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Standard text messaging rates apply presents: Twitter Best Practices Webinar - Featuring Cisco's John Earnhardt & iPressroom's Chris Bechtel


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Slides for the 4.25.11 one-hour webinar presented by Cisco Social Media Director John Earnhardt, moderated by iPressroom CEO Chris Bechtel and hosted by Partner Brian Pittman. This webinar …

Slides for the 4.25.11 one-hour webinar presented by Cisco Social Media Director John Earnhardt, moderated by iPressroom CEO Chris Bechtel and hosted by Partner Brian Pittman. This webinar includes a results of a Twitter Best Practices poll of PR professionals - and includes a white paper:

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  • Brunswick Research, Spring 2011
  • Other Twitter Stats: 25 billion – Number of sent tweets on Twitter in 2010100 million – New accounts added on Twitter in 2010175 million – People on Twitter as of September 20107.7 million – People following @ladygaga (Lady Gaga, Twitter’s most followed user).Source: Internet 2010 in numbersPingdomJanuary 2011
  • While vast majority of our social foot print to date is on Facebook and Twitter, we are expanding to other sites such as LinkedIn, Slideshare and Sribd. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to use the various social channels
  • And don’t forget to share best practices with your communityBlog posts, award submissions and speaking engagements such as this one, all helps to elevate your brand as a thought leader/expert in social media
  • When helping our people to navigate through the world of Social Media, we believe we should always have two objectives :We want to encourage people, because it’s the way to become the next generation collaboration leader we want to beWe must protect both our firm and our people when traveling through a world where everything is more open and everyone is more exposed than ever before.While the first one is more about culture, values and strategy, the second one is more about legal precautions and requirements. Both are necessary and need to be balanced. We also need to make sure that we are addressing all audiences involved, starting with three groups of employees: Employees who use corporate social media, be it externally or internallyEmployees who use social media in their private life, but reveal themselves as Cisco employeesEmployees who might become social media users in the futureFinally, we also need to consider the visitors to our corporate social media and how we want to engage with them in an encouraging, but safe way.In terms of the approach we believe there are four elements that will allow us to meet the objectives:We need a social media policy defining a clear and easily accessible set of rules of engagement across all social mediaOur audiences are not equally influential in this process. Let’s give the most support to those who will make the biggest differenceSystematic education is key. We cannot expect our people to pick up the new rules of engagement by accident. Remember John Mackey!Social media is at least as much about listening as it is about talking. We need to have the radar on all the time. Remember Dell!
  • Transcript

      Featuring: John Earnhardt, Director, Social Media, Cisco
      Moderator: Chris Bechtel, President & CEO, iPressroom
      Host: Brian Pittman,
      DATE: Wednesday, April 27, 2011
      TIME:1PM EST; Noon CST; 11AM MST; 10AM PST
    • 2. JOHN EARNHARDT manages the social media team responsible for the award-winning News@Cisconews site and other corporate communications channels, such as The Platform blog and Facebook page, Twitter @CiscoSystems (2010 B2BTwitterer of the Year), LinkedIn, Ustream and Flickr site.
      He also manages the team’s media strategy, corporate op-ed program, broadcast media strategy and executive media training. He is also “blogger-in-chief” and “tweeter-in-chief” for the company.
      Follow him on Twitter @urnhart
    • 3. CHRIS BECHTEL has been a marketing and communications professional for more than 15 years, specializing in helping organizations from Fortune 500 companies to non-profits maximize the results of their marketing and PR programs through the use of technology and strategic communications.
      He is president and CEO of iPressroom, an online marketing and public relations software and services provider specializing in online newsrooms, social media communications websites, podcasts and more.
      MODERATORChris Bechtel
      iPressroom, Inc.
      1607 16th Street, Ste. 208Santa Monica, CA 90404
      800.514.1897 ext. 500
      Does your company use Twitter? (14.5% No; 85.5% Yes)
    • 5. What do you use Twitter for?
    • 6. What top brands do you follow on Twitter?
    • 7. How do you measure “success” on Twitter?
    • 8. Outline of Webinar
      New Survey Results: The top brands on Twitter by # of followers, engagement and influence scores
      Best Practices: How Cisco uses Twitter
      Why Twitter? Key Twitter Marketing Stats
      How to create a stellar Twitter Strategy
      Secrets of Effective Engagement: Actionable tips you can implement immediately to boost your Twitter engagement and grow your followers
      New ways to improve your existing Twitter presence
      Twitter applications and features every business owner should consider
      Secrets of creating killer Tweets that get shared and how to generate updates that attract more comments, fans and online ROI
      Measuring: Twitter Insights and other analytics
      “@Urnhart from @CiscoSystems dropping some mad @Twitter knowledge.”
    • 9. The Rising Importance of Twitter
    • 10.
    • 11. Twitter: Global and Mobile
    • 12.
    • 13. Why you should be on Twitter
      John Belushi: “Don’t cost nothing”
      People expect you to be there
      Influencers are there
      Customers, investors, etc. are there
      Great real-time search
      Early warning system for buzz/crisis
      ANOTHER critical channel to communicate
      Don’t have to spend a lot of time on it for it to be useful
    • 14. Cisco’s Social Media Presence
      32 external blogs
      700 bloggers
      300+ global channels 3500+ videos
      100+ private and public communities
      80 Cisco Pages
      300+ photos
      100+ Cisco handles
    • 15. Corporate Communications Presence
      978 videos
      42K members
      Corporate Blog
      121K views/qtr
      3M views/qtr
      159K Fans
      1.95M views/qtr
    • 16. Corporate Handle: @CiscoSystems
      • Followers:
      Over 56,000 globally
      • Ave. daily increase: 134 additional followers
      • 17. Ave. engagements:
      -20 mentions
    • Twitter @ Cisco
      Twitter Handles
    • 22. Twitter @ Cisco
    • 23. Twitter is a Two-way Conversation
    • 24. Integrate Twitter into your Campaigns
      • First Cisco video with over 100,000 views on YouTube and translated into 15 different languages
      • 25. 9 videos tweeted over 1,200 times and received 1,700 facebook shares
      • 26. 34% increase in visitor traffic in Q4 of FY10
      • 27. Over 73 articles and blogs including: Mashable, The Washington Post,  WSJ , AllThingsD
    • User Twitter to Amplify your Story Globally
      • Issue corporate news via blog vs. press release (ex: dividend blog, Talk2Cisco)
      • 28. Use Twitter to amplify content and drive engagement
      • 29. Twitter and other social tools provide comms professionals the tools to help tell the story and expand reach
    • Get Your Executives Involved
      Uses her Twitter Community of over 1.3M followers to
      • Amplify Cisco’s voice on Cloud, Unified Computing and tech innovation
      • 30. Share technology insights
      • 31. Get feedback on her ideas and presentations
    • Activate Global Amplification with Cisco Tweeps
      • Internal resource/tool for submitting SM amplification request
      • 32. Maximize reach of content across Cisco owned social channels
      • 33. Average of 7-10 requests weekly
    • Share The Twitter Love!
    • 34. Writing Effective Tweets
      As with ALL communications:
      What is your goal? Who is your audience?
      LESS than 140…room for RT
      SEO is key: write for what people may search for
      Use the Hastag: #
      URL if sharing something ( (tinyurl)
      Give opinion/insight: (liked) (disliked) (here’s why x is right/wrong)
      8 to 12 a day…more is bordering on spam
      Space out your tweets
      Be responsive – go to DM and @’s
      Learn shorthand (communications = comms) or use TweetDeck
      Give something that people can’t get elsewhere from you – i.e. what is additive? What is the value of following you?
    • 35. Influencer Relations and Communication Faux Pas
      Offline and online rules are the same.
      You cannot legislate common sense.
      Bad comms is bad comms.
      If you are a PR Person, it is your job to go where reporters are. Reporters are on twitter.
      You only get one chance to make a first impression
      READ what your reporters write
      READ what your reporters tweet
      Most common reporter pet peeve?
      - Being pitched by someone who clearly doesn’t follow them or read them or know their beat.
      Just as in offline life, follow a reporter prior to pitching.
      Tweets are public.
    • 36. Our Approach to Social Media Governance
      Social Media Policy
      Employees using corporate and personal social media
      External visitors to corporate social media
      Encourage the use of social media, but…
      Protect both the company and individuals
    • 37. Cisco Corporate Social Media Guidlines
    • 38. What’s Next on Twitter?
      More Ads…targeted tweets.
      How are they going to monetize?
      Passionate user base. Open data.
      Cisco and Twitter:
      Continue expanding Twitter presence globally
      Improve on workflow process/capabilities to manage amplification and engagement
    • 39. Social Media Innovations: The New Corporate Newsroom
      Coming Soon!
      “the network”
      - New Social Media Functionality
      • New editorial approach
      • 40. New ways to engage with content
      • 41. Global content
      1-800-514-1897 Ext. 500
      iPressroom Los Angeles HQ
      1607 16th Street, Suite 208
      Santa Monica, CA 90404