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Ponencia en Colombia 3.0

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  • Mandate generally is a business statementIt’s about identifying a target market or a need to fill
  • Now we can reread all the choices that were made to get to this meaning
  • No academic background for gamesIt took 40 years to cinema just to invent shot reverse-shot
  • Movies producers come after the creative core is established
  • Alexandre Mandryka

    1. 1. Establishing a creative vision Alexandre Mandryka
    2. 2. Who’s this guy?• Born in Paris• 12 years as a designer/creative director• Ubisoft, Relic, consulting
    4. 4. Have you asked yourself these questions?• Is it fun?• Is it good?• Is it beautiful?Questions so vague they are dangerous
    5. 5. What is a creative vision?• It is a process• It is thinking of what you want for your audience• It is also inspiring your team with a clear target Thinking before acting
    6. 6. Mandate Meaning Player Experience GameClear rationale Rallying target  Focus creative effort
    7. 7. Mandate It can be very concrete “The people’s car” A car for every family The specs followed 1 000 Reichsmarks max Economical usage 5L/100Km 100Km/h 600Kg maximum Fits 4 to 5 people
    8. 8. Meaning A message to the world “Dad, thank you for showing me that there is honor in looking back and respecting the past.”
    9. 9. Private Ryan: It doesnt make any sense, sir.Why? Why do I deserve to go? Private Reiben: Hey asshole! Two of our guys died trying to find you all right? Captain Miller: Earn this.
    10. 10. Old James Ryan: Tell me I have led a good life. Ryans Wife: What? Old James Ryan: Tell me Im a good man.Meaning Ryans Wife: You *are*. It is our responsibility to be worthy of the sacrifice of our elders
    11. 11. PlayerExperience “Need for speed, but at night” • How do you represent speed at night? Use lights Bunched to create contrast Reflection is needed Ground has to be wet Helps find the right questions and make decisions
    12. 12. Abstraction Mandate Meaning Player Experience Time
    13. 13. Define your projectCommunicate your visionTOP DOWN PROCESS
    14. 14. - Features- Systems- Rules...
    15. 15. Doing things in the right orderExecution Reflection Consumption Heading straight for execution leaves results to chance, which is a largely unacceptable process at industrial level
    16. 16. Doing things in the right order Reflection Execution Consumption First establish your visionIt then helps direct execution and becomes a rationale evaluation metric
    17. 17. We start wrong for different reasons Mainly because we don’t know better It reassures us, we need concrete progress I’ve seen it at all levels Also because we use the player perspective
    18. 18. Understand your material Mandate Make a Mario Kart like
    19. 19. Analysis takes time Mandate Romeo and Juliet + Modern times Over 300 years
    20. 20. Ubisoft’s long process • Core team • Research for 3-4 months • 3-4 days workshop – Offsite – In a castle – With the CCO
    21. 21. Communication:Not an exact science
    22. 22. Avoid misinterpretations Mandate Make a movie about WWII
    23. 23. Mandate Business Team Creative Meaning Player Implementation Experience Rational flowCommunicate through different layers Creating a unified vision Not what individuals ‘like’
    24. 24. Establishing Player ExperienceProfessional Gamer
    25. 25. An audience is mesmerized
    26. 26. Technique is at the service of intention • Shaky camera • Slightly out of focus • Sound is distorted • Looks into camera
    27. 27. Engage your team membersSupport creativityTEAM DYNAMIC &BOTTOM UP PROCESS
    28. 28. Being creativeAbraham Maslow Malsow’s hierarchy of needs
    29. 29. Intrinsic needsCompetency Autonomy Purpose
    30. 30. Respect competencies Competency Autonomy PurposeGive a problem Let me find a solution
    31. 31. If you don’t ...Strong vision No team engagementVision must be Let the team member find rationale their solutions
    32. 32. Supporting Bottom-Up Vision • Engage your team disciplines • Do the team specialists understand and shareCoding Art Process Design it? • They deliver theFeatures Features Features features • They are specialists, They know best Game
    33. 33. The Sands of Time
    34. 34. Creativity VS Management• Finding the creative core takes times• It can fail• Creativity is about finding something hidden• Management is about limiting uncertaintyWhat is needed is Creative Management
    35. 35. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Gold IdeasUnderstand creative process (vision, brainstorm ...)
    36. 36. Take away• You are a creator, not a gamer anymore• Understand creativity and respect it• Establish a clear objective and work as a team
    37. 37. Alexandre