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Newsletter Number 4

  1. 1. were fully accom- plished , the Highland Games delighted all of us and everyone, stu- dents and teacher par- ticipated. The other interesting activities organized delighted us all and the variety of the themes proposed was amazing and they were a demonstration of how the entire com- munity of Penicuik col- laborated actively with the school. Great or- ganization! Our thanks go Scottish Comenius team, and to Mr. Mark Edie, Headmaster of Penicuik High School. Mrs. Tomei Giuseppina Comenius Coordinator Italy This is the fourth issue of the newsletter Comenius Project “Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body” contain- ing articles from the stu- dents who participated in the mobility in Scotland from the 10th Sep to the 15th Sep. 2013 The Mo- bility in Penicuik accord- ing to students and teachers was the best way ever to start the school year! We had a wonderful time meeting old and new friends and the exceptional warm weather seems to greet the Comenius MODY team wherever they go. We have a special aura of protection that follows us. Could it be the influ- ence of the Icelandic Elves? Great weather in Iceland in Sep 2012,wonderful weather in Rome at the end of Nov. beautiful weather in Holland 2012,nice weather in Chez Rep in May 2013 and unexpected beau- tiful weather in Scot- land in Sep. 2013. After our teams leave the bad weather seems to return immediately, isn’t this a strange coin- cidence? In Penicuik we had the warm welcome from the school staff of the Penicuik High School, from all the students and from the hosting families . The anticipations on the activities of the Big Day It’s Time to Meet Again ! Index  News from Holland pag. 2 – 3  News from Scotland pag. 4 – 5  News from Czech Republic pag. 6 – 7  News from Spain pag. 8  News from Island pag. 9  News from Slovenia pag. 10 – 11  News from Italy pag. 12– 13—14 March 2014 Issue 4 N°4 letter
  2. 2. Tuesday, September 10. We finally went to Scotland . Four students and two teachers . We had been standing at the station at 7:15, but that did not stop our enthusiasm. When everyone was there we were on the train . We took first place in the hallway. And after a journey of two hours we were finally at Schiphol. First check-in and baggage issue and finally the plane. For three of the four students it was the first time flying . After a one hour flight we finally took the first steps in Scotland . We went by taxi to the school where we would meet . Our twin - mates The rest of the day we had the time to get to know the family . Wednesday, September 11. When we were all very well in school, we were warmly welcomed by the school principal and the mayor . Then we had to take lessons . For 12 -hour break . Food from the school. Then .. The presences . After everyone had done his presentation we were able to go home and we had time to spend with the host family. In the evening we had an concert at school with buffet and typical Scottish dances. Thursday, September 12. 'The big day' as it was stated . A sports day with fun activities such as shinty ( a rougher version of hockey) and shot put , but also education about drugs and the army , and ended with a long walk through the wonderful scenery of Scotland. In the evening we had a musical in the building next to the school. Friday, September 13. An excursion to Edinburgh , Scotland's capital . With visits to the Parliament building and all the monuments of Edinburgh , as a conclusion of a long day in Edinburgh we went to the rugby . ( won by Edinburgh ) . And at half past 10 we were finally at the school . Saturday 14 September. A day for the family , so I went with my twin and his fatherto the match between Hearts and Celtic (which Celtic won 1-3) and then afterwards we went bowling and skittle (a Scottish variant of bowling) Finally , we been with the whole family out to dinner. Sunday, September 15 . we had at half nine gather at the school when all the students were there, the teachers came fifteen minutes late in the pouring rain. we went by taxi to the airport and flew back to the Netherlands . With a short stop at the Burger King we went by train to Almelo, we were home at half past 4. Tuesday The day we went to Scotland with four students and two teachers. We had to be at the train station very early. And after two hours we were finally at Schiphol airport. When we had checked-in we had to wait about three hours before the plane departued. We only had to fly for one hour so it was a pretty short flight. When we landed at Edinburgh airport a taxi was waiting to take us to Penicuik. When we arrived at the school we had to wait for our twinmates so we went to the gym in the school. After about one hour the Visit to Scotland. Dutch reviews Page 2Issue 4 Jasper Engelbertink
  3. 3. twinmates came and picked us up. Wednesday When everyone was in the main hall of the school we were welcomed by the mayor of Penicuik and the school principal. After that we went to the lessons of our twinmates. After the break it was time for the presentations every country h a d o n e o r m o r e presentations about sporters from their country. Later that evening we had to come back to the school and we had an buffet and we were able to do some typical scottisch dancing. Thursday This was the Big day we had to go to school in sporting outfits because their were lots of sporting activities throuh out the day. We also got educated about lots of things like drugs and the army by the police and soldiers. We ended the day with a long walk through the countryside of Penicuik. The evening we spended with the host family. Friday This day we went to Edinburgh it started with a visit to the Scottish Parliamant and after that we walked through Edinburgh to many monuments and places. At the end of the day we went to an Rugby game. Saturday This day was an family day, I went with my twinmate and his friends and their twinmates to the zoo in Edinburgh and to Edingurgh we have been in the park there and we have walked around Edinburgh. In the evening we went home. Sunday This day was departure day for us it was raining very bad so we al waited in the car until the taxi arrived, when the taxi arrived we quickly got in and we went to the airport. When we had checked in at the airport we went to our gate and we shortly after that the plane also departed. When we landed we went to the train and after two hours we were finally home. After all I think it was a great week at Penicuik! The first day we arrived in Scotland, we went to our hosting families. In the evening we went diving and went to a few friends. The second day, we went to their school, we followed a few lessons. In the evening we had a typical Scottish ‘party’. The thirth day we had s p o r t a c t i v i t i e s . The fourth day we went to Edinburgh, that was really fun. The fifth day we went to the zoo with my hosting family and Isis’ hosting family Last summer I went to Scotland. I had a lot of fun there. I stayed with my host Beth. She and her family were very nice. The first day we arrived, I got a little tour true Peniquik. The second day I followed some classes and in the evening we had a ceilidh. At the beginning of the evening there were a few performance and later everybody started danc- ing. The next day, we had a sport day, we had all kinds of activities and later that day we had to walk for a long while. I didn’t like the walk very much because I wasn’t used to the many mountains . On Friday we went to Edinburgh. First we got a little tour along the monu- ment in Edinburgh. And Issue 4 Page 3 Sten van Vliet Maud Lenferink Isis Tielkes then we got some shop- ping time for ourselves. In the evening we saw a rugby game in Edin- burgh. That was really fun. Saturday was my last whole day. This day was meant as family day. So I went with Beth and her Family to the zoo. In the evening we had dinner together with Maud and Zoe and later that night we met some other people from the Comenius project. Sunday I went back home.
  4. 4. A few months prior to the Scotland visit, I was told I would be given the won- derful and unique oppor- tunity to host a foreign pupil. I was very lucky to host Beatriz from Spain. My experience began on 8th September, when I collected ‘Bea’ from school. I remember the buzz of apprehension and excitement in the air, it was sure to be a fantastic week for everyone. Bea and I clicked instantly; we had a lot of laughs the first night! The next day, I, Bea and a few of my friends also involved in Comenius went into Edin- burgh for their first taste of Irn Bru and some retail therapy! Monday came, and I was hugely excited for Bea to experience my school and meet my friends for the very first time. I was de- lighted and honoured to be a tour guide that week. I was also delighted for Bea to visit and partici- pate in my out-of-school activities, and I can say that we definitely enjoyed it. Families and pupils were invited to a ceilidh to take part in some Scottish dancing on the Wednes- day evening. I relished meeting all of the other pupils from the different schools and showing our guests some Scottish cul- ture. ‘The Big Day’ was definitely exhausting and exciting, we participated in a sponsored walk with the rest of the school around the John Clerk Estate, and we gave our guests a taste of some Scottish sports including shinty and rugby. On Fri- day, all of the Comenius teachers and pupils had a day out in Edinburgh; we visited the Royal Mile and the Scottish Parliament, climbed Calton Hill and had lunch while overlook- ing the city. We were even lucky enough to watch a rugby game at Murrayfield Stadium, which was even a new experience for me. On my final day with Bea, we went to Edinburgh Castle with my family. She said that she had never heard anything as loud as the one o’clock gun. When it was time for Bea and the other Spanish pupils to leave it was defi- nitely emotional and hard. I have met lots of new friends and I felt so fortu- nate to be part of such a rewarding, fun and match- less experience like Comenius. I am so privi- leged to soon be visiting Spain, I can’t contain my excitement! The best thing is despite com- pletely different cultures and differing lifestyles - variation creates vivid friendships. Katie, Scotland S3 My Comenius Experience Page 4Issue 4
  5. 5. I had an exchange student stay- ing with me named Ivan Amata from Italy on the Scottish Comenius mobility. Before Ivan arrived and I met him for the first time, I was full of nerves, but I was also so excited. My exchange student arrived on a Tuesday several days after an- other couple of exchange stu- dents from other countries ar- rived such as the Spanish, Slovenian and Dutch. I had al- ready made loads of new friends with the other visiting students, who were all very friendly. On the day my exchange stu- dent arrived I couldn't wait, in school I couldn't stop telling everyone about it. When I got home I started learning some more Italian to pass some time. When the time came me, my grandma and granddad went out into the car and made our way up to the school to pick Ivan up. When we arrived Mr. Mckinstry, a teacher from Peni- cuik, was there to pair us up. We were all full of joy talking to our exchange students. I helped Ivan get his suitcase out of the boot and unpack his stuff. I could tell Ivan was scared as it was his first time abroad and it would be weird getting left with a family you have never met before. After helping Ivan un- pack he called home to his fam- ily. For our first meal together we had the traditional Scottish dish of Haggis, Ivan had never heard of Haggis but he said he loved it! After our first meal we went up to the Public astro play- ing football, something we both love which also gave us time to talk to each other about our hobbies. The next day Ivan got to experience Penicuik High School. I think he enjoyed our school saying it had differ- ent subjects to that studied in Italy. After school, me and Ivan met up with some of my friends and their ex- change students to go to the evening disco. There we all bonded pretty quickly dancing together then after having some food and listening to some good old Scottish music. The following day was ‘THE BIG DAY’. Ivan and I got to make even more friends while learning new dances and new sports. Me and Ivan had never tried Shinty and enjoyed learning. Ivan mentioned that Shinty was his favour- ite sport at ‘THE BIG DAY’. After learning some new sports and dances we made our way up the street for something to eat on top of our pack lunches be- cause after lunch we had the sponsored walk. I walked with Ivan, my friends and some new friends. The night was great we played football and volleyball bonding even more. Friday was great. We all met with our exchange stu- dents outside the school and made our way on to the coach. Ivan sat with his Italian friends and I sat with the Spanish. When we ar- rived we first went to the Parliament and after we got some free time so me and my friends went and got some tablet and Irn Bru for our friends, none of them liked it except Ceci. All of us including the teachers and visiting teach- ers made our way up to Issue 4 Page 5 Comenius Scotland! Calton hill to get some lunch, then we had some free time down on Princess street before making our way to the rugby match at Murrayfield. On arri- val, we had a meal together which was lovely. This was my first time ever at a rugby match and it was amazing, we all had a great time! Very sadly it was our last full day on Saturday with our exchange students. Me, Ivan, Murray, Jaime, Cammy and Jirka all went bowling and then went into Ed- inburgh to meet up with some others. The next day was the worst of all, saying goodbye. I, my grandma and my granddad took Ivan to school for his taxi to the airport. It was very emo- tional, later that day I also went to say bye to the Spanish who I was very friendly with. Be- cause I got on with the Spanish students so well I swapped with Caleb so he would be go- ing to Slovenia and I would be going to Spain! It was one of the best weeks of my life but it couldn't have hap- pened without my grandma and granddad allowing Ivan to stay, which I am very grateful for. Ivan throughout the week was great in the house, he was funny and he loved the food. I keep in touch with Ivan and will definitely meet up with him again. I also keep in touch with some others and I can't wait until we go to Oviedo, Spain. It will be amazing! I would like to make more friends over in Oviedo and also see how dif- ferent their culture is to ours! Dylan Wight S3 Scotland
  6. 6. My Amazing Scottish Experience And it was amazing. There was no need t be so scared. It was simply wonderful. Also my hosting family was great. So nice and caring, really understanding and helpful when I had moments when I was really homesick. The first evening we to- gether went to visit my classmate Hanka who was accommodated nearby. At night I watched my favourite movie Mamma mia and calmed down. Scottish school seemed to be big and I was afraid I could get lost there. But my hostmate, teachers and friends were all very caring, so I didn’t have to worry at all. I could meet Scottish traditions, food, games, na- ture and the most of all Scottish people and their mentality. I visited Edin- burgh, which is a really lovely city. I have many un- forgettable memories and beautiful photos. I visited the rugby match and didn’t un- derstand the rules of this game at all. My hosting fam- ily took me to the café where Harry Potter was written. Since I am his big fan, I was very grate- ful for such experience. In short, I have a lot of lovely memories and with Rhona, my hostmate, and his family we are still in touch. I will never for- get this week. And also…I finally stopped being scared to speak English. The Scottish experience has changed my life. Adéla Teturová (CZ) It was an amazing week in Scotland. I was looking forward to it so much and at the same time I was quite worried – it meant so many firsts for me. My first flight, my first trip abroad, my first meet- ing of the hosting fam- ily. I wasn’t sure how I would cope with so many new experiences. When we came to the airport and I could for the first time see that huge plane, I was about to give up. I wanted to turn back and go home. I couldn’t imagine to enter the plane and fly so high and so far. But some- where deeply inside I felt I wanted to experi- ence it, I wanted to try. Page 6Issue 4
  7. 7. The project meeting in Scotland has been the best trip of my life so far. I could enjoy a lot. I really liked my hosting family, the Foleys. And I think they really liked me. I have decided to introduce my memories through a few pics I took. This is the Foleys‘ house and their car which I really liked. The hosting family was really caring. And I liked it very much. Here you can see my packed snack with my name: Here you can see my hostmate Andrew and me. We have become good friends Scotland 2013 – the best trip of my life Issue 4 Page 7 I wanted to have some photo with typical Scottish atmosphere. The red phonebox was perfect The trip to the Scottish capital was amazing. Besides all the well – known sights I really liked this invisible man: I could enjoy some nice Scottish meals because I like eating a lot. Here is my photo with the hosting parents. They were very nice. I will never forget the time with them and I hope we will meet again. Tibor Sedláček (CZ)
  8. 8. During the first and second terms we have developed different activities related to our Comenius Project here in Oviedo. The students group that traveled to Penicuik in september were reunited with all the students of secondary 3 to explain their experience in Scotland. During 1 hour they told of all the activities they did in Penicuik and Edimburg and spoke of their time with the families while they were showing photos and of these incredible days. Our students have created recipes using local products for the “Comenius recipes book”. They have also worked on a booklet about routes and touristic landmarks which visitors may use to enjoy local art, architecture and landscapes while they walk and exercise. There were three dates highlighted in our calendar: World Heart Day, World Food Day and International Day for Tolerance. Our students created posters to decorate classrooms and hallways for each of these events. They also made presentations for their peers and watched different films which helped them to reflect on these important issues. Students in ESO year 3 also took part in games, which they later presented to students in other levels. Now they are preparing some activities for the School’s Festivity in April and also for the Comenius Students in May. We will see part of their work in Slovenia. Page 8Issue 4 Comenius students have been working different contents related to the World Heart Day in the Biology and Physical Education class. World Heart Day was created in 2000 to inform people around the globe that heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading cause of death, claiming 17.3 million lives each year and the numbers are rising. This year’s theme addresses the importance of a life-course approach to the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease (CVD) with a focus on women and children. Healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and regular physical activity are very important for youngers and we are working it, deeply in this project. WORLD HEART DAY Some news from Spain “Our students created posters to decorate classrooms and hallways for each of these events”
  9. 9. Looking for birds Looking for the right sound Looking for trees Some news from Iceland Issue 4 Page 9 Two years already. Since September 2012 a lot of work and tasks have been achieved. Our project, Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body´ has been introduced to our stu- dents, staff and community and received a lot of support. Our project has been debated and promoted. We want to assure to our school policy has feeling is still satisfac- tion as well as the certitude that our pupils know a bit better what Europe is and means. Awareness about dif- ferent countries and cultures has been developed through cooperation. Physical activities, history, tradi- tional sports, environmental matters, cooking and nutri- tional habits have been reinforced in its convictions. We are a part of a bigger world and of course of a bigger Europe even though if Icelandic authorities recently seem to postpone a full membership of Iceland in EU. We hope for the best and are waiting for better times. Our project and projects to come will help us in preparing a better future. Travelling is of course a vey mentionable aspect of our cooperation. Margrét Össurardóttir, Home Economics teacher and Hálfdan Þorsteinsson, our assistant school master brought back some wonderful memories from Penicuik. They underlined the hospitality of our hosts as well as their organisation. Many things could of course be described concerning this memorable trip. Margrét and Hálfdan mentioned the staff and pupils involved in different activities including traditional Highland Games, healthy eating workshops, sports coaching and a show- case of activities available to young people in Penicuik. We had some introduction and presentation of the so- called Big Day. Our students were deeply impressed. They tried to find some trunks to catapult them up in the air but could not, it’s unfortunate, find any trees in the area. Our school is now concentrating on new activities and tasks. Our pupils our looking forward to knowing how the students from different countries are gone to wel- come the Best Game…and our P.E. teacher Hannes is looking forward to teaching it… We specially want to greet our friends from Italy and hope that everything goes as well as possible during this difficult period. Regards from Iceland.
  10. 10. Our flight had a delay so we came to Penicuik at one in the morning. There were hosts waiting for as in front of the school. I stayed at Kir- sty Mercer’s house. But there was no time for sleeping late in the morning. We had to wake up early and we went to school. It was fun and interesting getting to know the different way of teaching and learn- ing. In the next days we visited Ed- inburgh, where we saw the Parlia- ment, the Castle and we also saw where Queen Elisabeth II is staying when she is in Scotland. While we were walking down town, we stopped here and there and found out some more interesting facts about Edinburgh. Almost at the end of the day we had some time for shopping. The Princess Street was full of shops and people. And for the grand finale we had a rugby match to attend to. While we were in Scotland they also had the Big Day. That is the time when they play lots of different Scottish sports games and at the end there’s a long walk around Penicuik. I have to admit it was quite exhausting. The last day of our staying in Scotland wasn’t planned. We could do whatever we wanted to. It was meant for us. So Kirsty and I decided to go with a small group of students (also from Comenius project) to the Zoo. It was very nice and fun and we also saw some animals that we don’t have in Slovenia. But of course all good things come to an end. Soon we had to leave our new Scottish friend behind and go home. I will remember this trip because it was the first time that I flew in an airplane and also I spent a lovely week and met great people and some of them I’m going to see again soon because they are coming to Slovenia. Katjajani Durkov, Slovenia When my teacher told me that I was going to Scotland I was so happy and excited about it, I can’t even describe how happy I was. I was so excited that I counted down the days till the departure. The 9th September was here and those 5 lessons at school were the longest hours in my life. I went home as quickly as I could, packed all my things and waited for my mom to take me to the airport. I was a little nervous but more excited. I had a really nice group of people with me so I wasn’t bored. We came to Scotland late in the night so I was very tired of flying and all that stuff. While I stayed in Scotland I had an amazing time and I learnt a lot of different things like playing shinty, learnt new words, improved my English and met so many amazing people. I had the time of my life. I am thrilled that I had this opportunity and I would like to go back. I really enjoyed that week in Scotland and I’m so thankful to my teachers who gave me the chance that many students don’t have. I can’t wait until March when the Comenius students and teachers are coming to Slovenia and I can’t wait to see my friends I met in Scotland. Eva Križaj, Slovenia MY IMPRESSION OF SCOTLAND Page 10Issue 4 “I will remember this trip because it was the first time that I flew in an airplane and also I spent a lovely week and met great people and some of them I’m going to see again soon because they are coming to Slovenia.”
  11. 11. Trip to Scotland was one of my favourites. Every day was full of activities, new things and exciting stuffs. I learned many things like playing hockey, shinty and of course I learned some new English words J. I tried typical dishes (haggis, meaps, tatties ...), went shopping (in Princess Street there are many shops, that is absolutely great), took lots of photos, saw Edinburgh and went to a rugby match (I don’t like rugby, I think it is boring). I made friendships as well. I’ve got now many pen- friends and I hope they’ll visit me too. I think Scotland is a very beautiful country and the whole week there was an incredible ex- perience, which I'd like to do it again. Marija Okršlar, Slovenia MOBILITY TO SCOTLAND Issue 4 Page 11 Photos by Špelca Prestor and Maja Šenk Zidar
  12. 12. The arrival was imminent, a few bends more, and we will be there ! “something wrong …. the driver and other cars on the wrong side of the road …I’m a bit nervous” .We finally arrived at school. The trip was a great ex- perience , it was my first time in a foreign country, my first time on a plane, and the first time I that I was on my own. Wow all in one ! When the car stopped all my fears had passed and every- thing was all right . In front of the school in Peni- cuik there were 4 boys with their families and a few teachers waiting for us. I finally met my mate Dylan Wight he is very athletic he looked like a football player . He was accompanied by his grandparents , two friendly and loving people who welcomed me and treated me as one of their grandchildren , and I thank them very much . To top it all Dylan’s grandfather is a football coach, and this was a double treat it was great ! ! The first night I was still a bit nervous , but thanks to their hospi- tality everything went very well . Dylan was a true friend who always tried to help me . As soon as I walked into their house I was presented with a sheet of paper where all the words in English that could be use- ful to me were translated in Italian .It was a great thing, they really went out of their way to make me feel at home. Everything worked out well , my first plane flight was quite fun after all and not too frightening , I got through the presentations without making too many mistakes in English. The school activities were fun, and I met a lot of new friends. Our trip to Edin- burgh was the best ever.I want to thank Dylan’s family again for the great week, and thanks to all the Comenius teachers who made this trip possi- ble .Ciaooooo !! Ivan Amata The arrival in Scotland Page 12Issue 4
  13. 13. The day that I liked the most in Scotland was when we went around the city of Edin- burgh visiting the different parts of city, the Royal Mile, the Edinburgh Castle , but the best part of all for me was the exceptional evening event when we went to see a Rugby match at the Murray- field Stadium. Early in the morning in Peni- cuik my Italian classmate told me that the day before he had gone to play football, as he spoke about this the bus that was to take us to the Scottish Parliament ar- rived. Once in Edinburgh I was very much impressed by all that we saw and after a long walk on the Royal Mile we arrived at the Scottish Parliament and Mr. Frazer our great guide explained that the building had been designed by the Italian archi- tect Renzo Piano. While we waited in a row ' to pass the time I ate some sandwiches that I had made that morning at the Hamish’s house. We entered the beautiful building visited the ground floor and went upstairs where we sat above the beautiful chamber where the MPs met . Leaving the Parlia- ment we went to the upper part of Edinburgh and after a long walk we arrived on a hill top Calton Hill where we could see the whole city below, we had a splendid view of the coast and of the sea Here there was an unfinished sort neoclassic temple where we took pictures of a tower with a ball attached to the top that fell to 12.00 a.m . After we went to see the Edinburgh Castle ,it was impressing and the thing that I found quite different from castles in our area was the color of the stones We went to the centre of Edinburgh where we saw a man doing an at- tractions in the street with .We got to a meeting point near Adam Smith’s statue and we were free to do some shopping, I went with Ivan and Vitaly my Italian school friends to buy a new video game with our Scottish friends but we did find the ones we wanted, there were many interesting shops and a lot of things to buy After an hour we went to the meeting point again and we headed to the stadium. On the way there I saw bus with a familiar sign on it O SOLE MIO and that was the proof that ITALY and Italians are EVERY- WHERE. We arrived at the stadium we saw a Rugby team and coach and the players, we said hello to them but they weren’t all that friendly. We entered the stadium and this was the one of the big treats of the day for me, then we had dinner in one the official building at the stadium and we had LASA- GNA , an epic moment for me, it was like being home. After eating we went inside the stadium to watch the game , it was all exceptional ,the lights, the field, the smell of fresh cut grass, the speaker the players the spectators and the cheers. The best conclusion of a wonderful day! it was like being in dreamland. This was followed by shopping in the sports shop and we spent every pound left . The next day I went trek- king with Hamish and his family . They all did their best to make me feel at home from the moment I ar- rived, since I was quite homesick during the trip and during my home stay, sorry ! next time I will do bet- ter ! We went on one of the highest mountain in Scotland which was as high as Monte Prato a mountain near my town . Thanks again to Hamish and to his family. Hope to se you again , maybe in Italy. Paolo Nardelli RUGBY Issue 4 Page 13
  14. 14. Our trip to CZ Republic in May 2013 was a five day treat, we had a wonderful time and we had a chance to see some old friends and also to meet some new ones. We did many interesting things and each of us enjoyed different activi- ties proposed to us . We all had a great time with the recycled sport equipment and the games we played , and the presentations were quite a success and very stressing for us. Among the other things we saw we were all very much impressed by our visit to the Spielberg Cas- tle in Brno on Friday 31st May . Our history teacher had talked to us about it before our trip but seeing it and go- ing through it and through the Casemates was quite a different experience. What made it particularly interesting for us was the reference to Italian soldiers, who fought there and the reference to the Italian Car- bonari, and also to Italian patriots and writers who had left traces of their passage. The Spielberg was the prison in which many Italians had been imprisoned during the Italian Risorgimento , that is during their struggle for inde- pendence during the Austrian domain in Italy in the 1800’s On coming back to school we talked about this and did some research work and our teacher assigned us to read the pamphlet writ- ten by a Silvio Pellico, the Italian play writer and dramatist and member of the Carbonari movement. He was condemned to prison by the Austrians be- cause of his nationalistic political ideas and for his writings in the Conservatore, a political journal published in Milano in those years and suppressed by the Austrians. What made him famous during his lifetime was his pamphlet Le Mie Prigioni / My Prison, a little book written after he had been released from the Spielberg in which he wrote about the hardships during his 8 years imprisonment in the Case- mates of the Spielberg. Hav- ing walked through the cas- tle on a grim , rainy , cold day, and to have walked through the cells ,actually seeing the torture cham- bers where he had been for such a long time, with hun- dreds of other political pris- oners and with other crimi- Remembring CZ Republic Page 14Issue 4 nals from different parts of Europe was quite impress- ing. Realizing that the pris- oners there only wore heavy cotton tunics that simply could not have been warm enough for the cold winter temperatures in that part of Moravia, eating very small rations of food made us actually aware of the suffering and the gloom that lingered in that place. Fortu- nately after this visit were absolutely free, and we had great fun in Brno, shop- ping and visiting the city with our Comenius friends. The Spielberg Castle is still overlooking the city of Brno in all its splendor paying homage to all who have been there . Eramo Angelo - Imperioli Riccardo - Santangeli Danie- le - Nardone Priamo Italian Comenius students Post Scriptum ..... This article on the Chez Mobilty was accidently lost so we insert it now.