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CommonKindness Coupon Platform 12052013

  1. 1. The Coupon Platform Benefits your brands & rewards your customers and America’s non-profit organizations
  2. 2. How CommonKindness is different And makes a difference! 1. Customers sign up & select their favorite non-profit (local or national) “This is the best site for coupons yet. Thank you for the charity offerings that you have and the fact that you can CHOOSE your own is a very sweet deal.” ~ Randi Lowe 2. They select, print & redeem coupons 3. Every coupon redeemed generates funds for their favorite non-profit Non-Profits receive funding & promote CommonKindness to their members, volunteers & communities Brand wins! Consumer wins! Non-profit wins! “We live on a tight budget and I used to feel badly that I wasn't able to contribute more to my kids' school. Now I feel great because I am saving money and raising money at the same time!” ~ Liz T. (Parent at Willow Creek Academy)
  3. 3. Why Brands Use CommonKindness • Pay per sale model • Gain/Maintain shelf space • Increase sales • Generate product trial • Support a new product launch • Less expensive, more effective vs. FSI’s (higher redemption rates) • Compliment current FSI programs • Reach new and valuable online audience • Create valuable content for your brand’s social media page • Generate additional video/TV commercial views • Generate donations for non-profits • Increase brand loyalty & generate ‘Brand Halo’ effect • No required minimums or long term contracts • Only pay per sale!
  4. 4. Pay Per Sale Model • Only pay 25 cents per sale/redemption (no load, per print or change fees) • Includes 5 cents for your customers favorite non-profit If a consumer prints a coupon but does not redeem it there is zero charge to your brand “We were looking for an online coupon provider that offered excellent fraud protection, and we liked the CommonKindness business model where we only pay for redemptions and support our customers‘ choice of causes. We want to pay for coupons that generate sales, not coupon distribution fees.” ~ Jim Healy, Vice President of Marketing, Kiss My Face Co.
  5. 5. Cost Savings For Your Brand Other coupon programs’ mission is to drive prints - CommonKindness will drive your brand sales! Example: 200k coupon print limit & 10% redemption rate CommonKindness Others Cost/Print $0 $0.10@ or $20,000 Load Fees $0 $2,500 Redemptions/Sales 20,000 20,000 Cost/Redemption $0.25 $1.13 Total Cost for Coupon Delivery $5,000 $22,500 Non-Profit Donation: $1,000 $0 Clearinghouse fee may apply for coupon reporting required to track the non-profit selected by your consumer
  6. 6. Simple & Easy To Use Platform • Create coupons in minutes (no design or tech resources required) • Manage coupon campaigns in real time, remotely, from anywhere • Control all aspects of your coupon campaign • Publish a coupon & offer it to your audience in minutes • Friendly client support available if needed Powered by CommonKindness technology which offers: coupon management dashboard, creating coupons, consumer facing functionality (selecting & printing coupons securely, selecting favorite non-profit), 1.1 million non-profit database, all customer support.
  7. 7. Promoting Your Coupon – Made Easy • Graphics, links, messaging ideas & creative assets will be provided • Content for your brands’ social media • Website & Facebook integration provided (easy to integrate iFrame technology) • Utilize these new features: • Direct to coupon links • Landing page custom content options • Video feature • Store Locator
  8. 8. Promoting Your Coupon – iFrame Brand specific iframes can be implemented on your website or social media page
  9. 9. Reach New Audience - “Influencers” Extend your coupon campaigns’ reach by utilizing the CommonKindness network of “Influencers” - non-profit volunteers who also use coupons: • Online communities – frugal living, savings, non-profit, volunteering, mom, forums & blogs • Non-Profit communities – supporters, volunteers, members, stakeholders • Registered Member database "We are honored to partner with CommonKindness in an effort to teach people to save AND help others simultaneously. Our readers share the same core values and are excited to perpetuate our respective missions!" ~ The Coupon Wizards "Being able to offer unique CommonKindness coupons through an iframe directly on our site is amazing and helps benefit nonprofits at the same time. In the end it makes us a greater resource and helps others. It's a total win-win!" ~Jenny Martin,
  10. 10. Reach Valuable Digital Shoppers Source: GfK Shopper & Retail Strategy May 2013
  11. 11. Custom Feature Placement • Featured homepage placement • Featured homepage placement with non-profit • Brand specific Press Release • External email & database marketing • Online Communities • Display advertising • Social Media "We chose to place coupons on to promote and grow the KettlePop brand. Plus, CommonKindness is just such a great idea! To be able to pick the nonprofit organization you want to support is a concept we believe will become very popular.” ~ Aaron Reimer, owner and founder of KettlePop
  12. 12. Re-think Coupon Distribution CommonKindess promotes coupons to your desired profile of target audience through various channels – at no cost to you! Demographic Geographic Traditional coupon websites limit marketers to a finite, unknown audience to intersect with (the number of visitors to their site) Spaghetti Against The Wall Your Desired Audience Who Knows who you get? CommonKindness will work with you to understand and distribute your coupon for FREE to your desired audience via channels that reach far beyond what any one single website can provide.
  13. 13. Unparalleled Sales Metrics • Discover who redeemed your coupon • Retarget those who printed but didn’t redeem and generate additional sales • Retarget those who redeemed, with new coupon • Drill down into coupon specific data "Electronic devices usually present a barrier to communications. We feel CommonKindness is using technology to create a real tangible capability to touch other people's lives.” ~ Joel R. Henry president and founder Fig Food Co.
  14. 14. Email Opt-Ins Your brand can email coupons to consumers who “Opt-in” to receive coupon emails from CommonKindness "Thank you commonkindess for allowing us to be part of something that will make a difference in the world. It is such a win-win situation for our customers and for all those charities out there. We feel privileged!” ~ Carolyn Harrington, Maty's Healthy Products Direct to Inbox Reach consumers who requested coupons
  15. 15. Clients to Date To get started visit 1.Become a member 2.Register your business 3.Create coupons in minutes!