8 Important Documents needed to purchase a property in bangalore


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8 Important Documents needed to purchase a property in bangalore

  1. 1. Important Documents to Check Before Buying a house in Bangalore8
  2. 2. A prospective buyer of an apartment in Bangalore must verify the following documents before entering into a contract with the owner
  3. 3. Here’s 8 Important documents to check before buying a house in Bangalore
  4. 4. * It contains the chain of titles of the relevant house and of the land on which it has been constructed. * It traces the original ownership of the property and all subsequent transfers which must be seamless and uninterrupted. Mother Deed #1
  5. 5. * If the project is under a joint development agreement between the owner of the land and developer, the certificate has to be in the name of the land owner. * If the land is owned by the developer then , Khata must be in the name of the developer. Khata Certificate #2
  6. 6. * It must be ensured that up-to-date tax is paid to the concerned authority against the Khata. * Unpaid tax (if any) may become liability of the flat owners. Tax paid Receipts #3
  7. 7. * It contains the terms and conditions agreed between land owner(s) & developers with the constructed area sharing ratio between them. * It must be scrutinized to ensure that nothing contained in the agreement leads to subsequent litigation. Joint Development Agreement #4
  8. 8. * You need to make sure that you obtain it for the last 30 years, to ensure that the property is not charged / encumbered against any obligation or undischarged liability. Non-encumbrance certificate #5
  9. 9. *A copy must be obtained and preferably scrutinized by a professionally competent architect to ensure that the construction is strictly as per the sanctioned plan. Sanctioned Plan #6
  10. 10. * The project must be approved & a “Clearance Certificate” should be issued by the respective authority such as Municipal Corporation, Electricity Board, Water Supply and Sewage Board etc. Approvals and Clearance Certificates #7
  11. 11. * Issuance of this certificate ensures that the completion of the project is in accordance with the statutory requirement of the civic body and there is no outstanding payment against the project. Occupancy Certificate #8
  12. 12. Occupancy Certificate #8 Approvals and Clearance Certificates Sanctioned Plan Non-encumbrance certificate Joint Development Agreement Tax paid Receipts Khata Certificate Mother Deed #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1
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