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This is the “heart” of the community. This directory connects buyers and sellers of integrated marketing communications services. Users can embed videos, social media and digital ancillaries to showcase services.

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  1. 1. Welcome to .BIZ Finder Let’s find you new business!
  2. 2. Meet INNOVATIVE DESIGNA up-and-coming agency in IMC looking for brand-building and new business.
  3. 3. Bill Buckner VP of Business DevelopmentHow to stand-out inthe crowdThe biz dev team is meeting to deal withthis problem--their marketing campaign isnot working. They’ve been doing listings in“traditional” directories. With just twohundred words or less, it doesn’t allow theagency to engage visitors and showcasetheir innovation. They need more than aglorified telephone book listing. Thequestion is: How can Innovative Designstand out in the crowd?
  4. 4. The search is on for an innovative new way toget business-building leads...Where?Answer: .BIZ MarketplaceBill’s goals: 1. To find a great venue to showcase our business portfolio 2. Build new business through “lead generation” 3. Increase the agency’s brand awareness 4. Create new opportunities for thought leadership 5. Engage new clients via social media & content marketing
  5. 5. What is the .BIZ Marketplace?.BIZ Finder: This is the “heart” of the CommPRO.bizcommunity. This directory connects buyers and sellers ofintegrated marketing communications services. Users canembed videos, social media and digital ancillaries to showcaseservices..BIZ Gigs: Lets users post videos and digital ancillaries toshowcase services. The result is a comfortable onlineexperience that lets businesses preview pricing and samplesbefore engaging providers.Project Bidder: A no-fee RFP bidding site that helpsbusinesses hire agencies or service providers in integratedmarketing communications. It streamlines the traditional RFPprocess so buyers and sellers can easily offer and bid oncampaigns. .BIZ Marketplace is the perfect solution for Bill.BIZ Builder Magazine: This new e-magazine will reveal and his team. It is the destination for C-suitewhat’s new and what’s working to grow your business using professionals working in public relations,integrated marketing communications. .BIZ Builder will include marketing, investor relations & advertising.the “best of the month’s” content, plus anexclusive Q&A with a top business leader, along with how-tofeatures tied to the “.BIZ Marketplace.”
  6. 6. FREEListingThis entry into the .BIZ Marketplace includes: •Company name •Three category/business sectors “This is a no-brainer. A FREE listing on the .BIZ Marketplace gives my agency a more in-depth •Company/search description “presentation” than my other paid directory •Keywords/Tags placements. However, we want to tell more of •Contact email (private) our story.” - Bill Buckner •Website link •Firm Location
  7. 7. PROFESSIONALListing Additional PROFESSIONAL features include: HTML •Better then Simple Text •Place highlights from your company website IN-DEPTH BUSINESS CATEGORIZATION •Cross-reference in multiple business categories. Here’s your opportunity to start customizing •Showcase your business specialization(s) your our agency’s story and new business lead generation. PROJECT BIDDER •Auto notification of new business opportunities •List your own projects
  8. 8. PREFERREDListingYOUR BILLBOARDSEach tab on your listing is a billboard for yourcompany’s content. Each billboard placementgives you and your company the opportunity to Learn Moreshowcase your work. There are four tabs—Portfolio, Clients, In the News and the Team.You create the content that will engage and canbe shared via social media. Learn More Learn MoreTABS/BILLBOARDS Portfolio: Share your company’s brandedintellectual property Clients: Showcase your clients and case “I really love the idea of starting to usestudies Learn More all of these cloud based social media services to tell my agency’s story. ” In The News: Highlight news items, press - Bill Bucknerreleases and editorial placements Team: Feature your team, their talent andtheir professional stories Learn More
  9. 9. PREMIUMListingYOUR SIDEBAR WIDGETSThe three sidebar widgets can be used engagenew clients with advertising, social media(LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & others), yourRSS feed, polls, etc. NO EXTERNAL ADS.APPEAR EVERYWHEREYour banner ad is in run-of-site rotationthroughout ALL of the .BIZ Marketplace.FEATUREDFeatured on top in your category(s) searchresults.THOUGHT LEADERSHIP “WOW! At this level, it’s like having my own microsite in the .BIZ Marketplace -Share your expertise through content PERFECT!”contributions on, including blog - Bill Bucknerposts and branded intellectual property (e.g.whitepapers, tip sheets, case studies, etc.)
  11. 11. WIN-WIN!INNOVATIVE DESIGN is now an activemember of the .BIZ Marketplace.Isn’t it time for you to join?Click Here to Join Now