Change Management Strategy for SAP Implementation


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Change Management Strategy for SAP Implementation

  1. 1. Change Management Strategy for SAP Implementation
  2. 2. Introduction SAP implementation is a set of processes that defines a complete method to implement the SAP ERP enterprise resource planning software in an organization. - Wikipedia
  3. 3. Objective of SAP Implementation To optimize and reduce cost by standardizing processes with the help of technology.
  4. 4. Companies implementing SAP • Global companies • Multiple SBUs & Divisions
  5. 5. Who is affected by SAP Implementation?
  6. 6. Challenges involved in SAP Implementation People • Resistance to change
  7. 7. Challenges involved in SAP Implementation Processes • Difficulty in accepting and adapting to new processes
  8. 8. Challenges involved in SAP Implementation Technology • Intimidated with the new software
  9. 9. Challenges involved in SAP Implementation
  10. 10. Change management tips for smooth SAP rollout across the organization.
  11. 11. Change Management Initiatives at 3 levels TOP • Strategic Decision Makers at the Top Level Manager • Functional Heads or Super Users Operation • End Users at the Operating Level
  12. 12. Change management - SAP rollout Bringing on Board the Top Management • Overview and scale of SAP program • Implications and changes to organization • the Advantages of SAP integration to the organization • Risks involved and the • Need for on-going involvement and commitment
  13. 13. Change management - SAP rollout Involved Top Management • Short videos with message from the top management
  14. 14. Change management - SAP rollout Functional Heads or Super Users • Overview of SAP program • Changes in job description and organizational structure • Security and data transaction issues • Online database as a tool for decision making • Individual roles and responsibilities in terms of leading the operational team
  15. 15. Change management - SAP rollout Informed and motivated SAP implementation Team • Communication is the key
  16. 16. Change management - SAP rollout Operational team/End-users • Why is the change needed? • What is SAP all about? • How does it simplify the process? • What are its benefits? • How does it change their job role?
  17. 17. Change management - SAP rollout Strong ground level support from end users • Acceptance and enthusiasm to make the program a success
  18. 18. Training Options - SAP rollout
  19. 19. Training Options - SAP rollout Address the training needs of different individuals separately
  20. 20. Training Options - SAP rollout • Multiple training methodology
  21. 21. Training Options - SAP rollout Face to face interactions • Workshops
  22. 22. Training Options - SAP rollout • Online byte sized learning Individual modules mixed and matched to form a o unit based on target audience
  23. 23. Training Options - SAP rollout • Software simulations o Particularly targeting end-users
  24. 24. Training Options - SAP rollout • Collaborative learning experience o Online forums
  25. 25. Conclusion SAP implementation should have change management initiatives that addressed the right blend of the three key aspects – knowledge, skills, and attitude.
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