Presentación Real Oviedo (spain 1)


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Inspire a Generation. Presentation from Colegio San Ignacio. Jesuitas Oviedo

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  • Presentación Real Oviedo (spain 1)

    1. 1. Introduction • The most popular sport in Spain is football.
    2. 2. Introduction • Our national team is the current world champion. • We have very good teams like Real Madrid and F.C. Barcelona
    3. 3. • Real Oviedo was born in 1926 when two clubs (Real Stadium Club Ovetense and Real Club Deportivo de Oviedo) joined. There was a hard rivalry between them, but when they became one club, it disappeared. + =
    4. 4. • Not long ago, Real Oviedo was a very good team. It was in the Spanish 1st division for 38 seasons, reaching the number 3 in the ranking. It also played in the 2nd division for 32 seasons reaching the 1st place on several occasions. • In the Copa del Rey, Real Oviedo played two semifinals. This is a very important championship, and playing semifinals is a great result.
    5. 5. • In the season 1991/92 the team played the European Competition: UEFA CUP
    6. 6. • When Real Oviedo was in the third division, in 2003 the team was about to dissapear. The mayor of the city wanted to create another team but people said they didn’t want Real Oviedo to disappear. They wanted to support Real Oviedo even though it was in the third division.
    7. 7. • This team is the perfect example of overcoming adversity. Real Oviedo had an important debt, and it had to be payed. The team had to increase its capital in 1.905 million euros to avoid the dissolution of the club so the fans bought lots of shares to helped the team.
    8. 8. • Sid Lowe, an international journalist, wrote an article on a newspaper about this and, when they heard of it, more than 20.000 people helped Real Oviedo. Finally, the contribution of the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim, who paid 2 million euros, made the dream possible.
    9. 9. • The most important thing in the club are its fans, all of the followers who are in the stadium every match, everyone who travels wherever Real Oviedo goes. • They support their team because “It is more than a club, it is a feeling”, as they say.
    10. 10. • Symmachiarii are the “ultras” of the team. They prepare the banners for the matches and support Real Oviedo like nobody else.
    11. 11. The stadium The Real Oviedo’s stadium is called Carlos Tartiere. The old and the new stadium have the same name. Old stadium New stadium
    12. 12. • The New Stadium was inaugurated in the year 2000. • It has space for 30 500 people. Its surface is grass and it’s owned by the city of Oviedo.
    13. 13. The uniform Real Oviedo has three diferents uniforms. The first one is blue, gold and white; the second one has white and green stripes; and the third one is orange whith black trunks
    14. 14. Real Oviedo’s famous ex-players Michu (Swansea) Adrián (At.Madrid) Cazorla Mata (Arsenal) (Chelsea)
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