Programme de fidélité pour les grands voyageurs


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Programme de fidélité pour les grands voyageurs

  1. 1. Enhancing airline economics Comarch Frequent Flyer Comarch Frequent Flyer (CFF) is a new generation enterprise-class application that supports airline loyalty programs. This comprehensive suite of business applications enables the smooth management of all kinds of loyalty programs and for any type of airline; be it a legacy, regional, low cost or hybrid carrier.Software meeting your needsComarch Frequent Flyer is the application that supports the friendly web interface, they allows for the flexible definitionmanagement of airline loyalty programs. This modular application of business rules in terms of: tenders (points, miles), accrual,enables the accrual of loyalty points and their redemption for redemption, promotion and elite tiers.awards. The scalable architecture of the system is able to matchthe growth of an airline’s sales and its subscriptions of newloyalty program members. A set of interfaces complying with the Customer Web Portal (CWP)enterprise architecture enhances its smooth integration withan airline’s software environment. Its modular structure and The portal, specifically designed for members of the program,extended parameterization mechanism facilitates customization provides the airline’s clients with access to online accountand development of dedicated solutions. The system has also an management, where passengers can view their account balanceeasy-to-use rule engine which allows business administrators and transaction history, order rewards (tickets, upgrades and more)to define rules without IT interference for a quick response to and view current promotions. In addition, the portal incorporateschanging market conditions. In addition, CRM tools support the options related to interaction between a program’s operator andeffective management of communication with customers, a its participants including enrollment features, automatic retro-company’s most valuable asset. claims and a mileage calculator. The portal can be integrated with an existing corporate website or developed as an entirelyFurthermore, due to its modular architecture, Comarch Frequent Flyer separate Internet a system that greatly exceeds customer expectations. The corecomponent of the system - the Business Administration module -can be augmented with the Customer Web Portal, Contact Center Contact Center (CC)module, Business-to-Partner module and Logistics module as wellas other Comarch Airline Suite products. A modular structure allows Contact Center is a module designed for servicing loyalty programcustomers to choose the optimal combination of functionalities members via a call center. The application works with the CFFthus making Comarch Frequent Flyer an excellent choice for a database and supports the management of members’ accounts,system to manage an airline’s loyalty schemes. orders and claims as well as changes to parameters by designated users. The implemented CRM functionalities include tools for communication with program participants and the delegationBusiness Administration (BA) of tasks. The application also possesses functionalities for the efficient management of call center agents. The Internet browserThis module consists of straightforward tools for the management based interface enables secure use of the application from anyand administration of the application. Available through a user- location with Internet access.
  2. 2. Business to Partner (B2P) Logistics Module (LM)This solution has been designed in order to meet the needs of the This application is dedicated to the control of award inventory asprogram’s multi-partner environment and to provide both airline well as the coordination of the distribution of promotional materialsand non-airline program partners with relevant data and tools for and membership cards. The application provides logistic partnersprogram parameterization through a B2P portal. In addition, the with access to relevant data such as inventory levels, supplymodule delivers advanced reporting features including multi-party forecasts, delivery orders and updates. This web application alsoclearing and invoicing mechanisms. Access to the application is supports gift ordering processes, reward reports, invoicing andprovided from any location via a secure web interface. settlements as well as cooperation with external logistic partners.Reap the benefitsFlexibility system is a cutting-edge tool for devising creative marketing activities. Our solution helps develop focused marketing promotionsThe scalable architecture of Comarch Frequent Flyer enables that support an airline’s strategic business goals. In addition, thecontinuous expansion of the loyalty program along with a company’s system’s graphical user interfaces are suited for users possessinggrowth, including introduction of new program partners and system only rudimentary skills in the operation of computer applications.functionalities. Due to its modular structure and a wide range ofparameter options, the application can be designed to meet theprecise business requirements of an airline. Compatibility The platform applies state-of-the-art technologies enablingAdaptability integration with many other external systems which operate alongside the Comarch Frequent Flyer such as:The application can be easily implemented for any airline businessmodel, be it an intercontinental network carrier, a traditional non- Reservation systemsnetwork airline, low-cost business or a hybrid model airline. Multi- Departure control systemspartner programs can benefit from Comarch’s experience across Internet booking enginesvarious markets, including retail and finance among others. Revenue accounting systemsComarch’s vast experience and the program adaptability make PNR databasesComarch Frequent Flyer a perfect multi-program solution. Finally, Other external IT systemsthe application supports also frequent flyer programs designedfor corporate passengers as well as travel agencies. SecurityEfficiency Security mechanisms ensure the safety of stored data (e.g. balances, customer data etc.) and data sent between partnersOur easy-to-use yet sophisticated functionalities for defining accrual in various locations. Advanced system algorithms provide airlineand redemption rules, as well as other program parameters, endow companies with fraud protection capabilities to guard againstComarch Frequent Flyer with a wide variety of opportunities. Our frequent flyer program misuse.Comarch SA Jana Pawła II 39 a www.comarch.pl31-864 KrakówPoland Comarch Spółka Akcyjna with its registered seat in Kraków at Aleja Jana Pawła II 39A, entered in the National Court Register kept by the District Court for Kraków- Śródmieście in Kraków, the 11th Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no. KRS 000057567. The share capital amounts to 7,518,770.00 zł. Thephone: +48 12 64 61 000 share capital was fully paid. NIP 677-00-65-406 Copyright © Comarch 2010. All Rights Reserved.fax: +48 12 64 61 100e-mail: PL-2010.10