Collaborative work management software - Comindware Tracker


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Collaborative Task Management and Workflow Coordination
that helps to get your work done.

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Collaborative work management software - Comindware Tracker

  1. 1. Comindware TrackerCollaborative Work Management Contact us at
  2. 2. Agenda Collaborative Work Management The problem with traditional team work The Comindware solution How it works Questions2 Contact us at
  3. 3. Collaborative Work ManagementCollaborate Know priorities Discuss with the team Run smoothly3 Contact us at
  4. 4. Problems with traditional team work Managers miss deadlines and budget targets Team members don’t know priorities or context Executives and customers have limited insight about status Productivity and morale suffer4 Contact us at
  5. 5. Comindware Solution Streamline projects and orchestrate the team Automatically generate team Tasks and priorities Get real-time control on all the Tasks and Projects Boost your team productivity by 30% to 50%5 Contact us at
  6. 6. Know What to Do and When Automatically generate your team Tasks Set pre-defined priorities and deadlines Keep your team always busy and productive6 Contact us at
  7. 7. Orchestrate Your Team Before:Visually Design a Workflow,not just a static process diagram Add a sequence to your team Tasks Let projects flow from one With Comindware: person to another automatically Get rid of e-mail and document mess Avoid time consuming status meetings7 Contact us at
  8. 8. Control in Real-Time Get Real-Time control on all the Team Tasks and Projects, even unplanned ones Discover your Project bottlenecks Adjust your processes to the team’s real-life performance and changing market conditions8 Contact us at
  9. 9. Collaborate Keep all your team work in a single centralized place Chat with your colleagues on Tasks and Projects Share documents and files9 Contact us at
  10. 10. How To Work with Workflows Web-Based and Mobile Stay connected with any Desktop browser or Mobile device Start a process with an email Always know that things will keep moving along10 Contact us at
  11. 11. Maximize your Microsoft investment1. Comindware Workflow for SharePoint: Build SharePoint Workflows with Graphical Workflow Builder Initiate requests and processes directly in SharePoint Get real-time control with graphical reporting tools Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics,, and any other systems No installations inside SharePoint required2. Comindware Tasks for Outlook: Natively receive Comindware Tasks in Outlook Task interface Work on Tasks, re-assign, collaborate with your colleagues Initiate requests and Workflow processes from Outlook Never leave your most common work environment11 Contact us at
  12. 12. Why Comindware?1. Unmatched flexibility and Ease-of-Use Patent-pending ElasticData technology Model any of your processes as you have it, not the other way around Modify your processes on-the-fly without altering team work Drag-and-Drop graphical Workflow Builder2. Unique blend of Workflow and Task Management Add a sequence to your team Tasks and build a Project Workflow Automatically receive Tasks with due dates and priorities Complete Tasks and move the Workflow forward automatically Control Projects and individual Tasks in real-time3. Increase productivity with SharePoint and Outlook12 Contact us at
  13. 13. Comindware Tracker: Orchestrate your team and get real-time control on all the Tasks and Projects Always keep your team busy and productive Never miss your deadlines and budgets Questions?13 Contact us at