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Newsletter comenius 1 (scotland)

  1. 1. service at a local churchand open day for thecommunity. We are allvery excited for ourvisitors and friends fromacross Europe coming toour town. Some placesworth seeing when youvisit Scotland are:Rosslyn Chapel- where„The Da Vinci Code‟ wasfilmed, Edinburgh Castle,The National Museum ofScotland, Arthur‟s seatand Holyrood Palace.Natalia Dore S2Welcome to the firstComenius newslettercreated by Penicuik HighSchool! We thought wewould start by filling youin on our town andschool. Penicuik is asmall town situated just 8miles south of Edinburgh,a short bus ride fromScotland‟s capital. Thename „Penicuik‟originates from theAncient British phrase„Pen-Y-Cog which‟means „hill of thecuckoo‟. Our town istwinned with LIsle-sur-la-Sorgue in France.Penicuik lies on the bankof the river North Esk andat the foot of the beautifulPentland Hills. For almost300 years Penicuik wasknown as „The papermaking town‟. Paperproduced in Penicuik wasexported to places as faras Australia and wellknown Scottish writersand poets like RobertBurns and Sir WalterScott wrote famous bookswith them. One of thepaper mills was namedthe Bank Mill because itspecialized in producingpaper for banknotes.Penicuik High Schoolwas opened in 1937 andwe are this yearcelebrating the 75thanniversary of our schoolwith exciting events suchas concerts, a memorial...and were off!!Issue 1Special points ofinterest:Welcome fromPenicuik HighSchoolMemories fromour trip to ItalyNews fromacross EuropeRecipes fromScotlandPreparing forour tripsWelcome to the first Comenius Newsletter, all the way from Scotland!February 2013 Comenius Newsletter
  2. 2. There is so much onoffer at our school. Awide variety of subjectsare taught includingHistory, Media Studies,French, English, Physi-cal Education, Comput-ing, Music and manymore. This year theschool celebrates its75th anniversary afteropening its doors in1937. It has arranged anumber of excitingevents such as competi-tions, open days for thecommunity and con-certs.At Penicuik our learn-ing does not stop whenthe bell goes, many ofus enjoy the varied ex-tra-curricular opportuni-ties that are on offer.There are lots of lunch-time and after-schoolclubs that run on aweekly basis, designedto assist students withtheir studies. Theserange from ModelUnited Nations, Dukeof Edinburgh Award,Eco-Schools group, Sci-ence Club, Big ArtClub, Hockey, Football,Volleyball and Dramagroup. The school alsohas its own music labelBurnt Out Records!Burnt out Records is arecord label run by stu-dents; this has been run-ning for five years. Wehave six artists at thismoment in time and werun gigs monthly. Therecord label is based in“the hub”. Peni Produc-tions is an after schoolfilm group who createscripts and then make afilms. The school alsoraises a lot of money forthe Marie Curie CancerCharity, raising over£3000 last year.The school also holdsits Big Day, our annualhealth promoting day,every September. Theday is devoted to en-couraging healthy liv-ing, developing ahealthy lifestyle andenjoying a healthy diet.In the morning, the chil-dren received profes-sional coaching in vari-ous field sports, includ-ing hockey, rugby andfootball, Indoors therewas volleyball, karateand break-dancing. Theevent is supported byLothian and BordersPolice, which workswith the school to or-ganise a recreation road-show. Those whocome to Scotland willhopefully take part withus in 2013, we are allreally looking forwardto this. We can safelysay that all at the schoolare eagerly anticipatingour new friends fromacross Europe.Zoe Galbraith & CalebCuthbertplaces were all very inter-esting and a great place tovisit. Some of the tripmade us feel quite nerv-ous, especially when wemet our host families forthe first time. This wasbecause you were meetingpeople who you were go-ing to stay with for aweek that you had neverThe trip to Italy was ex-citing and also very inter-esting. The most enjoy-able experience was theday trip the Rome. Romeis a very old fashionedcity with lots of history.We visited many places inRome including the Co-losseum, the Vatican andthe Trevi Fountain. Thesemet before. They turnedout to be very friendlypeople though. Overall,the trip to Italy was veryenjoyable and it gave us achance to meet new peo-ple and experience a newculture.Callum WhitlieThe story of our schoolOur time in ItalyPage 2Issue 1
  3. 3. Six pupils, Rachel Law,Jenna Richards, AndrewFoley, Callum Whitlie,Isobel McNiff and HarryDonnelly and two teach-ers, Ms Leonard and MrMurphy were chosen toattend the first ComeniusTrip to Alvito, an agricul-tural school in the heart ofItaly. With their presenta-tions ready and excite-ment flying high, theyarrived at Edinburgh air-port at 4am, sleepy, tiredyet buzzing! Their flighttook off and despite theearly start, they all man-aged a small smile, asthey landed in the Nether-lands and headed to gettheir next flight to Rome!They finally arrived inRome airport at aboutmidday and, after a longwait in the airport, theytravelled to Alvito wherethey met our host familiesand the other pupils on theComenius trip! They thenwent home with our hostfamilies and a few ofthem got a 3 course mealfor dinner at 11pm!!!However the second dayarrived and they travelledto the school in Alvito,where they met the pupilsfrom the school and thepupils from the othercountries on the Comen-ius trip. They had a quickintroduction and welcometo the school by some ofthe teachers and the flagof the town was marchedin. They showed theirpresentation about theirschool, town and countryand listened to the otherpupils talk about wherethey came from. The pres-entations included powerpoints, videos and talksabout the various schools.The day passed and after arather large three courselunch they got a tour ofthe town including a quicklook round the mayorshouse! In the evening theyheaded off to a neighbour-ing towns museum,where they learned aboutthe Romans and Romanartifacts, before headingto the sports centre for agame of volleyball! Thefollowing day they headedoff to Italys capital city,Rome! They saw the coli-seum, Vatican City, Trevifountain as well as havinga traditional Italian lunch,PIZZA! They had madelots of new friends fromSpain, Slovienia, Italy andHolland! The last full dayin Italy had arrived andthey couldnt believe ithad gone so fast! The daystarted with a trip to thesports centre in the morn-ing and a large game ofthe traditional game called“Tamburello”. It was a bitlike tennis but was playedwith 5 persons on thecourt and large tambou-rine like rackets with nohandles! Let just say itwas very interesting toplay!!! After a quick prac-tice they were thrown intoa competition and weredrawn against the Nether-lands team! It was 4-4 insets and Scotland wereserving for the match! Awinning point by HarryDonnelly won Scotlandthe match and they camesecond overall!! After thematch they headed back tothe school where they re-ceived a large 6 coursemeal and a very enjoyabletaste of traditional Alvitanmusic and dance! BothMs Leonard and Mr Mur-phy threw themselves intoit! Their host familiescame to collect them fromthe school and took themhome for tea and had alsoarranged a night with allof the Comenius studentsand host families to gobowling! The time camefor them to leave, the fol-lowing day, and after afew tears and many good-byes they headed off tothe airport! The Scottishstudents arrived home atabout 10.30pm on the Sat-urday night. Everyone hadfun and made manyfriendships through theinternational language ofsport!Rachel LawWe came, we saw, we conquered!Comenius NewsletterThe amazing Coliseumfrom our day trip toRomePage 3
  4. 4. My most vivid memory ofthe Comenius Alvito tripwas definitely stepping offthe bus for the first time. Iremember it so clearly. I wasactually very worried, butthen extremely excited at thesame time. So many thingswere racing through myhead; “who am I going to bestaying with? What will theybe like?” Suddenly theleader of the trip startedshouting out names, tellingeveryone who they weregoing to be staying with.Several names breezed by,then I heard a name thatsounded relatively familiar.„Oh God! That‟s my name!‟I walked up to the leader andshe showed me to the familyI was going to be stayingwith. We greeted each otherand then they showed me totheir car. I stepped in andwaved goodbye to my onlooking friends who wouldsoon be directed to theirfamilies.I had never had such a feel-ing as I did at that moment.It was a weird but at thesame time exciting mix that Icould feel in the pit of mystomach. The drive to theirhouse seemed to take foreverand it was pitch black out-side, I couldn‟t see a thing.We suddenly stopped out-side a massive house on thetop of a hill, I could seeAlvito lit up from where Istood and I thought if all myfriends were at their hostfamilies yet. The family Istayed with were very wel-coming and kind and theyimmediately asked if I washungry or if I needed any-thing. I was physicallydrained and I asked if Icould just go to bed. I wentto my room and wentstraight to sleep. It had beena long and one of the mostmemorable days of my life.And it was only the start…Harry Donnelly S3friends could probablysay…). Our Comenius cor-ner is improving as wellas teachers’ involvementinto the project. We alsohave registered size,weight and height of 40students. In Decemberour students will work onHello from Iceland! Howis life in Scotland? In Ice-land things are quite wetand dark…Italian sun andlight are already faraway…Concerning our projectwe are working slowlybut surely (as our Italiantheir parents and grand-parents past habits. Thediscussion on refrigeratorphotos is ongoing …RegardsMarc PortalMemories of ItalyNews from Iceland:Greetings from the Czech Republic:they are working hard ontheir presentations -introducing the Czechresults of Healthy habitssurvey.A questionnaireresulting in the generationcomparison has startedbeing spread among thepupils of the 7th and 8thclasses. Teachers of PE areorganizing a schoolchampionship namedMODY 2012 in theFramework of Activebreaks. This championshipis planned for the weekfrom December 17th - 21st.Boys are going to playfloorball, girls volleyball.The school has alsoorganized the meeting withthe parents of our pupils inorder to disseminate the upto how successful theproject outcomes are beingmet by our school and tomotivate them to cooperate.We have also been workingon the list of hosting familiesfor the foreign pupils duringthe meeting at our school inMay 2013.We have been busy since ourtrip to Italy. The pupils whoreturned from Alvitoorganized a sharing sessionwith their classmates. Theytook the opportunity to tellothers of their experiencesand impressions and alsointroduced the photos whichthey had taken there. Inaddition, they put the photosfrom the meeting in Italy onour Comenius wall.We are also getting preparedfor our trip to theNetherlands. Four pupilswho are going to travel to inMarch have been chosen andPage 4Issue 1
  5. 5. You all escaped Italy justin time, snow, sleet andrain have now covered ourbeautiful valley. Since youleft, Italian teachers had thestudents write compositionson the visit to Italy theyfound it interesting andbellissimo......!The project has been verypopular and all studentswant to be considered forthe mobilities. The criteriaused for choosing studentshas been spurring them todo better in all classes.The English languageteachers are thankful to allof you for the boost in mo-tivation. Grazie !We have shown studentsresults of the survey ontheir daily habits and havecommented on points tocomply with the projectobjectives. The first mes-sage is: let‟s eat better foodat recess, bring sandwichesfrom home if possible,homemade cakes or fruitand lets all do more walk-ing even walking to schoolwhen possible.In addition, we have startedthe survey for parents andgrandparents both in L1and L2 and are comment-ing on results with studentsin L1 and in L2. We havestarted photographing therefrigerators with only out-side pictures at the momentwe are planning to draw anIdeal Italian Fridge andhave a peek inside stu-dent‟s fridges at home inthe next weeks.Our P.E. teacher has meas-ured the students andweighed them, so that hasalso been keeping us busy.Mrs. Giuseppina TomeiEnglish Language TeacherComenius CoordinatorNEWS FROM ALVITO – ITALYNEWS FROM SLOVENIAcially given the award atschool by the coordinatorand the Head Teacher.Students who attended themeeting in Alvito, Italycame home with a lot of newexperiences and friendships.They are preparing a posterwhich is going to be dis-played in our Comenius Cor-ner.We have also started ana-lyzing the results of the sur-vey and we must say we arequite satisfied with the re-sults. We still have to finishthe uploading of all thevideo presentations ofschools, places and coun-tries, so the students andtheir parents will be able tosee them.The last task in December isfor the coordinators tochoose four students whowill travel to Holland inMarch 2013. Then we can sitnext to the Christmas treeand wait for the presents.In December, in Slovenia,we look forward to Christ-mas and Santa Claus. How-ever, if we want to get ourpresents, we have to be goodboys and girls. So we workfor the Comenius project.Back at our school all thestudents and the teacherslistened to the news aboutour project, the meeting inItaly and our third place atthe logo contest on theschool radio. Vita Knavs,who won the third place atthe logo contest, was offi-Comenius Newsletter Page 5
  6. 6. Even though the first tripfor pupils was to Italy, agroup of teachers met inIceland in September forthe first planning meeting.For the staff, it was greatto finally meet people thatwe‟d been working withover the last few monthswhile preparing the pro-ject. We enjoyed twobeautiful sunny dayswhile we were in schoolhaving meetings. Unfor-tunately on our sight-seeing day, it was cold,wet, windy and felt prettymuch like a Scottish win-ter‟s day. While we felt athome, some of the Span-ish, Italian and Czechteachers looked prettymiserable! But what abeautiful country! OurIcelandic hosts even man-aged to arrange the North-ern Lights for us! þakkaþér.Visit to IcelandGreetings from the Czech Republicchosen and they areworking hard on theirpresentations -introducing the Czechresults of Healthy habitssurvey.A questionnaire resultingin the generationcomparison has startedbeing spread among thepupils of the 7th and 8thclasses. Teachers of PEare organizing a schoolchampionship namedMODY 2012 in theFramework of Activebreaks.This championship isplanned for the week fromDecember 17th - 21st.Boys are going to playfloorball, girls volleyball.The school has alsoorganized the meetingwith the parents of ourpupils in order todisseminate the up to howsuccessful the projectoutcomes are being metby our school and tomotivate them tocooperate. We have alsobeen working on the listof hosting families for theforeign pupils during themeeting at our school inMay 2013.We have been busy sinceour trip to Italy. Thepupils who returned fromAlvito organized a sharingsession with theirclassmates. They took theopportunity to tell othersof their experiences andimpressions and alsointroduced the photoswhich they had takenthere. In addition, they putthe photos from themeeting in Italy on ourComenius wall.We are also gettingprepared for our trip to theNetherlands. Four pupilswho are going to travel toin March have beenComenius Newsletter Page 6Lunchtime Sports Clubsat Penicuik High School
  7. 7. Recipes from ScotlandPage 7Issue 1Icelandic pupils inHE class makinghealthy, tasty food.Icelandic pupilsgreeting us intraditional dressScottish oats sconesIngredients:2 tablespoons butter (have used Vegan margarine with good results)1 1/4 cups rolled oats3/4 cup all-purpose white flour3/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour1/4 cup sugar (may sub Splenda)1 tablespoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon baking soda1/2 teaspoon salt1/2 cup raisins (I have subbed these out with dates and dried cranberries in the past)1 large egg, lightly beaten1/2 cup nonfat plain yogurt (may use soy with good results)2 tablespoons canola oilDirections:1. Preheat oven to 425°F Spray a baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray or line it withparchment paper. Melt butter in a small saucepan over low heat and cook until it begins toturn light brown, about 2 minutes. Skim foam and pour into a small bowl.2.Stir together oats, flours, sugar, baking powder, baking soda and salt in a large bowl. Stirin raisins and make a well in the center of the dry ingredients. Combine the browned butter,egg, yogurt and oil in a small bowl; add to the dry ingredients, stirring just until moistened.3.Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and gently knead several times to form a ball. Patthe ball into an 8-inch circle and cut into 8 or 12 wedges (depending on the size you want).4. Place the wedges on the prepared baking sheet and bake until lightly browned and firm tothe touch, about 12 minutes. Transfer to a rack and let cool slightly.Scotch BrothIngredients:250g carrots, peeled, diced250g turnips, diced2 onions, peeled, diced1celery stalk, diced1 leek, white part only, sliced75-125g/3-4oz pearl barley125g/4oz dried peas, soaked in water for 4-5 hours, drainedsalt and freshly ground black pepper2.3litres/4 pints lamb or mutton stocksalt and freshly ground black pepperDirections:Heat all of the ingredients, except the kale, in a large saucepan until boiling.Reduce the heat and simmer gently for a 2-3 hours, or until the peas and pearl barley aresoft.Stir in the kale and cook for a further 10-12 minutes, or until the kale is tender. Season, totaste, with salt and freshly ground black pepper.Stóru Vogaskóli, ourIcelandic partner school
  8. 8. Hallo! Ahoj!In preparation for our trips tothe Netherlands and theCzech Republic , we havebeen reading phrase booksand have been asking friendsand teachers for any usefulvocabulary they may know.Lara even changed the lan-guage on her phone to Czechto see if see could make headnor tail of it!Before packing we willcheck a climate graph so wecan pack the appropriateclothing. We also need topack a gift for our host fami-lies, which has been thehardest thing to decide on.The gifts need to be Scottishand exciting.At some point in the nearfuture we will start ourgroup projects, which willhelp bring the team togetherbefore we leave. We‟re thor-oughly looking forward tothis, as it will prepare us forour trips and strengthen ourfriendshipsThis is a fantastic opportu-nity and we are very gratefulfor it! We look forward tomeeting you all very soonLara Mega & Louise TuckerPreparing for our tripsComenius Newsletter Page 8Logo CompetitionPupils across the seven schools were involved inthe process for creating and voting on the logo forour Comenius project. They were given a designbrief and a deadline to work to and many fantasticpotential logos were created. Each school nomi-nated two logos to go forward to the pan-Europeanvote. In true Eurovision Song Contest style, theycould not vote for an entry from their own country.The winning logo, created by pupils at Colegio SanIgnacio in Oviedo, Spain can be seen below andwill represent the entire project.2nd place, Penicuik HighSchool, ScotlandJoint 3rd place, Osnovna šolaMatije Valjavca, Preddvor,SloveniaJoint 3rd place, ColegioSan Ignacio, Oviedo,SpainWINNING LOGO!