#Digital Caribbean: Convergence at NDTV India


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#Digital Caribbean: Convergence at NDTV India

  1. 1. Georgetown Guyana - August 2013
  2. 2. •1.24 billion people. 600 million below the age of 25 • 929 million active mobile users • 30 million PCs • 150 million + internet users (10% of total population) • 87 million + mobile internet users • 82 million Facebook users, 33 million + Twitter & Google Plus users India: An Appreciation of the Landscape
  3. 3. Global Forecast for Digital Media Changing Media Consumption Trends
  4. 4. Indian Media Business Split Estimated at $14.9 Bn in 2014, projected to grow at 11.8% to $16.6 Bn in 2013
  5. 5. Web
  6. 6. Content is our Business Live reporting of Breaking News: We bring you news as it happens, when it happens and from where it happens. Live Blogs and news flashes are sent by reporters from the ground. India’s most trusted source of news: We go beyond the facts of news headlines and features. Dedicated sections bring you information that matter the most to you In-depth and Special Coverage: We cover all special events with focused reportage, real-time results and insightful analysis be it Elections, Olympics, Budget or the Oscars.
  7. 7. NDTV offers a Bouquet of Leading Brands in News, Sports, Technology , Movies & Lifestyle Segments Bringing together the best of everything… MOVIES TECH PHOTOS BUSINESS LIFESTYLE COOKS SPORTS LANGUAGE GENERAL NEWS
  8. 8. Video
  9. 9. •24x7 streaming of 5 NDTV channels live from our studios. •Browse through our library of over 200,000 videos collected over the last 12 years. •Adding more than 5,000 videos per month •Serving over 14 million requests a month •Streaming over 150 million minutes of video every month Video is Key
  10. 10. Mobile video consumption Source: Cisco, AP By 2015, two third of Mobile data traffic will be video
  11. 11. Lifecycle of Breaking News
  12. 12. Lifecycle of Breaking News
  13. 13. Lifecycle of Breaking News
  14. 14. Lifecycle of Breaking News
  15. 15. Mobile
  16. 16. Mobile Internet is the Future Monthly PC Mobile Visits / User 5 20 Views per visit 10 16 Views contribution per user 50 320 43% of all traffic at NDTV.com is from mobile devices
  17. 17. iOS, Android , Windows, Nokia & Blackberry Apps Number 1 app in India for several weeks Top 10 news app in India, UK, UAE, Aus Over 4 Mn downloads Over a 1.8 Bn page views a year Awarded the Best Tablet App in Asia* Apps on all platforms/devices NDTV - Leader in the App World * Asia Digital Media Awards 2010: Gold, 2011: Silver
  18. 18. NDTV MVAS SMS, WAP, Video, Voice content News, Finance, Entertainment, Features Partnerships with all major telcos
  19. 19. Communities - Go Social Engaging hundred of thousands of surfers across the globe using a variety of interactive features like Polls, Forums, Story Comments, i-Witness, Social networks. Over 1 Mn followers on Twitter (India’s Most Followed Company) 1 Mn + fans on Facebook Over 475k Google Plus users have NDTV in their circle Over 450k active users of NDTV’s Social Reader Growing rapidly on Pinterest