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ComboApp agency credentials


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ComboApp app marketing agency credentials. Get to know what people stand behind ComboApp, some examples of our work, the scope of marketing services we provide.

ComboApp app marketing agency credentials. Get to know what people stand behind ComboApp, some examples of our work, the scope of marketing services we provide.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Agency CredentialsApril 23th, 2013
  • 2. ABOUT COMBOAPP MARKETING & PR AGENCYComboApp Marketing & PR Agency created a first-of-its-kind service toprovide strategic, customized mobile and web-based app marketing plansdesigned specifically for mobile and web-based app developers.Operating across every major mobile platform the agency provides scalablemarketing services that increase products visibility within the marketplace,throughout social networks, and across web-based media outlets. ComboAppbrings together creative talents and market analysis experts to conceptualize andexecute everything from mobile-centric press and consumer outreach campaignsto advertising services and app monetization solutions.
  • 3. Vadim Chernega – PresidentVadim is a digital industry veteran with over 20 years of experienceunder his belt. His vision has helped found several successful businessesover years.Julia Guzunova – Vice PresidentJulia has spent over five years in the IT and Mobile technology industries.In that time shes become an expert on mobile industry marketingtechniques. Over the years Julias perennial motivation propelled her torise from executing marketing plans for individual clients to leading thedaily operations of ComboApp, a busy marketing agency.COMBOAPP TEAM – KEY EXECUTIVES
  • 4. Serg Kanishchev – Director of MarketingSerg is an award winning digital marketing specialist well versed inrunning high profile socially driven projects. He’s gathered a wealth ofnumerous digital brand development, advertising, and commercialmarketing experience throughout his career, and has nurtured a healthypersonal passion for global culture along the way.Art Diogtev – Social Media HeadFinding effective ways to connect people with high quality apps isn’t aprofession for Art, it’s a way of life. Years of networking via social mediachannels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and various blogs havetaught him the skills needed to realize marketing solutions from theseconnection engines in consistently fresh ways.COMBOAPP TEAM – KEY EXECUTIVES
  • 5. Max Rabinovitch – Creative DirectorMax is a writer and creative strategist with experience spanning acrossmultiple areas of business. Initially establishing himself as a technicalwriter and researcher within the IT industry, his experience with creativewriting and design served as a catalyst to start building up a copywritingportfolio centered around creative marketing and advertising content.Years of eclectic experience writing everything from stories to mobileapp content taught Max that great content is never one-dimensional –that great technical work never lacks elements of creativity, or visa versa.This is an axiom he brings with him to ComboApp.COMBOAPP TEAM – KEY EXECUTIVES
  • 7. RULE THE SKYJC Entertainment Studios, an innovative mobile game and social networking platformdeveloper, was about to release their new Social Networking Game “Rule the Sky” forthe iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In order to ensure that it was well positioned forsuccess from the start, JC Entertainment Studios contacted ComboApp and ordered thefollowing marketing services to reach this goal:• App Release• Sales Generation/Download Generation• Guaranteed Submission to 10 major review websitesThe culmination of ComboApp work saw Rule the Sky reach its own pre-defined goals -which the client had set up at the outset of our collaboration. Immediately after theinitial release the app was able to break through into the Top 25 of both iPhoneAdventure and Arcade categories, peaking in the #3 in Adventure Games on July 19,2011 and #11 in Arcade Games on July 11, 2011. Moreover, on July 14, 2011 Rule theSky managed to score #32 in App Store’s prestigious TOP iPhone Games chart.
  • 8. NOTES PLUS - HANDWRITING, NOTE TAKING, SHAPE DRAWING & SOUND RECORDINGMinnesota based indie developer Viet Tran has had a long history of partnering with ComboApp.After releasing Notes Plus version 2.0 he was in need of an affordable but yet effective marketingcampaign to promote his newly enhanced note-taking utility throughout App Store’s iPad ProductivityApps category. In order to do that Tran opted to utilize the Post-Launch marketing service package.This involved the following services:• Drafting and distribution of a targeted press release• App review generation• Active app promotion throughout various iOS focused web forums.Furthermore, an optimal dynamic app pricing strategy was provided on behalf of the client as well.After all aforementioned marketing services were executed Notes Plus 2.0 experienced a rapidascension to the top echelon of iPad applications. The app was featured in App Store’s “New andNoteworthy” iPad Productivity Apps category, and locked up a position on its Top Grossing list. At theheight of its popularity, Notes Plus was ranked as the #1 Paid iPad Productivity App on the App Storeas a whole, beating out competition from Apple itself.
  • 9. DEFEN-G ASTROKorea based Innodis Co., Ltd was interested in launching its strategy action defense gameDefen-G Astro onto the App Store in early July 2011.Innodis contacted ComboApp to help publicize and promote the paid iPhone version ofDefen-G Astro during its launch onto the marketplace. After analyzing the app andreaching out to the client to understand their needs, ComboApp developed a customizedmarketing plan for Defen-G Astro. It included the following services:• Guaranteed app reviews at 10 major review websites to heighten Defen-GAstro’s visibility amongst likely consumers.• Sales Generation/Download Generation Service. It was executed to help driveinitial traffic towards the app and provide a maximum exposure amongprospective customers within the App Store.ComboApp’s promotional campaign on behalf of Defen-G Astro began on September 1,2011, and within less than one business day the app had already made a splash on theApp Store as one of the market’s top titles in the iPhone Strategy Games (ranked 29th),and Action Games (#73) categories.
  • 10. MARKETING APPROACHWe always strive for maximum level of customer interaction to get a clear understandingof the product we are going to promote. Only when we understand your goals and agreeon which services you need do we implement the project.We begin with extensive analysis and market research, using analytics compiled throughour own propriety data collection methods. This data is then sent to our marketingdepartment which coordinates all tasks related to the project (Social Media, ContentCreation, Media Buying, etc.).Each customer receives a dedicated account manager who acts as their primary point ofcontact and advocate for any project issues. Using statistics to track the campaigns’effectiveness, we ensure the customer is satisfied with all the work performed. Only thenthe project is considered complete.
  • 12. CUSTOM SERVICES1. SOCIAL MEDIA:Our Social Media Marketing services focus on every major network and across targetedcommunity forums. Our Social Media experts have the skills to create effective productaccounts across multiple networks, and have experience in carrying out nuanced promotionalefforts throughout public web based forums. Together these services will prime consumers’interest and spur public discussion and subsequently hype about your applications.• Promotion via Facebook Fan Page• Facebook Boost• Twitter Rush• Twitter Boost• Promotion via Custom Twitter Account• Video App Demo Promotion• Social Media Post• Youtube Boost• Youtube Premium Boost• Youtube Video Review Boost (10)• Forum Participation• Forum Release Announcements• Web 2.0 App Presence• Pre-Launch Publicity
  • 13. CUSTOM SERVICES2. MEDIA OUTREACH:Utilizing both conventional and non-conventional media outreach techniques is integral tosuccessfully promoting any application. The services in this category are time tested andindustry proven, giving credence to the simple reality that making noise will attract attention.• Press Release• Branded Press Release• Guaranteed Coverage at 10 Review Websites• App Submission to Review Websites (50)• Youtube Video Reviews (10 Reviews)• App Promotion via Mommy Blogger Community (Basic)• App Promotion via Mommy Blogger Community (Premium)• Giveaway Promo Campaign
  • 14. CUSTOM SERVICES3. ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS; SALES & DOWNLOADS GENERATION:Our customizable app installation generation services based on CPC and CPI models are gearedto work as the catalyst to your commercial success. Our advertising and design teams work hand inhand to create mobile and web optimized banners, as well as outreach content that carry the rightmessage, in the right way, and the right places to promote your app effectively by utilizing traditionalad banners throughout online media outlets, and directly within other popular mobile applications, aswell as conducting direct outreach campaigns via email. We’ll get your product into the hands of appshoppers, get them to download it, and cement your status within the app ecosystem from day one.• Installation Generation• Installation Boost• Sales Generation (Paid Apps)• Download Generation (Free Apps)• Cost Effective Downloads• Premium Downloads• Online Banner Campaign• Mainstream In-App Advertising (3 Day Package)• Direct Mass Mailing (20,000 iOS user recipient base)• App Review Bump
  • 15. CUSTOM SERVICES4. ANALYTICS AND CONSULTING:At ComboApp we pride ourselves on the depth of our experience operating within the mobileindustry. We offer full market research, competitor analysis, and product performance analysissolutions, providing our clients with a clear picture of where their products stand in themarketplace. Together with our Quality Assurance testing services, we have the power to provideclients with the insight to improve their apps, and the market awareness to effectively position andpromote them to success.• Advanced In-Market Tracking and Analysis per month• Market Analysis for App Concepts• Market Research• Competition / Competitor Analysis• Focus Group Study• QA Testing & Consultation Services (20 Hrs.)• App Store Optimization (ASO)• Google Play Optimization• Web App Store Optimization• Pre-Launch Optimization 6.0
  • 16. CUSTOM SERVICES5. PROMOTIONAL DESIGN SERVICES:Memorable visual marketing assets have the power to draw interest from consumers on a moreeffective, visceral level than other forms of promotional content. Without exception, thetimeless adage that a picture is worth a thousand words rings true throughout the mobilemarketplace. Bold, sleekly designed application icons and vibrantly informative promotionalscreenshots illustrate your products in ways that at once differentiate them from competitionand speak to their overall quality. Our experienced design teams know what works throughoutthe mobile arena, and have the specialized skills to realize effective visual compliments on behalfof your applications.• App Icon Design (2D / 3D)• Promo Screenshots Design• Video App Demo• App Site Landing Page
  • 17. CUSTOM SERVICES6. PACKAGES:Scalable marketing solutions are perfect for mobile developers, who may have limitedexperience with publicizing their products and limited resources to expend on marketingmeasures. From more basic App Release packages and Sales Boost campaigns, to more complexand all-encompassing marketing solutions such as our signature TOP 100 Campaign (Paid Apps)and TOP 100 Campaign (Free Apps), we provide clients with structured and easilyunderstandable publicity measures.• App Release• App Release Boost• Creative Content Package• Sales Boost• TOP 25 Campaign (Free Apps)• TOP 100 Campaign (Paid Apps)• TOP 100 Campaign (Free Apps)• Premium Pre-Launch Optimization 6.0