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Ponencia en Colombia 3.0

Ponencia en Colombia 3.0



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  • Mandate generally is a business statementIt’s about identifying a target market or a need to fill
  • Now we can reread all the choices that were made to get to this meaning
  • No academic background for gamesIt took 40 years to cinema just to invent shot reverse-shot
  • Movies producers come after the creative core is established

Alexandre Mandryka Alexandre Mandryka Presentation Transcript

  • Establishing a creative vision Alexandre Mandryka
  • Who’s this guy?• Born in Paris• 12 years as a designer/creative director• Ubisoft, Relic, consulting
  • Have you asked yourself these questions?• Is it fun?• Is it good?• Is it beautiful?Questions so vague they are dangerous
  • What is a creative vision?• It is a process• It is thinking of what you want for your audience• It is also inspiring your team with a clear target Thinking before acting
  • Mandate Meaning Player Experience GameClear rationale Rallying target  Focus creative effort
  • Mandate It can be very concrete “The people’s car” A car for every family The specs followed 1 000 Reichsmarks max Economical usage 5L/100Km 100Km/h 600Kg maximum Fits 4 to 5 people
  • Meaning A message to the world “Dad, thank you for showing me that there is honor in looking back and respecting the past.”
  • Private Ryan: It doesnt make any sense, sir.Why? Why do I deserve to go? Private Reiben: Hey asshole! Two of our guys died trying to find you all right? Captain Miller: Earn this.
  • Old James Ryan: Tell me I have led a good life. Ryans Wife: What? Old James Ryan: Tell me Im a good man.Meaning Ryans Wife: You *are*. It is our responsibility to be worthy of the sacrifice of our elders
  • PlayerExperience “Need for speed, but at night” • How do you represent speed at night? Use lights Bunched to create contrast Reflection is needed Ground has to be wet Helps find the right questions and make decisions
  • Abstraction Mandate Meaning Player Experience Time
  • Define your projectCommunicate your visionTOP DOWN PROCESS
  • - Features- Systems- Rules...
  • Doing things in the right orderExecution Reflection Consumption Heading straight for execution leaves results to chance, which is a largely unacceptable process at industrial level
  • Doing things in the right order Reflection Execution Consumption First establish your visionIt then helps direct execution and becomes a rationale evaluation metric
  • We start wrong for different reasons Mainly because we don’t know better It reassures us, we need concrete progress I’ve seen it at all levels Also because we use the player perspective
  • Understand your material Mandate Make a Mario Kart like
  • Analysis takes time Mandate Romeo and Juliet + Modern times Over 300 years
  • Ubisoft’s long process • Core team • Research for 3-4 months • 3-4 days workshop – Offsite – In a castle – With the CCO
  • Communication:Not an exact science
  • Avoid misinterpretations Mandate Make a movie about WWII
  • Mandate Business Team Creative Meaning Player Implementation Experience Rational flowCommunicate through different layers Creating a unified vision Not what individuals ‘like’
  • Establishing Player ExperienceProfessional Gamer
  • An audience is mesmerized
  • Technique is at the service of intention • Shaky camera • Slightly out of focus • Sound is distorted • Looks into camera
  • Engage your team membersSupport creativityTEAM DYNAMIC &BOTTOM UP PROCESS
  • Being creativeAbraham Maslow Malsow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Intrinsic needsCompetency Autonomy Purpose
  • Respect competencies Competency Autonomy PurposeGive a problem Let me find a solution
  • If you don’t ...Strong vision No team engagementVision must be Let the team member find rationale their solutions
  • Supporting Bottom-Up Vision • Engage your team disciplines • Do the team specialists understand and shareCoding Art Process Design it? • They deliver theFeatures Features Features features • They are specialists, They know best Game
  • The Sands of Time
  • Creativity VS Management• Finding the creative core takes times• It can fail• Creativity is about finding something hidden• Management is about limiting uncertaintyWhat is needed is Creative Management
  • Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Gold IdeasUnderstand creative process (vision, brainstorm ...)
  • Take away• You are a creator, not a gamer anymore• Understand creativity and respect it• Establish a clear objective and work as a team
  • Alexandre