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Ancillary products

  1. 1. Ancillary Products
  2. 2. Main features of a Magazine front cover:• House style• Masthead• Main Image• Cover Story• Bar Code• Left third• Cover Lines
  3. 3. The Masthead ofthis magazine coveris simplistic butstands out which issomething I like. Ilike the fact that it is I like that thethe House Style for photograph usedthe magazine, within thismeaning that it has magazine hasa distinctive design been used inthat distinguishes it black and whitefrom other as it stands outmagazines. and is one of the main features. ItThe colours on the also makes themagazine gives the titles and otherconnotations that big writing standthe film would be out. It has alsohorror due to it used a close upbeing red and of the person toblack, however the draw moreviewer sees that it attention to theis more of a fiction from
  4. 4. The use of thedrop capitals helpthe strap line to This is the Mastheadstand out and it of the Magazineinforms the which is also iconicaudience of the as its name in thismagazine what is font is used on all ofincluded. its magazine covers.The picture is thefirst thing the viewer The main aspect Inotices, it has been personally like aboutmade big and bold this poster is theto stand out and photo used and howmakes it more it is a full bodynoticeable for the photo, instead of aviewer. The costume close up. I also likethat has been used how the photographis also an icon as it is iconic of the filmrepresents the its from through thecostumes used use of costume.within the film itself.
  5. 5. The photographThe use of the within thisbuzz word ‘Free’ magazine ishelps draw in the obvious due to itsreaders interest size and also theto the magazine. composition, however because the rest of theAgain with the cover has a lot ofmagazine cover writing and otherthe Masthead images on thehas been kept magazine it drawsthe same which the attention awayis part of its from the mainHouse Style. I image.think the name isa really simplistic The mode ofidea but it works address for thiswell. magazine is fairly simplistic and the writing has been made bigger and bolder to appeal to the audience.
  6. 6. Analysis of magazine front covers There are several conventions of a magazine front cover which I will also need to include within my own ancillary products in order to make it realistic and for the audience to know that it is a magazine front cover. Like every other magazine, this one has its own house style that makes that magazine recognisable to its audience. In this case the title of the magazine is part of it’s house style as it is instantly recognisable from the colour and font as to what magazine it is from. This magazine also includes buzz words such as ‘hot’ to engage their audience. It also includes prices, barcodes, date/ month and website on the front cover which are always included. These are all aspects that I will need to include on my own front cover in order for it to be successful and look like something of a close likeness to the real thing.
  7. 7. Total Film is another big film magazine, which is easily recognisable through its house style of the way in which the name is put onto the magazine with the ‘Total’ being inside the ‘f’ of the word film. Because of this it makes the magazine instantly recognised to its audience. A typical convention is having a main image and cover story which is again instantly recognisable within this magazine which is something I intend to do within my own work. The image covers 2/3 of the page which is very common for a magazine front cover. The use of inside stories are also used on the front cover of the magazine, which can be seen within this example.Little Whit Lies is another magazine that focuses on films. Unlike mostother magazines it doesn’t follow all the typical conventions of insidestories, cover stories, buzz words and other images. Instead it has onemain image, the title, barcode and the featured film on it, which thesethings do follow the typical conventions. I find this magazine front coverinteresting and unique which is why I think it would stand out from theother two magazine front cover examples I have used. I also like the wayin which the photograph has been manipulated so that it doesn’t look likeany other ordinary photos.
  8. 8. These are three film posters that all show the typical conventions of what should be included. In a filmposter there are several features included such as the steel tongs font at the bottom, the title of the film, animage that is 2/3 of the page, the actors names and a strapline. These features are all conventional of afilm poster and all help to relate the poster to the actual film and trailers produced.A strapline is often used to tie in the concept of the film to the poster helping it to relate again. The imageused usually represents the genre of a film which is also very helpful to the intended audience of the film.