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Among the topics we're covering are:
Basic ASO techniques for both iOS and Google Play
Goals and realistic expectations for the impact ASO will have on your app sales
Misconceptions about ASO

According to recent Nielsen and Forrester research 63% of mobile app users discover app via Search. The volume of apps in both iOS and Google Play is so vast and the actual search functions of those app stores is so unrefined that for a consumer to find your app using search can often be a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack.
However, with a robust App Store Optimization strategy, app owners/developers can overcome the search roadblock and ensure their app is highly ranked and easily visible when users search key related terms and phrases.
Among app marketing techniques that don’t require investments, ASO is the number one technique app owners/developers should study and take advantage of in their apps marketing campaigns.

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ASO Techniques and Trends

  1. 1. ASO Techniques & Trends May 29, 2014
  2. 2. Speaker Artyom Diogtev, Head of Branded Content, SMM, PR, ASO at ComboApp & GoWide Inc. Artyom is a deeply engaged social media expert who specializes in creating innovative online promotions for mobile products and websites. Contact: Twitter -
  3. 3. Why ASO is important Apart from traffic generation, ASO is the most cost effective and efficient way to get more downloads for an app. According to 2013 data by German mobile analytics firm Adjust (former Adeven) ~600k apps out of a total of 900k apps are zombies, meaning they never showed up on Top charts. The Nielsen and Forrester recent research shows that 63% of mobile app users discover app via Search, followed by social sharing and Top Charts. For Google Play - 75%
  4. 4. Misconceptions A. It’s an easy, couple hours job. B. It’s one time effort. C. It’s possible to secure a ranking for a certain keyword by means of ASO only. D. Ability to correlate app ranking for a particular keyword with downloads number increase in advance. Goals 1. Find the keywords that will bring installs. 2. Secure long term discoverability for an app. Expectations 1. For keywords in low demand you can expect a relatively significant increase in installs. 2. For keywords with high demand only big volume of traffic will increase app ranking enough to get more installs from search.
  5. 5. Factors that influence app ranking (App Store) Example - “System Status” search query 1.App title 2.App keywords 3.App category 4.Company name 5.Keyword competitiveness 6.Total downloads number
  6. 6. Factors that influence app ranking (Google Play) 1.App title 2.App Description 3.App Google Plus ratings 4.Total downloads numbers 5.Reviews 6.App uninstall number 7.Inbound links
  7. 7. Keywords • A combination of logic, common sense and data from ASO tools • Essentially your brainstorming process should be based on answering these 3 questions: • What does the app do? • Who uses this app? • What category does the app belong in? • Single words and words combination • 100 symbols limit for a keywords set. Coma is the only delimiter that is being required to separate different keywords - don’t waste symbols! • Competitive apps keyword research • Use only single forms, don’t use articles • Look up for misspells to use • Do not include your company name your app will be searchable by it by default. • Localize keywords for each local AppStore • Do not repeat keywords. The App Store ranking algorithm doesn't recognize keywords combinations as such. E.g. instead of using keywords combinations such as activity monitor,memory monitor use activity,memory,monitor. Keywords palabras clave Stichworte ключевые слова 關鍵字
  8. 8. App Name It reflects on an app’s purpose, what does it do or in a case of game, it’s meant simply to trigger emotional reaction. ! Naming a game is completely different story from naming a utility app. ! According to the iTunesConnect terms each word in an app’s title is considered as a keyword. Therefore smart keywords inclusion into an app’s name is a good way to expand the number of terms an app will be associated with. ! Do not stuff app’s name with as much keywords as possible. ! It is about a healthy balance. Up to 50 symbols. Right way Wrong way
  9. 9. Tools Each of these ASO tools have its pluses and minuses. The common thing about them all to remember is that none of these tools operates with analytical data provided by Apple itself. Just like with Google, the exact app ranking formula is being keep secret by Apple. There is no AdWords Keyword Suggestion Tool equivalent for the iTunes App Store to obtain data about real keywords popularity on the App Store. Among these 4 we prefer SensorTower because its better interface, App Store app review tool, Category Ranking charts. As collateral tools we recommend: 1. Online forums where app is discussed 2. Wikipedia articles, describing specific game type 3. Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions Tool 4. Googles “Searches Related” suggestion tool 5. Quora and similar services to discover related terms The metrics that these tools provide: 1. App ranking for a keyword 2. Number of apps ranked by a keyword 3. Competitors keywords research 4. iTunesConnect installs vs. keyword traffic correlation
  10. 10. Ongoing ASO 1. To get the most of the ASO technique you need to add it to your regular marketing activities list. On a monthly basis you need to revisit an app’s competitors list, reveal new ones. 2. Using tools like SensorTower research new keywords. 3. Adjust your app’s keywords list accordingly. 4. Track app’s ranking by its targeted keywords weekly
  11. 11. Future AppAnnie Keywords / ASOSensorTower Review Analysis Yet, we do not expect Apple to open up keywords popularity data anytime soon. ! ASO evolves since both App Store and Google Play grow and it requires ranking algorithm to be improved. ! Chomp was acquired by Apple on February 2012 and we yet are waiting for its impact on the App Store Search. Application Search Platform
  12. 12. Thank you!