation has again done an outstanding job in tackling images of child sexual abuse online. “The organisation plays a key role in international efforts to end this criminality, protecting children and continuing to block access to child sexual abuse images wherever they are based. “As a direct result of the Internet Watch Foundation’s work, three children were rescued from their abusers last year.” What we have achieved Prime Minister David Cameron www.iwf.org.uk
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