Creating A Mutually Beneficial Virtual Internship Program


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Creating A Mutually Beneficial Virtual Internship Program

  1. Creating a Mutually Beneficial Virtual Internship Program<br />
  2. So, you want to develop a virtual internship program…<br />But are you ready?<br />
  3. To have a successful program, you need to have a few things in place<br />
  4. A project management tool is essential. You may be able to use a free application.<br />
  5. If you plan to expand your program over time, you might want to consider activeCollab<br />
  6. Invest in a remote desktop software, such as CrossLoop<br />
  7. How do you plan to communicate?<br />
  8. Skype for Business is probably your best option<br />
  9. Plan on having a regular weekly meeting, as well<br />
  10. With a couple interns, use <br />Skype-to-Skype free calling<br />
  11. As your program grows, you might want to consider Skype group chats<br />
  12. Give an overview of important company news to help the interns feel involved<br />
  13. Hold brainstorming sessions, when needed<br />
  14. Allow each intern to give an update of projects for the week to help build a cohesive team<br />
  15. Give kudos on specific accomplishments whenever possible!<br />
  16. Allow time at the end for questions about the week’s assignments<br />
  17. Virtual internships take both the right candidate and the right supervisor<br />
  18. During interviews, be sure to ask candidates the right questions<br /><ul><li>Give me an example of a time when you worked on a project successfully with little supervision
  19. Tell me about a time when you made a mistake and describe how you solved the situation</li></li></ul><li> Candidates should have prior internship and/or office experience<br />A virtual internship should not be the first internship for a candidate!<br />
  20. Ask candidates’ references if they would recommend them for a virtual internship and why<br />
  21. Supervisors must have excellent project management skills and preferably prior experience supervising interns<br /> Just like with candidates, virtual internships <br />are not a good new manager starting point!<br />
  22. Plan in advance<br />Give your intern(s) real assignments, just <br />as though they were in the office!<br />Create a monthly plan for major projects in before they start<br />Provide detailed assignments on a weekly or bi-weekly basis<br />
  23. Encourage and be available <br />for questions<br />
  24. Create an intern blog to help journal the experience for school and their résumé(s)<br />
  25. Create a Facebook group or Ningsite to encourage communication<br />
  26. Now that you’ve developed your program, how do you plan to find your virtual interns?<br />
  27. Questions?<br />Heather R. Huhman<br />Founder & President<br />Come Recommended<br /><br />@HeatherHuhman<br />