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13 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Loans In India
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13 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Loans In India


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Home loan is an important source of finance for buying a home. It is important to ensure that your home loan is affordable for you and you are comfortable to repay them. If you are not, it may lead to …

Home loan is an important source of finance for buying a home. It is important to ensure that your home loan is affordable for you and you are comfortable to repay them. If you are not, it may lead to poor or bad credit history. Here are some frequently asked questions to consider when getting a home loan.

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  • 1. 1 Frequently Asked Questions on Home Loans In India13
  • 2. While buying a property on a Home Loan, there are too many Unanswered Questions
  • 3. Here’s a list of 13 Frequently Asked Questions About Home Loans
  • 4. Q: How can you save tax by availing for a Home loan ? A: Principal repayment upto Rs 1 lakh under Sec 80C is allowed . Read more here #1 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 5. Q: Is there a Loan with low interest rates to change the interiors of a house? A: If you do have a large spend plan for the interiors then you may apply for loan against property. Read more here #HomeLoanTalk #2
  • 6. Q: Can I sell a property which is on a home loan? A: Yes, you may get into an agreement to sell the property on which you have a home loan . Read more here #3 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 7. Q: Pre-EMI vs Full EMI: Which one is good for you ? A: Irrespective of whether it is pre EMI or full EMI, the interest costs do not change for you . Read more here #4 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 8. Q: Will the elections have an impact on the home loan interest rates? A: Interest rates are a factor of several macro and micro economic factors . Read more here #HomeLoanTalk #5
  • 9. Q: Can two unrelated people take a housing loan jointly to buy the same property? A: No, two unrelated people cannot apply for a loan on the same property . Some banks approve the loan if ..More here #6 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 10. Q: What is EMI and Pre EMI? A: Pre EMI is a part of the EMI which is defined as simple interest that one pays on the loan amount till the EMIs start . Read more here #7 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 11. Q: Are loans available for affordable housing projects? A: The issue is that many buyers will not be in a stage to afford the loans. Because they will have to pay ..more here #8 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 12. Q: Can I combine my ongoing personal loan with a house loan? A: Ask your home loan lender to give you a top- up loan on the security of the house and you can prepay your personal loan with it . Read more here #9 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 13. Get all the Knowledge About Property Buying here
  • 14. Q: What are the hidden charges to take care of before taking home loan? A: Home loan application to a bank attracts the following charges . Read more here #10 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 15. Q: What are the terms one must know while switching home loan from one bank to another? A: Before you switch your home loan you must be well aware of Tenure Reduction , EMI reduction & Top up loan. Read more here #11 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 16. Q: What are the Documents required for joint home loan? A:While opting for a joint home loan, the maximum loan tenure for spouses (if they are co-applicants) can be extended upto 20 years or 25 years . Read more here #12 #HomeLoanTalk
  • 17. Q: What are pre approved loans ? A: Pre approved loan is an option for getting loan before finalizing the property. Banks will consider your income & sanction the loan amount .Read more here #13 #HomeLoanTalk
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