13 Principles To Follow For Reduction In Property Buying Costs


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Even before you start with the process of buying the right apartment, you should focus on key factors like the right value of the apartment. Although the developer or the present owner would have told you the property price, it is important that you give a second

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13 Principles To Follow For Reduction In Property Buying Costs

  1. 1. Principles To Follow For Reduction In Property Buying Costs
  2. 2. There are many aspects of property buying where you can negotiate with the builder regarding its costs.
  3. 3. Here’s a list of 13Principles to follow to reduce your property buying costs
  4. 4. Decide on the apartment size, facing, location, floor etc. which will help you negotiate till the last penny
  5. 5. Ask for the total cost of the selected apartment unit along with its detailed break up of all costs.
  6. 6. Compare competitive prices of similar projects in that locality and check for the pricing trends of that area.
  7. 7. Ask for a discount or negotiate with the builder if the apartment is a pre-launched one
  8. 8. Ask for a discount or negotiate with the builder if the sale of the apartments is slow or if a few of them are left
  9. 9. Join a group buying portal that brings buyers together for bulk deals and your chances of getting a discount may increase instantly.
  10. 10. You can negotiate with your builder to pay a lesser amount for the club membership fee
  11. 11. Since most of the apartments compulsory car parking, as a buyer you can ask for discount on the parking fee.
  12. 12. Get all the Knowledge About Property Buying here
  13. 13. You can negotiate with the builder on the floor rise premium and save an ample amount of money.
  14. 14. The builder usually demands preferential location charges which you can negotiate with the builder.
  15. 15. You can negotiate with the broker to reduce his service charges.
  16. 16. Negotiate on the bank related charges by choosing a suitable bank which can offer you the best loan scheme with the best interest rates and EMIs.
  17. 17. Have more Questions Related to Property Buying ? Get them answered by experts here
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