Niagara Bottling to Invest $50 Million in Columbus Region, Add More Than 70 Jobs


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Niagara Bottling LLC, the largest privately-held, family-owned manufacturer of bottled water in the country, has announced it will invest $50 million in the Columbus Region, starting with the purchase of a 308,000-square-foot facility in Gahanna.

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Niagara Bottling to Invest $50 Million in Columbus Region, Add More Than 70 Jobs

  1. 1. For Immediate Release Contact: Kenny McDonaldAugust 29, 2012 614.225.6063 Niagara Bottling to Invest $50 Million in Columbus Region, Add More Than 70 JobsColumbus, OH –Niagara Bottling LLC, the largest privately-held, family-owned manufacturer of bottledwater in the country, has announced it will invest $50 million in the Columbus Region, starting with thepurchase of a 308,000-square-foot facility in Gahanna. The new operation will result in 73 jobs, with anaverage hourly wage of $19.99. Total payroll is expected to reach $3 million by the company’s third yearof operation.“We looked at Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky because of existing customer demand. In the end, we chosethis community because of the available workforce, the competitive opportunities and our ability to makea difference,” said Honey Rand, Niagara spokesperson. “We’re convinced that this is the right time andthe right place. We’re a great fit and poised for a very exciting future.”The Ontario, Calif.-based company, which started bottling five-gallon glass containers of water for homesand offices in the early 1960s, now supplies single-serve, private label bottled water to grocery, clubstore, convenience and wholesale customers throughout the United States. Niagara currently operates 10plant locations, with two additional sites in development. The Columbus Region facility, slated to be the th13 plant, will focus on product manufacturing.When exploring options for its newest plant location, Niagara considered Louisville and Detroit beforesettling on the Columbus Region. The region, and Gahanna specifically, were chosen because of existingcustomer demand in Ohio and contiguous states.“We are excited to welcome Niagara to the Gahanna Community,” said Becky Stinchcomb, Mayor ofGahanna. “We are impressed that Niagara is demonstrating their long-term commitment to ourcommunity by purchasing and investing in vacant real estate. They are an impressive, family ownedbusiness that will create jobs and be a great corporate citizen in the City of Gahanna.”“Competing against multiple communities in the Midwest, Gahanna and the Columbus Region rose to thetop because their commitment to being a partner with business,” said City of Gahanna Director ofPlanning & Development Anthony Jones. “Our goal is to create an environment where it is easy forbusinesses to invest.”Attracting Niagara to the Columbus Region involved collaboration at the local and regional levels betweenthe City of Gahanna and Columbus 2020, and at the state level with JobsOhio.“The teamwork between the City of Gahanna, Columbus2020, and JobsOhio exemplifies how as a statewe can successfully attract valuable companies such as Niagara Bottling to Ohio," said MarkPatton, managing director for JobsOhio. “We are pleased that Niagara chose Ohio for its newest facilityand value the jobs that come with their commitment."
  2. 2. Manufacturing is a growing sector in the Columbus Region, employing nearly 80,000 people in the 11-county region and contributing $9.1 billion to the regional economic output. Key advantages theColumbus Region offers to current and prospective manufacturers include one-day access to 50 percentof the U.S. and Canadian population, a talented and educated workforce, and world-class resources likeEdison Welding Institute (EWI) and the Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) at The Ohio State University.“Adding another notable manufacturer like Niagara to the region speaks volumes about the caliber ofcompanies we’re attracting, and why they are choosing the Columbus Region over other competingmetropolitan areas,” said Kenny McDonald, chief economic officer, Columbus 2020. “We look forward tocontinuing to watch Niagara and others succeed in our region.”Hiring for Niagara’s new Gahanna plant will begin in the fall of 2012, with open positions ranging fromshift supervisors and mechanics to shipping associates and production operators. The facility is expectedto be fully operational in the first quarter of 2013. -END-About Niagara Bottling LLCNiagara Bottling is the largest family-owned bottling company in the United States. Niagara is committedto providing the highest quality product and service to its customers, being an exemplary corporatecitizen, providing good jobs and protecting the environment.About Columbus 2020Columbus 2020 is a bold public-private partnership that leverages the strengths of the ColumbusRegion’s talented workforce, small and large businesses, research and academic institutions, andinternational connections to ignite economic growth and build a healthier, more sustainable future forCentral Ohio. The initiative grows our economy by ensuring that our existing companies are growing andthriving, that the world´s leading companies are attracted to the 11-county region, that innovations arecultivated and commercialized, and that our civic infrastructure is continually improving to meet thechallenges of a rapidly evolving world economy. For more information, visit