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Epic, simply epic - VolChecked is the most comprehensive and cost effective volunteer background investigation solution. VolChecked is driven by nonprofits that all recognize CI's system as the most comprehensive and cost
effective volunteer background investigations solution. Multiple nonprofit organizations accept the same background, thus saving time and money. The cost is absorbed by the volunteer. This epic service was created and launched by Commercial Investigations LLC (CI)
in the Summer of 2013.

A VolChecked Organization recognizes one of CI's five levels of standard volunteer background investigations. VolChecked Organizations are certified and follow industry best practices for mitigating the potential for harm to their
clientele. By allowing the volunteer to enter their personal information via an online secure portal and to pay for their own background investigations the VolChecked Organization preserves valuable time and monetary resources which can be directed towards the organization's mission.

A VolChecked Individual pays for their own volunteer background investigation. This allows the volunteer to control their background and use it for multiple volunteer situations. It also alleviates the financial burden background investigations can have on VolChecked Organizations. By entering their own personal information via a secure online portal the VolChecked Individual
controls their sensitive data.

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VolChecked Volunteer Background Investigations

  1. 1. Why CI Vision To be the most innovative and educational background investigations partner. • Founded March 2004 • Licensed Woman Owned Private Investigative Agency • Headquartered in New York • President Completed her First BI in 1991 • We ONLY Do Backgrounds • We Have 2 Innovative Proprietary Data Products: – Cursory Indicator New York – Vigilant New York Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  2. 2. Why CI Mission Provide background investigations with industry leading service through creative solutions – one client at a time. Hear what one of our customer’s had to say about CI and our innovative product Cursory Indicator New York: Joe Baudo, President of the New York State Amateur Hockey Association said “the information we are getting from the system is terrific. It has flagged those volunteers who don't meet our criteria for working with minors. It is helping us protect our youth and providing a safer environment for our sport. The entire CI staff is very responsive and helpful. It's a pleasure working with them.” Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  3. 3. Why Backgrounds Protect Clientele Mitigate Risk Be Savvy Volunteers are an integral part of society. Unfortunately there is that small percent of volunteer contact that is actually harmful. Savvy volunteer organizations realize that there are ways to mitigate the risk of letting the wrong person be a volunteer; in turn mitigating the risk of fraud, abuse, illegal activity, and negative influence. Volunteer background investigations are one of the best ways to mitigate those risks. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  4. 4. Solutions for Volunteer Organizations
  5. 5. Why VolChecked Eliminate Time and Money for Your Volunteer Organization! Non-profit organizations have limited funds. Dedicated and committed Volunteers are willing to absorb the minimum cost of a background investigation knowing that the organization "Believes in a safe and honest working environment". Savvy volunteer organizations also realize that a properly implemented background investigations policy and procedure carries with it the concerns of being time consuming, requires the gathering of sensitive data, is paper heavy, and can be costly. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  6. 6. Process Organization Individual • Organization – Choose Level-5 Levels of Service • Organization – Notify Volunteer • Volunteer – Obtain Their VolChecked Report • Volunteer – Share their Report with Organization Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  7. 7. Put this badge on your website for Volunteers to Recognize!
  8. 8. Volunteers Can Put This Badge on Social Media Sites to Become Recognized!
  9. 9. The Volunteer Picks One of these 5 Levels
  10. 10. The Volunteer Fills Out the Application On-Line. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  11. 11. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  12. 12. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  13. 13. Volunteer Electronically Signs Application. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  14. 14. Volunteer Receives Information on All Compliance Laws That Must Be Followed When Completing a Background Investigation. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  15. 15. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  16. 16. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  17. 17. Volunteer Finishes On-Line Application! Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  18. 18. Volunteer Receives Confirmation. Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  19. 19. Dear Sample, Your background investigation report has been successfully ordered and forwarded to Test Customer for review. You can also see a copy of the same report by clicking here. The entire background report may not be complete at this time, but you can still see the status of each item and then you can check back later, as often as you like to see the recently finished items. Volunteer Receives E-Mail Letting Them Know How to View Their Background Investigation. In order to view your report you will need to provide: • Report Number (listed on the subject line of this email) • Last Name • Date of Birth • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number If you have any questions about the accuracy of the completed report, you may send Test Subscriber a letter indicating the part of the report that you believe to be incorrect to the address below. Test Subscriber will re-verify the results if reasonable grounds exist. If parts of the report are deleted or changed due to the re-verification process, you will receive a corrected report. Should you have any questions, please contact us at staff@commercialinvestigationsllc.com or call us at 1-800-284-0906. Receipt of Payment Thank you for your payment of $24.95. Your payment authorization code is 00009999. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you! Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  20. 20. • Benefits • • • Organizations Saves Time and Money! • • • Volunteer Pays Once to Share With Numerous Organizations! • • Volunteers can utilize our secured online portal and electronically sign their own consent form Volunteers absorb the cost for their own BI's and enters all their own personal data. Volunteers can share their Background reports with other organizations that they may be serving. Eliminate cost and time spent by your organization to complete background investigations. Eliminates processing and storing of sensitive personal information by the organization. Your Organization can provide our link right on their own web page for easy access for the volunteer. VolChecked has 5 levels to choose from depending on organization requirements. Our most popular "Platinum" level includes a 2 year monitoring service which provides you with Vigilant, which is a service that will alert you of a recent arrest. (Currently available in NYS only.) Volunteer involved in Disaster Relief will be available at a minutes noticed by having a valid up-to-date background investigation available (Platinum Level only). Commercial Investigations LLC www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com
  21. 21. www.commercialinvestigationsllc.com (800) 284-0906 info@commercialinvestigationsllc.com facebook.com/commercialinvestigationsllc twitter.com/CI_LLC linkedin.com/company/commercial-investigations-llc