Importance of employee recognition!


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Employee recognition is a strategic channel because it creates a positive and productive environment at workplace. There are some guidelines which help you to create a strategy to recognize and reward your employees. By using this, an organization can shape out a winning and proactive workforce.

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Importance of employee recognition!

  1. 1. Importance of Employee Recognition!Employees do expect recognition for the contributions they make. This is one phenomenon where manyorganizations err. They may either go overboard or do little in rewarding performing employees. Bothways, they do not reach their objective in rewarding the right performance at the right time, place andmeasure.As Bob Nelson says “People may take a job for more money, but they often leave it for more recognition.”Employee recognition is strategically important for an organization because it creates a positive,productive environment in the workplace. It is an important channel through which you can communicateto your employees that you care for them and value their performance. This helps build trust and apositive relationship with your employees.Employee recognition is a powerful tool to sustain high performance levels in your employees. It is also achannel through which you communicate to your employees the kind of actions and attitude you like themto execute. Thus, you establish the performance patterns that enhance productivity and render you acompetitive edge.Here are a few guidelines that help you create a strategy to recognize and reward your employees.Remember, there is no ONE wayThere are as many ways to appreciate your employees as your imagination think up. Develop innovativeways to recognize and reward your employees. Moreover, no time is improper to show your appreciation.In fact, a few of words of appreciation such as “Well done” or “Thank you” from you can go a long way inmotivating and giving them a sense of achievement.Give Your Employees Little SurprisesPeople enjoy recognition with an element of surprise. Your employees work day in and day out to meetthe deadlines of grueling projects. At the end of it, announce a lunch with the CEO or give them a holidaypackage. Here, your knowledge about the employees’ preferences comes in handy. Know their preferencesand announce rewards. Do not give them the same kind of rewards.Set Objective Criteria for RecognitionEmployee recognition techniques work only when you inject objectivity and transparency in all aspects.Ensure that all employees are given equal opportunities. While analyzing your employees’ performancesfor recognition, ensure that the performance is closest to the set criteria.Never hand-pick an Individual Employee for RecognitionSeveral organizations fall into the trap of letting their managers select an individual or individuals forrecognition and rewarding them accordingly. But you must keep in view that such appointments are, moreoften than not, prejudiced. Do not bank on them.These are a few tips which I think can set the tone for your recognition programs. In addition, you caninnovate and implement several ways and means to appreciate and reward your employees. However, beguided by the dynamics of your workplace settings. You can carve out a highly productive, positive andproactive workforce!Do share your thoughts on the same.To read more such articles, visit No.30, II Floor, Sarvasukhi Colony, West Marredpally, Secunderabad – 500 026 INDIA Telephone: 0091–40–27803080 & Fax: 0091–40–27716308 URL: Email: